Smart YOLO-ing in the 2nd Tourism Lifestyle and Business Expo

Last May 9, 2016 I got to do two firsts in my life: first, I voted. (Yes, it’s just my first time, though I’m in my late 20s already. Haha Don’t judge!)

Second, I got to be a resource speaker in the 2nd Tourism Lifestyle and Business Expo!


It was a 3-day event in the Glorietta Activity Centre, where businesses and clients can interact all about innovation, travel and tourism.

I actually had the privilege to choose between May 9 or 10, but I later on decided to pick the holiday, so I won’t have to file a leave at work. :)) Haha


So after voting at my precinct, I proceeded to Glorietta. The travel was a breeze and I was able to arrive just in time. It took me about two days to prepare the presentation and content, so I really don’t have much sleep, but I am not complaining! It’s truly a wonderful opportunity!

I was a bit confused about what to wear, but the organizer, Mr. Jay Agonoy told me to come in smart casual.


So I came in this number: acid-washed pants, white tank top, kimono jacket, high heels and a pair of dangling earrings.

Hmm. I just wanted to achieve that on-the-go-traveler who can pull whatever there is available in the luggage that she was able to bring for unexpected events, more so, I just wanna look carefree and posh slash basic combined. Haha ūüėČ

I came around 4PM, and it appears like I was going to be the third speaker. The first one was Rejj Sibayan.


She talked about travel photography, and what I really like about her talk was how she stressed that taking photos even if you’re not a professional shouldn’t be boring. You can take photos in different angles to further make your images more interesting. You can follow her through the following links.

Rejj Sibayan. Tumblr. WordPress. Twitter.


The second speaker was Kaye Rey. She has been travel blogging for almost 10 years, and she has gone to six continents already! It was admirable how she talked about the surprises she has encountered and the lessons she learned by meeting different people and taking into consideration their perspectives and experiences. I could imagine how many friends she has made all around the world! I hope to do the same in the future! You may visit her blog at:

Kaye Rey. Babe Travelling Blog.


My heart was literally pounding, when I realized that I am up next. Well, I have been doing training and public speaking for more than 4 years, but there is just something different that makes me feel like it’s my first time to speak in public. I suppose it’s supported by the fact that¬†I am not in the comforts of my 4-walled training room in the office. I am a Real Estate Sales Trainer there. But I am a Travel Blogger and a Resource Speaker here. These two things are different. Haha :)) Anyway, here is a photo of me up on stage.


I also had the liberty to propose a topic, and I talked about SMART YOLO-ING. (*YOLO – You Only Live Once).

Basically it’s about how you can maximize and reveal the optimum potential of your travel. I can say I traveled a lot more this year, compared to any other year in my life. It’s just the 5th month¬†of the year,¬†but the past months already brought me to a southern Catholic festival, an adventure themed park, got suspended in 120 meters above the ground and suddenly dropped, revisited my old school, swam in a cave pool, went to an annual reunion, went to sandbar in Northern Mindanao, trained sales people up north and down south and many others.

Unlike leisure travels, work travels are different. Your day is entirely offered to the demands of work, and this may otherwise be more stressful as it entails you to carry out the tasks¬†where you are, and still worry about the deadlines and other work stuff you left back in the island where you came from. But it is not imperative that you just go back to the hotel after.¬†After a hard day’s work, you also deserve to experience what this new place has to offer! I hope you¬†have done your ¬†research prior to your arrival. Of course, you may never know, you might have the chance to squeeze in some¬†lurlur ! Oops, I hope ¬†my bosses won’t mind when they get to read this! Haha :))


I wasn’t informed that there will be a panel discussion! But oh well, it’s an experience! Haha This is not staged of course, so you just really have to answer the question the host asks of you! No scripts. Unlike beauty pageants that allow you to only answer 1 question, this one was a series! My brain was practically racing in its top speed to dig deep about something sensible and worthwhile to say! Haha :))

Questions were about the most challenging experience we ever encountered in a travel, what to advise for first-time travelers, etc. It was just so heartwarming because I get to have this opportunity to speak what’s on my mind and shed light on¬†how travelling can be such a great way to discover not just the place, but yourself.


By the way, that is the title page of my presentation. It’s me SMART YOLO-ING in Punta Diwata, Carmen, Agusan Del Norte.


I will publish a separate post regarding my topic, so as to share also what I talked about. It can be pretty long I’m telling you, so just hang on! If you know me, either you’re family, a friend, classmate, colleague, trainee, etc. you probably have an idea how talkative I can be, especially when I am enjoying a lovely and lively crowd!

Anyway, thank you for reaching this point and for paying a visit to my humble blog. Hope you enjoyed this bit, and I hope this is only the first of the many speaking engagements I may get invited to! Haha :))

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