VERSAHEEL: A New Brand is Coming

“A woman with good shoes is never ugly.” – Coco Chanel

I have always been very keen with the shoes I wear. I kind of developed the habit of buying shoes that look either peculiar, weird, unusual, and totally over the top – basically anything that makes my heart beat in an instant. Life is too short to wear boring shoes, don’t you think?

So if the shoe design doesn’t make my heart thump like there’s no tomorrow, I’d rather pass. I know there are still so much more, out there.

This is my inspiration in creating my own shoe brand – Versaheel.

It’s a fusion of both the words versatile + heel . Because shoes should be able to keep up with our fast and dynamic lifestyle. It has to be something beautiful, stylish, comfy and versatile. Something that you’d rather wear than slippers! Haha Or I may be dreaming too much? But nevertheless, I’d like to present you the logo and the design of this new love.




I’ll have to change Vanessa into Via though. 🙂

Gorgeous credits to my ever talented graphic designer friend, Cara Garcia. You are a fountain of skill and art. You are more than just an artist, you are ART.

What do you think of the logo my dear merfolks? 🙂 I promise you, Versaheel is going to be amazing! Yay!

This is my gift to you, my fellow shoe-o-holics!

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Be versatile. Wear Versaheel.

**, Via



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