10 Hacks to Keep Your Fruits and Veggies Crisp and Fresh

Being a mom and an entrepreneur can be a challenging combination in a resume. Aside from farmed knowledge and skills, no one really is an outright expert when you start in these ‘careers’.

I have been a mom for quite some time now, and is learning the ropes on how to juggle both jobs, that comes with taking care of my son, my family, my resellers, and clients, and still committed to living a healthy lifestyle.

One of the challenges I face as a homemaker, is cooking; particularly that of keeping fruits and vegetables crisp and fresh. I used to remember my mom lecturing me about maintaining a good home, a workable kitchen, and choosing the right things to buy in the wet market.

Good thing, I was able to find and combine some tips and tricks that work for me.

  1. Buy from a specialty grocery store or farmers market.

While you have every freedom to choose where to buy, I just really like buying in supermarkets like these for they store their produce well. And the sellers practice good hygiene in handling their good.

2. Keep them dry before storing.

After washing, be sure you store them dry. Moisture can lead to molds when they are already inside the fridge.

3. Reuse your plastic bags.

Putting them inside plastic bags will help prolong their shelf life. It will also act as a shield from other gases produced by other fruits and vegetables, that may cause them to ripen immediately.

4. Separate gassy fruits and vegetables from the others.

Apples, bananas, pears and potatoes produce a gas called ethylene. It is a gas that may cause other fruits and vegetables surrounding them to oxidize and quickly ripen.  So to prolong their crispiness, make sure you give the bananas its own area, like in the kitchen table.

Store the apples inside a bag before putting them inside the refrigerator.

5. Ripe fruits go to the fridge.

Avocadoes, mangoes and pineapples are most likely to ripen rapidly, that is why it highly recommended to store them inside the fridge when you come home from the supermarket

6. Remove vegetable tops.

Cut them out to avoid moisture retention, thereby preventing your produce from developing molds. The leafy tops of your pineapple should also be cut off, and make sure you store your pineapple upside down. This helps redistribute sugars that goes to the bottom during delivery and also helps avoid fruit spoiling.

7. Chop and freeze!

If you bought a hefty number of fruits and vegetables, you may chop some in cubes, and store them in the freezer. You may also use these when you’re creating fresh fruit juices and smoothies. In promoting a healthy lifestyle to my family, I always urge them to skip the commercial drinks, and make our own at home.

8. Use aluminum foil.

Wrap celery in aluminum foil and store it in the vegetable bin in the fridge. Aluminum is a great material to use in preserving your greens.

9. Soft goes first.

If you bought a lot of green leafy vegetables, you should prioritize to eat the softer ones first. That means, lettuce and spinach, are meant to be prepared and included in your nearest meal; and cucumber, broccoli and cauliflowers comes next.

10. Make some breathing room for everyone.

Allow your fruits and vegetable to breathe inside, and don’t stack everything all at once. This will help prolong their freshness, and be able to reach the time you’re meant to cook them.

Hope this helps you in keeping your fruits and vegetables fresh, and always ready when you need them!

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5 Things Why Arzo Hotel Manila is Perfect for Your Next Quick Getaway

Heya Merfriends!

I am back to writing again, and I am probably too eager to get back to blogging too since I recently just obtained my new domain which is viatancuan.com .

It’s the New Year, and I can’t wait to get back on track and be more mindful and wiser in spending and balancing my time. One of which is I feel extraordinarily strong about spending quality time with my family. I felt like last year was the greatest hustle of my life, and I quite feel a little guilty for not allotting as much time as I can with them.

That is why I am particularly excited to share with you my experience last New Year’s Eve, when my family and I found an amazing escape to celebrate the coming of 2021.

We found, Arzo Hotel Manila, and I’m sharing with you the five most endearing things about it.

1. Affordable Rates

I believe for most Filipinos, and my readers, price tag can pretty much make or break the decision of going to a particular place to spend some quality time, that is why I placed it as the number 1 in my list.

The rooms are very spacious, and they offer a lot of choices too.

Their rooms vary from Twin Standard Room at 1,700php upto Twin Deluxe Room at 2,300php.

Ours was a Twin Room, and can you believe that this one is just 2,000php per night?

I believe that it wouldn’t really hurt your pockets even if you avail multiple rooms! More privacy I think sums it up!

2. Old World Aesthetics

The aesthetics and design of the hotel really got me hooked. I mean for most of the stays I had in the past, most of them radiate a homey modern feel, that is why it is refreshing to see this kind of design, as it brings back the memories of my ancestral home in the province.

