BTS : Empire East’s Bloggerazzi (Wave 1)

Last Saturday, August 27, Empire East launched its very first Bloggerazzi. It’s a gathering of young, beautiful, and vibrant bloggers that envisions to campaign quality homes in the most strategic locations in the metro! We believe that finding serenity amidst an urban lifestyle is necessary to sustain balance and stability in everyday life.

This is me orienting our bloggers about the company, its vison, and the dream of providing the best home for every Filipino family. Good thing our SM Megamall showroom served as  a perfect venue to house the event introduction. Our model units were brimming with class as I discussed the freedom of every client in terms of designing their own units.


We proceeded next to Kasara Urban Resort Residences.

Traffic was a bit ruffling, unlike the weather which was definitely a darling that day. Anyway, as expected, our lake-inspired pool was a total star in our world-class amenities! Can you believe it? The whole amenities occupy nearly a hectare of the entire residential development! Surely, everything is so instagram-worthy! Our bloggers had a great time taking photos. Every angle is just exceptional!












We can’t wait to upload all their entries soon in the Empire East Official Fanpage! But I still have to hold my horses though, or my fishtail rather. Haha :)) Our next batch will be this Saturday, Sept 3 in another venue. So stay tuned!

But to keep things a little bit exciting too, I’m enclosing a photo of myself frolicking in the misty waters of the pool. Tadaa!


Thanks for dropping by! Do you wanna visit Kasara Urban Resort Residences too? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

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