Hi there. My name is Via and I welcome you all to encyclopeVIA!

Why encyclopeVIA?

Well, I just thought that my nickname “Via” can go well with “encyclopedia”. And since I may document a lot of things happening around, so maybe I can put them all up in one reference point, like a collective work of not just some, but all sorts I can think of. 🙂  Hence, this.

I don’t know how you were able to reach this page, but thank you nonetheless. I am so excited to share to you all the adventures, life stories, shopping and fashion diaries, travel milestones and mishaps, food and/or eat-out discoveries, ideas, crazy or not, and my real estate job and training classes. OMG. Heaven knows how madaldal I can be!

Anyway, I’ll be writing my first post soon! Yay!

Happy holidays! And don’t forget to smell the flowers around!



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