People may have varied preferences regarding art and design, but I always regard myself as an appreciative soul.

The canopy on our bed was a sight so divine, that I remember that I once wanted one for my own bed when I was a little girl.

The bed was soft, clean sheets all over, hefty pillows I cannot help but hug.

And oh, we’ve got some antique-looking furniture, old-fashioned bureau, and classical chairs and tables too. I believe that this room is also a perfect choice as venue for bridal wedding preparation, boudoir and maternity photoshoots.

3. Swimming Pool

This is one of the most difficult to find in a hotel that offers affordable rates. I remember staying in a 3- and 4-star hotel that did not have a swimming pool, and that’s always a sad part to any client wanting to relax and escape the busy and bizzy life in the city.

Look how dreamy I’ve become!

When I learned that they have one, it gave me the idea of spending it with the most important people in my life. We are such pool lovers, especially my son, and it was a quick decision to try their rooms and services.

However, they don’t have a kiddie pool, so be sure to bring your floaties with you when you visit.

Their pool hours are from 6am to 9pm, and I wish they could extend it more even it’s only until 10pm. It’s always lovely to lounge by the pool at night.

4. Accessible City Location

Arzo Hotel Manila is located at #1032-1034 Belen St. Paco, Manila and is just a 5-minute walk from Paco Park.

It was Dec 31, a holiday, and it was a bit of a shocker that we reached it within 30 minutes’ drive.

I believe the accessible city location is a big plus especially when you just want to have a quick getaway, and don’t plan much on itineraries.

5. Great Food

We had the chance to dine at their restaurant, Ristorante de Lorenzo. They have a wide array of food choices, and it took us some time to finalize our list since everything sounded so yummy, to think that we pre-ordered our meal.

We asked the staff to serve our food by 7pm, since 8pm is their closing time.

Baked Mussels

It’s a great appetizer, I just wished it has more salt. Well, at least for me, because I’m a huge Mussel Fan.

Baked Salmon

This one is my family’s favorite. We ordered two plates, and it seemed not quite enough for our hungry tummies. Be sure this is included in your list when you go here.

Trio Formagio Pasta

It’s creamy and has a distinct taste. It’s a great addition to try, but I was not much of a fan. My husband however loves this one very much.

Roasted Butternut Squash Pumpkin (Dark Yellow)

I loved the uniqueness of this soup, something that I don’t get to taste everyday. If you’re a food adventurer, you’ll really be happy to try this one.

Potato Leek Soup (Pale Yellow)

The creamiest soup ever! If you’re going to hold a pre-wedding dinner or will actually include it in your food list for catering, this is a MUST! I repeat, a MUST!

Barbecue Short Ribs with Mushroom Sauce, Mashed Potato, Corn and Carrots

These are unbelievably delicious too. I wish they could have a bigger serving for this, but nonetheless, you will genuinely enjoy this one.

Chicken Supreme

I am not much of a fan of Chicken Supreme, but their recipe made me think otherwise. It’s creamy and is screaming with so much flavor!

Overall, the food quality, servings and the prices are reasonable. I particularly enjoyed the Baked Salmon, and most of my family members are raving about it. We are coming back to try their other dishes for sure.

At breakfast we ordered Continental Breakfast, however we were advised that morning that they weren’t available. So, we opted for Filipino Breakfast – Tapa, Sunny Side Up Egg and Rice.

They were delicious and cooked well, however I hoped they could have covered it with clingwrap when they served the food in our rooms, and a drink, coffee or juice might have made the meal more complete and enjoyable.

Overall, my experience was delightful, especially for the price we paid for. I have always been in the hunt for an affordable hotel with a swimming pool ever since!

With everything considered, I highly believe that Arzo Hotel Manila should be added to your list of considerations when you need a quick getaway with your special someone or families! Not to mention that it’s such a steal for a beautiful venue for your bridal and intimate photoshoots such as boudoir and maternity. And can I say that they have a great menu that’s perfect for dates and family gatherings.

We’ll come back for sure!

Valentine’s Day is coming up, I believe you have a celebration to attend to? Hope this blog helps you make that decision!


Arzo Hotel Manila

#1032-1034 Belen St, Paco., Manila – 0995.988.1977 (Globe)


Other affiliated hotels:

Grand Lodge Masonic Hotel by Arzo

Obelisk Cafe + Restaurant




3 Places To Go Golfing In Los Angeles

There are 19 golf courses in the City of Angels alone, with another 68 within 20 miles, according to golflink.com. For golf enthusiasts who want to have easy access to the game and a wide variety of choices, buying one of the Los Angeles homes for sale guarantees it. 

