Help! I have nothing to wear!

Choosing a partner for life is enough of a problem, let alone the outfit you’re going to wear for the day.

This is always the case whenever a girl will open her closet. This is always the case whenever I, open my own closet. We’ve all been there, opening that old trusty door, with so many clothes inside, but for some reason, it hits us. We have nothing to wear! Haha :)) It’s a really funny thing everytime I explain this to John. He just doesn’t get it. But either way, it has been a plague for so many centuries already, and we just have no choice but to deal with it.

In choosing clothes, I highly prioritize buying those that do not need ironing. Who has time anyway? You’re running late for a meeting and you still have to do your makeup, not to mention that you have to allott extra 10 minutes in perfecting those brows.

This can  really come in handy when you just snatch that dress, fresh from the laundry and pull yourself in! Just like this one! The design is so classy, it’s perfect for an everyday corporate wear! Just cinch a belt and you’re done!


I’m wearing the dress from The Chic List collection of Everyware PH. We just launched a new batch so better check them out early before they ran out!


Instagram and Twitter: @everywarePH


What do you think about this? Would you wear this to work too? Let’s share ideas! 🙂


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6 thoughts on “Help! I have nothing to wear!

      • Very! Since I’m new to the blogging world, I’m kinda confused and struggling w what I should do. Stumbling upon yours is a real treasure.


      • Aww.. That is soooo sweet of you Mitch! Thank you! 🙂

        I suggest you start writing with the things you know, are curious about or things that you wanna know/research yourself. It might turn out, some people share the same wonders, and would eventually lead to your blog. 🙂 Happy writing! 😀

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