Zarah, my forever travel buddy

This is Zarah.


We have been friends for 4 years now, and I think what made our friendship climb a notch higher, is how we both love to travel. We recently had a tri-city trip in Mindanao, Philippines, and even though it was just a short stay, it sure was one of the best spontaneous trips I’ve ever had.


I can’t wait to share what adventure we had after taking these photos in LRT 1, somewhere between Vito Cruz and Gil Puyat Stations. I was on my way to the airport when these were taken, as Zarah was on her way to an event. It’s funny because we were both bound to take different flights. Hers was a day after this.


It was just so cool to chant “See you on the other side of the country!”, when Z had to alight and say goodbye until we meet hours after. Haha :))

More on to our Mindanao trip on my next post. Stay tuned!





2 thoughts on “Zarah, my forever travel buddy

    • Hi Mindcry,

      Thanks! Whoever you are, I think I may have also adored you in one way or another. Keep smiling! 🙂


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