Of course, with so many options, where do you begin? These three courses are a great place to start. 

Lakeside Golf Club

If money is no object, join the Lakeside Golf Club, a course where legends have played. Located in Burbank, it dates back to 1924. The 18-hole Max Behr-designed course attracts serious golfers, while everyone from Laurel and Hardy to Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, and Frank Sinatra have hung out here. Today, some of its famous members include Jack Nicholson, Justin Timberlake, and Joe Pesci. It offers 6,530 yards of golf from the longest tees, with the 8th a long par-4 that challenges even the most advanced players.

If you want to tee off here, you’ll have to stick to the dress code, wearing a collared or mock-turtleneck shirt that’s tucked in at all times, paired with Bermuda-style shorts. Hats or visors have to be worn forward and will need to be removed in the Clubhouse. No cellphone use is allowed on the putting green driving range or in the Clubhouse – they are only permitted on the course, with the exception of holes 1, 9, and 18.

Angeles National Golf Club

Los Angeles County’s only Jack Nicklaus designed course, the Angeles National Golf Club opened in 2004 and was ranked as one of the Top 10 Best New Public/Resort courses in the country, and one of the Top 30 Best New Courses Worldwide by Travel + Leisure. Tucked in the foothills below Angeles National Forest, one of its highlights are the picturesque views, but it also offers one of the best clubhouses of any public golf course with its Spanish-inspired architecture, pro shop, full restaurant, and bar.

An 18 hole, par 72 championship course it features generous fairways and immaculate emerald greens. The Signature Hole is No. 18, which boasts views of the lake with a backdrop of agave and a fountain.

DeBell Golf Course

Tucked between Wildwood Canyon Park and Burbank’s Starlight Bowl in the Verdugo Hills, this par 71 course not only provides fantastic views of the valley, but it’s been used as a filming site for numerous films and television shows like “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” Golfers can enjoy challenges like elevation shifts with the Signature Hole No. 11 as you can’t see over the top. Those who are at the bottom of the hole ring a bell when they’re done. Golflink.com named it “the best bargain” for a top course, with very reasonable prices and discounts for local residents.

The Hilltop Restaurant and Bar on the second floor of the Craftsman-style DeBell Clubhouse offers scenic views of the course and valley that can be enjoyed with classic American fare for breakfast and lunch. Full bar service is provided too. 

The Perks of Working at a “Happy” BPO Company

There is a famous quote that says people who find jobs they enjoy doing will never have to work a day in their life.

Indeed, many employees see themselves staying loyal to companies that provide real satisfaction. That is why progressive companies are putting more premium on cultivating a happy working environment.

But keeping employees happy isn’t a simple one-shot, “just pay them high” deal. Many elements are at play to create a conducive office ambience that attract and retain excellent talents.

That is why, ever since I put up my own company, I have always envisioned to make my employees feel what I want to feel when I was one. A happy, encouraging, and enticing working environment.

One company that has successfully integrated employee satisfaction in its corporate culture is premium boutique BPO company TDCX (PH) Inc.

A consistent best employer awardee, it has reported a low attrition rate of 2-4 percent
last year and has reaped accolades such as “Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2019”
and “Gold for best contact center above 100 seats in Singapore" by Asia Recruitment Awards conferred in Singapore, among other numerous citations.


So how is it like working for a happy BPO company?
For sure, its employees don’t dread Mondays. Happy employees look forward to going to work so they can make valuable contributions to the company. They perceive their jobs on a more positive light and consider them as a rewarding career.

TDCX (PH) Inc. senior trainer Jerold Jaranilla for one, describe his job as “not like work.”
“I start my day with our free coffee to get me going. And then I put my trainer hat on and share to my trainees everything that they need to know to save the day of their customers. It just doesn’t feel like you’re working in an office here,” he shared.

That perception can be largely credited to the homey yet modern office setting that greet him and his colleagues each day. TDCX (PH) Inc. veers away from the traditional cube farms dominating the entire office space. Instead the interiors were designed to engage the senses and create memorable experiences for the employees.

The play of light, space and colors were intended to encourage sporadic breaks from work or support socializing among co-workers. Carefully selected furniture and aesthetic elements accord a relaxed environment for open communication and collaboration, as well as space to concentrate and be productive.

