SKN White: A Wise Skinvestment Indeed


Real estate and skin care are two investments you should never compromise!

Being exposed to real estate sales has allowed me to realize that investing in things that will yield higher return are wiser than those whose values depreciate overtime. I believe that cars and gadgets are top in the list because prices decrease months after a certain model or unit is launched. Maybe this is due to the fact that there will always be a replacement. No matter what you do, something newer, much better, and more improved will replace the thing you hold most dear now.

This may be true about gadgets and cars, but not for skin care.

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Oh so ready to get sun-kissed!

You see, I love travelling. I’ve never been freer than visiting places I’ve never been. There is just something so satisfying when you get your passport stamped, and that whirling feeling in your gut once your plane touches down the runway of this new destination. Finally, a new place to discover! Yay! 🙂

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There can never be too much sand in my hair.

Las Cabanas Beach, El Nido is probably the best beach I’ve ever been. It is too serene. I believe any broken heart could heal in here!

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Bracing myself for the best ride of my life..yet! Literally!

As far as adventure, thrill, and heart-stoping experience, travelling can also be unfriendly to the skin. With the sweltering heat of the bright and happy sun, comes a sad and sacrificied skin. 😦


Especially when its summer, wanderlust can be too difficult to pacify. So we resolve on exposing our skin just to bear with the warm weather, and let our skin breathe a little. However, this may not always be a good idea.

A sun-kissed glow may look all posh and admirable, but it is still damage skin. What a way to make things easy for people with restless feet like me!

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The water can never be clearer than this!

I actually bought this too cute midrib rashguard just so I can protect my skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Summer + Skin hack! Haha! 😀

Although this can be helpful, this may not be enough.  Good thing I just found this new product from Royale!

Royale Product SKN White (2)

Royale is a Filipino brand that envisions in taking care of skin, when you can’t! Pun intended! Perfect for busy girls like me! SKN Optimum White is the new line of soaps that will help you bring back that fair skin glow in just 7 days!

Here are more things to love about it!

Features & Benefits
-Reduces Hyperpigmentation, dark spots and acne scars.
-Gives even skintone and improved texture.
-Provides a moisturizing formila that effectively fights skin aging.
-Visible results in 7 days which progressively increases after 2 weeks.

SKN Optimum White could perfectly address all things that I’m looking for post-vacation. Using it won’t make me wait tedious months of trying to look like my normal self again. And we will always choose to have healthy skin right?

Royale Product SKN White

This product is a must-have for travelers, especially when you get back from all those activities that really require sun exposure! Talk about meeting your college friends in reunion right after a recent travel! You don’t want them to see you all burnt up, do you? Plus, using this cream will make you look a little bit of the last time they saw you, only better! Hmm.. that probably is some ten years back? Haha I’m just too excited to try these!

Features & Benefits
-Reduces or removes Freckles, Dark Spots
-Produces more radiant and younger-looking skin without the irritation.
-Brightens skin tone within a week, with increased results after 2 weeks.

This is a natural alternative to Hydroquinone ( Hydroquinone is a bleaching effect which results to skin whitening. While it is proven to whitens the skin the irritation effect is present ) which works double fast in reducing facial problems and other skin discolorations.

Royale Product SKN White (5)

SKN White also has a product that specifically targets dark areas, such as armpits! Girls such as myself surely know how white and clear armpits just spell F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!

Royale Product SKN White (4)

The other facial cream that I like is this age-defying product. This could be a perfect gift for my mom and my titas, as this gives a much clearer facade, and reduces age spots brought about by the sun and all its army of UV rays!

I can’t wait to try SKN White for myself! After all, our skin is a big investment too. It is irreplaceable, unlike those material things we are too anxious to buy. You only have one skin. So save yourself some moolah, and start skinvesting too! It may be the wisest thing to do, and your future (or current) self will definitely thank you for it!

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