iWantSeats: Real-time Online Bus Registration

Just recently, I had this dilemma of wanting to book a ticket in a busline, but was later on turned down because they do not offer that service yet. It was so frustrating, knowing that all can come easy now, as flights and hotel accommodations can now be booked online, why do bus rides have to be different? But not anymore!
Introducing: I Want Seats: Real-Time Online Bus Reservation
Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 9.14.02 PM
Why wait in line when you can book online?

iWantSeats is an online bus booking platform in the Philippines. Currently offering deluxe trips to Baguio and Baler to and from Manila via JoyBus, more routes will be added to serve you!

Booking your bus ticket has never been as easy as booking your hotels and airline tickets! With just a few clicks, you can reserve and confirm your seat and just go to the terminal on the day of your trip.
Below you can find the steps on how you can easily secure your slot.


Explore new places, or travel to and from your city without having to wait hours at the terminal as a chance passenger.

Leave the booking to iWantSeats and enjoy more of your trip.  Book to Baguio or Baler now at iwantseats.com.ph now!

Hoping to ride with you soon!

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