Jaranilla affirms, “Every section, every corner of every TDCX (PH) Inc. site is truly amazing. It’s modern, it’s unique, it’s comfortable, and most importantly it’s Instagrammable.”


TDCX (PH) Inc. prides itself for offering a competitive compensation and remuneration package which is 20% higher than the other players in the industry, based on several benchmarking studies.

But with majority of its workforce belonging to the generation that blurs the boundary between work and personal life, it doesn’t limit itself to fat paychecks to entice highly-skilled employees and guarantee retention.

At TDCX (PH) Inc., there is a prevailing office culture that enable employees to pursue a more balanced lifestyle and one that supports a sense of belongingness and meaning among its workforce. On top of that, they also enjoy a top-drawer healthcare plan, opportunities for learning and a variety of employee engagement activities such as contests and raffles.


“It has been doing an excellent job in promoting work-life balance and in making sure that everyone is truly happier. We value relationships. We genuinely care for each other and we are committed in working hard to make everyone successful,” reveals Jaranilla.

It is no wonder that there is a widespread upbeat vibe among TDCX (PH) Inc. employees. This eventually inspired the management to coin and imbibe the office mantra “Be Happier.”

“Be happier” does not only serve as a battle cry to celebrate achievements and good times, but it is also a beacon that spurs everyone to achieve their goals…to push through despite the challenges.


As explained by Jaranilla, “Every time I feel pressured, I always remind myself why I wanted to be here in the first place and that’s what keeps me going.”

Jaranilla has been with the company since its inception four years ago. He is proud to be part of the pioneer wave and thankful for the opportunities for career and personal growth that the company has offered.

More information on TDCX (PH) Inc. and on its “Be Happier” programs is available at
https://www.facebook.com/tdcx.philippines/. To join TDCX (PH) Inc. or learn about career
opportunities, contact tdcx.com/careers or (02) 8862-9500. ###

A job that doesn’t feel like work is how Jerold describes being part of TDCX (PH) Inc.’s team.

A culture that supports a sense of belongingness is one of TDCX (PH) Inc.’s core distinctions among other BPO companies

I have never worked in a BPO Company, but I am so inspired to share these to  you to let you know how it’s like to work in companies like TDCX (PH) Inc.  and to encourage everyone, employee or business owner, to take cue on how to create a flourishing ‘home’ at the workplace.


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Miss V is Back to Training Again

Hi merfriends!

Yay! Finally a post from me! After the bizzy holidays I got so caught up with work that I even forgot to renew my domain!

Can you believe that?

But cupid and St. Valentine must have been looking at my blog state for a while now that I have been granted to finally fix everything. Paid last month but not techie enough to do the site-mapping, so waley (nothing happened), I was blogless for 2 months, literally! 😮

But I would like to write about an update about my life and how I’m keeping things in order.

Last February 1, 2020 I had my comeback speaking engagement “Branding and Social Media Marketing Workshop” at Picasso Boutique Residences.

I was totally whiplashed as we were sold out. We had more than 30++ attendees, to think we were only expecting around 25. 😀

My heart is so full.

The experience of creating the module was also a bit more tedious than usual.

First, creating my module had to be a secret, as I sneak into the wee hours of the night after ensuring that my toddler is already fast asleep.

You see, I still breastfeed. So that’s the second thing, third Calum is so enchanted with the laptop.

He would get this rubber cover off my keyboard and will start typing whatever his little finger pads can reach.

He would also start sitting on my lap and will push my hands away so he can get hold of my device.

Hehe 😀 Cute isn’t it?

I even had to start my module while we were on vacation in Dumaguete because I felt that the time may not be enough, considering I can only work at dawn.

Meanwhile, during the day can I just say it was a win that I was able to leave my baby boy to my mother-in-law for the day, and he didn’t cry! Yay!

Second, I was able to wear this gorgeous dress I got from Holla Bella.

Breastfeeding Mom and a non-breastfeeding dress is not a good combo. I totally miss wearing dresses!

So today was a good excuse!

I also totally changed my module, like 80% of it!

Since Mermaid Island (Beauty Vegan Brand), Cosmov (Cosmetics and Skin Care Manufacturing, and Cherrysh (Natural Healthy and Beauty Drinks) I was able to harness a great deal of knowledge and skills in putting up a business, branding, and running them online.

So imagine my fervour when I was given the chance to share it in a platform.

I spoke for 4 hours that day. And I was surprised that I was able to finish on time, 125 slides and few application demos pa yun!

Iba talaga pag tumatanda na, mas direct na magtalk! Makwento kasi talaga ako!

