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Hi there.

My name is Via Galang, the girl of Encyclopevia. I’m writing this blog because I’d like you to see several insights on the influences, core inspirations, and basically anything that will probably enlighten you more on how this blog came to being. And of course about me, being its mother.

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So let us talk about five things: Memory. Shopping. Travel. Career. Personal Branding.

1. Memory

Most people call me “Via” these days, and I think I am suffering from an undiagnozed enlargement of the hippocampus.

Alright, this is not literally classified as a terminal or communicable disease. So don’t panic! It may actually be a blessing, if you’d ask me. So, what is it then?

Hippocampus is that sea-horse shaped part of the brain that is responsible for spatial learning and memory. Having it in a large scale means that its host may have the ability to learn and remember more. Amazing right? Some people tell me that it is both a curse and a gift. But I’d rather dwell on the latter.

You see, I can remember things. Most things. I don’t want to display a strong claim that I remember everything, but sometimes, even I, get surprised of how much I can recall. I can remember names, places, dates, especially dates, (I don’t even know why my brain has the fervor to remember these things.) colors and types of clothing people wear, shoes and where they were bought, events, and many more. A colleague even remarked that I might be a difficult girlfriend, since I don’t forget. I almost believed it for a second, but resolved on the positivism that I am just an average girl, with an above average memory.

2. Shopping

If I were not myself, I could have sworn I was born in a shopping mall.

I have always had the vigor and enthusiasm whenever the doors to a boutique opens up , and sprightly scents are everywhere to greet me. There is just nothing comparable to the sheer joy every shopaholic like me, feels whenever newly bought goods are handed to us via the affirming touch of the paper bag handles. These beautiful things are finally ours!

Nevertheless, this vice is still quite expensive, given that you must always have stock or electronic cash ready to burn. Reality check came in handy when I was in college. Since I literally visit and buy everyday in the mall, I knew I had to device a way on how should I manage my finances. If this way of life and I should ever be together, there should be a backup plan.

Back then, Multiply was all the rage. I could say it has similarities with Shopify, although it was mainly focused on blogging. People then started selling left and right, used and brand new goods. I knew this could be a good chance for me to dive in, because I badly need some sustenance to the extravagant lifestyle I am creating.

I was a young girl at 19, and I knew I had to do something with this opportunity. Since I live in the perfect place, which is Marikina, I know that I am in for something greater. Marikina is known to be the capital shoes of the Philippines, and factories are just literally everywhere. So with my backpack and uniform, there was no hesitation in my heart to chart the uncharted and take my chances.

I went to this street popularly known for shoe factories, and if there is what you call a house-to-house campaign for various causes, I did a factory-to-factory visit myself. Then just before I knew it, I was speaking about my proposals of putting their products up in my Multiply Online Store! Little did I know, my shopping addiction would soon find cure by increasing my income, more than I thought it would. That with every gate opened, an opportunity comes in rushing to welcome me.

 3. Travel

I truly believe that going places, learning different cultures, experiencing new things and witnessing the wonderful diversity of the world is the best way to maximize and unlock life’s optimum potentials. Reading sharpens the mind, while travelling enriches not just your mind, but your body, soul, knowledge, skills and attitude. It’s like the hybrid of experience, the ultimate teacher!

With travelling, I became more humble, and less judgmental. I was blessed enough to witness the gaps between worlds where money is a great and at times, the only determining factor. I became more filled, by emptying myself. I gained a lot of fruitful  knowledge, because I removed all the prejudice and just basked in the wonders of the new places and their people have to offer.

I became braver and more independent. Because when you travel, all the people you know are back home. No one to clean up your mess if you commit a mistake. Nobody to turn to, if your expectations didn’t went the way as you have planned them.

It coaches you to go out of your comfort zone, and live your life the best way you can. It makes you stronger, wiser, and unyielding. Because in travelling, you discover not just the place, but yourself as well.

4. Career

Pursuing a career in public speaking is a big decision and a challenging pursuit if I may add, well, especially for those who are not very friendly. Yes, that sounded unrelated right? But that is one of the core things I learned in my almost five-year experience as a Training Officer.

You see, I never even thought of “public speaking” or “training” as career options, since I was under the impression that I will be working in a hospital. I finished BS Nursing by the way. Nevertheless, I’m quite blessed because I never thought that landing in the public speaking industry could be a fun and rewarding job, with so many perks along the side.

I can say that working in training has allowed me to really become a butterfly. It is such a great breeze to work with people who gives you room to do things your own, valuing your ideas, how you can help and improve the system. I remember asking my boss about what kind of format he wants for my very first module, I can still recall him saying “It’s up to you. That’s your module. Do what you think is best!” I was really shocked; his voice didn’t even mirror any slight tinge of hesitation or doubt.

It’s really a great feeling. Your boss trusting you. Along with these, the career also envisions to discover more of your talents and skills and hone them to become good assets for everyone’s favor.

And the best thing about this job is apart from being empowered, I have the opportunity to meet people, train, influence, and shape them on how this industry can change their lives. This wonderful responsibility is heartwarming, as well as self-enriching, because while my trainees learn, I also do.

5. Personal Branding

I remember a quote from Ms.Congeniality 2, wherein Sandra Bullock was advised by a stylist that, “People care about people who care about themselves.”.

You are judged, the minute you walk in. So you better make it a show-stopping entrance.

In a fast paced multi-media world now, looking like your just-woke-up-like-this self won’t even merit you a line spot outside the office building you’re trying to get into. Let alone the receptionist allowing you to go and sign the guest log sheet. I mean it really all starts with a good impression.

Generally people like good and beautiful things, and that premise such as looking at their speaker is no exception. There is no excuse that you don’t have a good fashion sense; the important thing here is you have to make them believe that you are a person worth talking and listening to. Your professional image starts with your attitude on how you present yourself. You don’t need expensive clothes to achieve that; you just need to look the part that you’re playing. After all, the world is like a big show, and the actor who looks and acts the nicest attracts more attention than the rest.

Again, my name is Via Galang, the girl of Encyclopevia. I wrote this blog because I’d like you to see several insights on the influences, core inspirations, and basically anything that will probably enlighten you more on how this blog came to being. And of course about me, being its mother.

**, Via

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