It’s really different when you’re getting older. You are more direct to the point. I’m actually a bit of a talkative storyteller myself.

I was also able to put up some of my products for display, and met a whole new bunch of budding and aspiring entrepreneurs.

I was super psyched to meet all of them, and I can’t wait for our next run on April 25, 2020!

I will be writing about it too. Hopefully I find the time!

It is good to be back and share what I know, and learn as well from those people I met.

Hihi Thanks for reading this life update! I will try my best to write more.

I missed blogging so much!



Top 3 Mods for Kawasaki Bayou 220

Just got a Bayou 220? Looking to make this Kawasaki into your own bike, ready to give you the best performance for your style’s particular quirks? Whether you’re competitive or not, the right mods make a dual sport ride consistently on the street and on the trail, and they also upgrade your handling and power to suit your skill set.

There are a few common mods almost everyone adopts, and then there are the ones that are style-suited. You might find you do better with the best Kawasaki Bayou 220 OEM parts in some of these categories. It all depends on how you ride and what you like to do most when you’re out.

1. Upgrade Your Lights and Reflectors

DOT approved lights are a starting point, but if you really want to have a safe ride you can use to commute after dark as easily as you enjoy riding during the day, you need to look into customizing your lighting.

You might also want to swap out your street light and trail light for the best visibility on the terrain of the moment. You’ll find great options for lights at the same place you go when you are looking for the best dual sport riding gear online, and there are a lot of options.

2. New Exhaust Add-ons and Upgraded Systems

There are a couple ways to customize your exhaust. If you’re still getting a feel for the bike and you want to see what a certain kind of change does, slip-on upgrades can help you reduce sound and channel your emissions. If you are trying to find a more robust solution that delivers better efficiency, there are also total exhaust replacements and upgrade kits for certain sections of the system. It all depends on your budget and your goals.

3. Upgraded Brake Pads

Performance brake pads are usually one of the most accessible upgrades, regardless of your ride. The Kawasaki Bayou is no exception. Your motorcycle protective riding gear can only do so much for you, the bike has to support your safety as well.

Upgraded brake pads often last longer and run cooler, and that usually comes with shorter stopping distances too. The reason is simple, brakes perform better before they heat up. If you’re a riding used to tight maneuvers, the longer warm-up time means a more precise ride through a more complex series of turns.

For everyone else, it often means an easier braking experience in adverse weather.

Don’t Forget Your Riding Clothes and Accessories

Your Kawasaki isn’t the only thing that needs modified to suit you. Get yourself the right gear to enjoy your ride, and be ready to hit the street or the trail no matter what the weather throws your way. It’s the key to enjoying your Bayou 220 for longer in the spring and fall, and with the right terrain-specific mods it can help you customize your ride for the daily events you’re taking on, and it can also help you be prepared for longer-term seasonal changes. There’s a reason a lot of riders change their mods frequently.

Creating Mermaid Island: How I Went from Being Jobless to Becoming My Own Boss in Just One Year

Me: “Babe, gusto kong gumawa ng sariling cosmetic and skincare line.”

Babe: “Anong unique sa gagawin mo?”

Me: “Natural and organic ingredients.”

Babe: “Meron ng ganyan. Ano pa ang difference mo sa mga existing brands?”

Me: “<Thinks deeply..> Hmm.. MERMAID?!”

This was our conversation way back in September 2017.

You see, life after work wasn’t easy. I thought I had a plan, but my plans weren’t working so well for me after I resigned.

I left my fancy and glorious corporate job (that I love very much by the way) after working there for five years last March 2017.

My Mom just passed away, our family business has been teetering on the brink of closing down, I have no savings, and it felt as if my life is falling apart.

It was the lowest point of my life, and I still have to keep things altogether.

I mustered all my guts to work on my shoe brand, Versaheel.

It’s the second brand I’ve put up after my now defunct brand Pomppet, which I started back in college.

I had a new concept, new strategies, a business partner, new connections, new everything. But after months of working on my designs, and learning the craft, for some reason, I still can’t manage to increase my sales.

I invested so much, I lost so much too.

One September night, I stumbled upon an episode of “My Puhunan”. It’s a show that features success stories of businesses, focusing on how they were able to scale up from such a small capital.

I got so inspired by the mother-daughter tandem – the team behind the featured local cosmetic and skincare brand.

It got me thinking on the possibility of creating my own too. Honestly, I was a bit apprehensive to share it to my then-fiance, now-husband.

Who am I to create another pitch, when I haven’t gained anything yet from my current brand.

Sure, the brand and marketing are amazing, but at the end of the day, numbers speak. And these, I don’t have.

Hence, the conversation atop this blog.

And after saying, “Mermaid!” he replied

“Hindi sapat yon!”

So, I shrugged the idea off, anyway I was planning our civil wedding back then. It ought to keep me distracted from the rejection and frustration of the brand, not generating sales.

Come 2018, shortly after our wedding, I found out I was pregnant!

My mind suddenly went into frenzy. I thought about getting back to work again, because I knew I have to contribute to our expenses.

John and I are starting a family, and we have to prepare for birth, and of course me, on finding a way on how to always be physically present, since I wanted and decided to breastfeed.

I needed a job at home. Or rather, I need to be able to earn while at home.

Since I cannot go to the shoe factory all the time, given by my delicate condition. As I was usually left all alone in the condominium, it gave me a lot of time to think on what I should do.

I applied as a home-based English teacher. I got into the first screening, but I failed my phone practical test. My proctor said I was a bit bossy and a little aggressive for an online tutor.

Haha That IS me, right there! Trained more than 15,000 Real Estate Agents, what does she expect? 😀

And then Mermaid Island, the idea I was exploring back in 2017 dawned on me again.

I talked to John, and he said,

“Hindi mo gagawin yan Babe. Tatamarin ka lang. Andami ng makeup sa market. Masasayang lang pera mo.”

But I was so determined, I secretly enrolled myself to a course behind his back. I even had to borrow money from my sister!

The more he said I can’t do it, the more I wanted to do it. I want to prove him wrong, or rather I want to prove to myself that I can make a brand work.

Creating Mermaid Island was also not easy for me as a blogger. I knew that when I create my own line, I have to say goodbye to some cosmetics and skin care sponsorships.

It made me hesitate, but I was inspired by Anne Curtis’ BLK Cosmetics and Vice Ganda’s Vice Cosmetics.

Their celebrity statuses are a big leverage for them, and I admire how they focused on creating their own lines, not minding the possibilities of endorsement opportunities from other more well-known brands.

I have to make this big step. For my son, for our family, and of course for myself.

I started with one product alone. After selling my ONLY 60 pieces of stocks in just a day, I reinvested them again to more raw materials.

I didn’t even blink on the thought of spending a centavo on a celebratory gift for myself. All profit goes back to the business. I have to make it grow.

Instead of focusing on marketing in the early stage of the business, I focused on product development. I learned that you don’t have to sell a product, when a product can already sell itself in the first place.

Ultimately, you have to create a product that sells.

I had so many inhibitions in Versaheel, so with Mermaid Island, I was not afraid to be risky. I have already lost so much, how much more can I lose?

In terms of ideas, I was also very raunchy.

Mermaid Island should not just be any other brand. I took the lessons I learned from working in the Marketing Department, and applied them here.

From the concept, graphics ,to the names, to its voice, and even its font styles should communicate the vision I have in mind.

It was a one-man team, sometimes two, when John was not busy with work.

I did a lot of trials before perfecting formulations.

Sometimes I cannot repeat the same shade because I lack equipment and appropriate measuring devices. There were a lot of wasted raw materials and containers too.

It was pretty messy and colorful at the same time. I remembered staining my clothes and the floor. Sometimes, it was difficult for me to reach the oven to heat the waxes because my tummy was already big at 6 months.

I also replaced defective products, because you know, reputation means a lot especially when you’re just starting out.

I can recall that I am measuring my success by my ability to refill my box of raw materials. I once had them in a small PR box I got from a sponsor.

Fast forward to today, I have a whole room full of waxes, oils, extracts and actives, etc.

I have my staff who helps me with production. From the little table I once had, we now have a laboratory. We also have physical stores now, and upcoming bazaars.

I can’t believe these all just started last year. What mermazing journey it has been!

See, everything just comes to fruition when you dedicate your time, effort, and skills to a dream, and of course lots and lots of good marketing strategies. Which I think will come by experience.

A keen eye and humility to discern and admit that there can be room for growth wouldn’t hurt either.

After all, everything starts with a good idea. It’s your call whether you want your good to stay good, or to be great.


Just finished our first Trendsetter’s Bazaar last weekend!

So excited for our next this coming September 27 to 29, at SM Megamall Megatrade Hall C.

Sea you!

Your Mermaid Miss,


#PampersGrandPlayday at Lazada

Moms and Babies Can Now Enjoy Playtime Online and
Win More, as Lazada and Pampers Celebrate their Second Super Brand Day on July 26!

The first in-app livestream of #PampersGrandPlaydayreceived_2392702560844466 will showcase baby shower games, toddler playday, and a chance for parents to win up to P100,000 worth of prizes, exciting promos and packages.

Manila, Philippines, July 2019 – More than just tickles and giggles, play time with babies is crucial in unlocking the endless possibilities for their mental and social development. Play is how children learn about themselves, others, and the world around them, and is equally critical in building a child’s confidence, and all the fundamental skills they’ll need to grow up happy and healthy!

Parents are a baby’s first playmates so to support them in the critical and fun time of their lives that’s why Pampers, the world’s top selling diaper brand and Lazada, Southeast Asia’s leading online shopping destination, are teaming up again for their second Super Brand Day. On July 26 both brands will launch the first-ever online #PampersGrandPlayday with exciting deals and promotions parents and babies will surely enjoy.
“We are excited to be rolling out our Pampers Super Brand Day on LazMall for the second year in a row with #PampersGrandPlayday. Lazada is the one reliable platform through which Pampers can connect with our customers in the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam and simultaneously, create limitless opportunities for babies to enjoy the wonderful world of play, taking it offline and now to our virtual screens.” said Akhil Meshram, Pampers Philippines Brand Manager.
Play Games and Win Prizes LIVE with Our Celebrity Moms and Dads!
During #PampersGrandPlayday on the Super Brand Day, Pampers will feature 20 moms and 20 babies who will be playing baby games live on the Lazada app at 12nn and 4pm. Half of the winners will get to join the live baby play date games with Andi Manzano and Baby Olivia while the other half will join #ProDad Troy Montero for some baby shower games. All 20 moms and babies chosen will win a play and party package worth Php 15,000!

There are even bigger prizes up for grabs. For moms who weren’t selected to join the in-app livestream, they can still win Php 100,000 of funds to be used for their baby’s future. Just stay tuned to the play events happening via the Lazada Facebook page and app at 6pm.
Catch Huge Deals and Giveaways from Pampers and its partners on Lazada!
The second run of the Lazada and Pampers Super Brand Day is made even more exciting as parents can take home special deals up to 35% off for one day only – time to get those #lesslawlaw diapers and give baby #moregalaw! Parents can also look forward to even more prizes and up to 80% off from other partners such as Fisherprice, Chicco, Bright Starts, Joie, Mega Bloks, Nuna, Thomas & Friends, Aqua Scale, Bonakid, Promil Four, and Promil Gold, exclusively available in the LazMall Pampers flagship store.

July 26 will be a full day of different diaper deals but here is a sneak peek of what to expect between 12 midnight to 2am:
• Toy box of Pampers Baby Dry New Born (80pcs) – Taped Diapers at Php 324.35 (35% off)
• Pampers Baby Dry Small (152pcs) – Taped Diapers at Php 715.00 (35% off)
• Pampers Baby Dry Extra Extra Large (84pcs) – Diaper Pants at Php 792.00 (28% off)
• Pampers Baby Dry Extra Large (104pcs) – Diaper Pants at Php 792.00 (28% off)
• Pampers Baby Dry Large (136pcs) – Taped Diapers at Php 825.00 (25% off)

“Digitally-savvy parents of babies and young children are increasingly researching and seeking out baby-related product purchases online, yet will not compromise on the authenticity of such products. LazMall will continue to provide the highest quality online shopping experience with international mother and baby brands like Pampers, to give all parents peace of mind when shopping for their young children,” shared Emma Chavarot, Chief Business Officer of Lazada Philippines.

Last year, Pampers held its first Super Brand Day on Lazada with #BabyMarathon – a 42-minute virtual marathon with exclusive vouchers, product offers, limited-edition products and offline events.

For more information, check out the Pampers Super Brand Day Page on LazMall here. Visit the following social media pages too for more updates: https://www.facebook.com/PampersPh/, instagram.com/pampersph, https://www.facebook.com/LazadaPhilippines and instagram.com/lazadaph.

MOMazing and MOMentous Mothers’ Day Awaits You at Timberland Sports and Nature Club

Being a mother changed me.


It changed my views on how much mothers can give up and extend to greater lengths just to ensure the welfare of their children. Motherhood, I think developed my personality to come full circle.


I didn’t realize how pure and true a mother’s love can be, until I became one. My heart just overflows with love and care for my little one, and I am sure your mother is as well.

I know, because mine is too.


If she were alive I could think a bunch of things to experience with her. Maybe we can go to a spa together, watch the sunset in a beach or say “aloha” to a Mothers’ Day fancy luau dinner at Timberland Sports and Nature Club.


Later today, May 12 at 5PM-9PM, experience a refreshing Hawaiian party complete with grass skirts, floral ensembles, playful leis, tropical coolers and a live entertainment to serenade you and your family under the summer night sky!

To let you know what to expect, I had a great time last week as I shared an intimate dinner with some bloggers, friends and family.


We tasted Chef Joel Cunanan’s festive dishes: the fried tinapa rice, kare-kare, braised pork knuckles, sinigang salmon belly, tinomok, baked salmon and sisig nachos – which are all undeniably delicious and worth ordering next time.




I also had a chat with Chef Joel and Ms. Ces Roces, the Restaurant Manager. They said that The Garden (the area where we had our dinner, just a few steps away from the pool) is a popular choice for wedding receptions. I can imagine how the view on this side can make any event feel surreal and romantic.


I am sure later’s event is going to be MOMazing and MOMentous for all mommies and guests!



Php 888 for adults

Php 588 for kids

For reservations

Landline: 793 5729 local 5751

Email: whats-on@timberlandclub.com

Website: www.timberlandclub.com

How to get to Timberland Sports and Nature Club

Timberland Sports and Nature Club is located at 114 Gen. Luna St. Guitnang Bayan I, San Mateo, Rizal. We were from Quezon City, and it took us an hour and fifteen minutes via Batasan Road. We passed by Marikina going to San Mateo. There is only a light flow of traffic on weekends. The place is wazeable too, so it should be of big help in navigating your way. Enjoy!

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Find Form and Function with CND’s Creative Play Gel Polish Summer 2019 Collection

Summer girls have different ways of expressing their vibe during their most favorite season, including me. It is a known fact that aside from the lips, nails are the absolute accessory of women that are part of the body. And they just call “Hey it’s summer, aren’t you gonna paint or glam us up?”


True enough, nail trends have been on a great evolution ever since the very first nail polish has hit our shores.

In the 50s, classic red nails were the bomb, straid neutral palettes came by on the 60s that rocked ladies, and then we had gorgeous metallic almost donned in every female nail in the 70s. Fluoro and neon hues were reigned in the 80s, as they were succeeded by the deep angsty colors of the 90s.


The flow of the century created major breakthroughs as far as the fanciful nail industry is concerned. Golly, I even remember using my dad’s white liquid paper when I was 5.

The beauty and fashion scene have seen the different colors of the decades, from French tips to demure nude tints then to the mesmerizing and intricate nail art, who’s to say that we can’t be blown away with today’s take on nail artistry?

“We’re still big fans of the elaborate techniques showcasing beautiful nail art popularized in recent years; or the classic colors and hues that are trademarks of great eras, but we find the creativity behind the return of basic and bold hues very refreshing,” says Arvin Amaro, Brand Manager.


The trend somehow is entailed to be a combination of stability and functionality. After all, your hands, your manicure should still make a statement, but that’s difficult to do when your fingertips are crowded with rhinestones, plus you have to carry your baby like I do.

So instead you turn to color and quality instead, but of course it has to be durable as it is head-turning!

If you think we are asking too much from a nail polish, think again. Because I am bunnyhopping with glee as CND’s Creative Play collection is up for the challenge, and wins with flying colors!


A week ago, I had my nails done using CND’s Creative Play. I was super amazed because they are really sturdy and resilient, despite me carrying my clingy baby the entire pampering time. And even up to today, as I am typing this down, my gel polish is still all intact. No chipping, no kidding!


As you can see, I am that summer girl who wants to express herself through her nails, so I chose a mermaid pattern as it represents my blog and my passion project.


Seriously, this gel polish holds! This is a perfect polish for moms like me who does a lot at home, and for girls who are planning on going to their summer getaways!

So where do you get them, merfriends?


Just visit Nailogy. I went to the branch in Robinsons Magnolia, and the staff is very nice and patient! Calum is extra clingy that day (might be a growth spurt!) so he has to be on my lap the entire time, which made the whole pampering session challenging, as it is for me and my nail fairies!

So before you head out for your sunny adventures, it’s a must to visit Nailogy branches (Robinsons Place Ermita, Robinsons Galleria or Hypermart Pasig) and be sure to ask and try the CND Creative Play Summer Collection!


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