How a DETOUR will direct you to the life you’ve always wanted.

I have always wanted to be a writer, but l became a nurse instead.

You see graduating highschool in 2006 warrants you to a decision that will change your life forever. Of course, you have every right in the world to choose what you want to become, but that year, due to some foreseen circumstances, life starts to get hold of you, instead of you holding it otherwise.


Everyone I know was taking BS Nursing, my cousin, my friend, our neighbor, that one person in Facebook I don’t know how he ends up as one of my contacts, and that distant classmate I’ve once shared lunch with back in Elementary. I mean, it was an epidemic! It was as though, the only thing that could save people from the utter rut of being in middle class is to go abroad and earn dollars.

When I was studying in nursing school, this phenomenon is deeply recognized. I usually find myself raising my hand in moments our professors would ask, who among us were not really wishful about the career, but rather chose it because there was no other way to earn big but be that person doing rounds and carrying out doctors’ orders in the hospital – a nurse.

Not that I don’t like being a nurse, but it was just not my passion. I wanted to write, I want to express myself, and influence others. I want to speak, and let my voice be heard. I want to be a means for betterment and sustenance.

To date, I am a Sales Training Officer, Entrepreneur and Blogger, and I haven’t felt more alive. I never studied any didactics to be such, but I guess life gives you lessons and opportunities that you should maximize, internalize and grasp on. That is why it is very timely to know that there is a bootcamp that allows you to discover your potentials, develop your skills, and teach you how you can harness and make these productive in your favor.

Introducing : PROPEL’s DETOUR BOOTCAMP 2016 Embracing Life’s Unexpected Turns


PROPEL MENTORING PARTNERSHIP CO. will be having its most awaited annual life enrichment boot camp this year entitled DETOUR: EMBRACING LIFE’S UNEXPECTED TURNS. This meaningful 3-day camp program is scheduled to be held on 27-29 October 2016 at the BOSO-BOSO HIGHLANDS RESORT in Antipolo, with PROPEL MENTORING PARTNERSHIP CO as its main organizer and facilitator.

The boot camp offers its 150 campers fun and unique experiences with an opportunity to explore the outdoors, meet new friends, discover new interests as they rediscover themselves through the 7 journeys of the 7 speakers from this country’s leading industries for only Php 4,000.00. This fee already includes food and hotel accommodation for their entire 3-day stay in the camp as they create memories that last a lifetime. Added to this, the event main beneficiary is the children cancer survivors here in the Philippines.


This is already PROPEL’s 2nd camp and to elevate this year’s camp amd they invited young, innovative and successful company owners, start-ups and famous speakers to speak and share their incredible pieces on success, failure, persistence and hard work, along with Life Coach Mary Jane Vega, PROPEL’s President and CEO namely the following: David Lim, President and Founder of MyPhone Philippines; Francis Kong, one of the outstanding motivational speaker in the Philippines; Rachel Harrison, owner and founder of ZAMBAWOOD; Andrew Cua, CEO and Founder of TRALULU and Rachel de Villa, co-founder and CTO of CROPITAL.

There will be breakout sessions wherein the 7 speakers will share their stories from how the concepts of their businesses were developed; how funding was acquired; what were the most memorable and challenging birth pains, and how the company adapted and flourished despite these; and how all of these made them as a better individual. “There are a lot of things that can happen to a person, a lot of detours that can change us. As much as possible we would want our plans to go the straight path, unfortunately it doesn’t happens that way all the time, “ says Life Coach Mary Jane Vega, President and CEO of PROPEL Mentoring Partnership Co. “Share 3 days of fun packed of excitement with 7 speakers sharing 7 journeys of their lives. Be there, be motivated and be encouraged, have a DETOUR with us!”

For more information, registration details videos and teasers of the 7 speakers, visit their Facebook page DETOUR or call us at (02) 959-6429 or email them ### ABOUT PROPEL MENTORING PARTNERSHIP CO. PROPEL MENTORING PARTNERSHIP CO., is a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) registered consulting company committed to contributing a higher level of excellence to our customers with the desire to see them passionately soaring with confidence in their chosen fields. PROPEL provides trainings, seminars and business assistance on HR, Accounting, IT and Sales and Marketing needs of companies.


PROPEL MENTORING PARTNERSHIP CO. started conducting boot camp last year 2015 entitled INSURGENT: Rising Above Boundaries attended by 100 campers in Laguna. Because of its success, PROPEL planned to have boot camp annually encompassing various event formats like fora, seminars, conferences, and the like, with the overall theme of highlighting game changers and innovations in personal development and in business. For more information, email us at or like us on Facebook


Contact: Ms. Shirley Margarette L. Jutie Sales and Marketing Director for PROPEL MENTORING PARTNERSHIP CO. Tel.: (02) 959-6429 Mobile: 0915-786-7821


I am sure this is going to be awesome! Are you ready?


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6 thoughts on “How a DETOUR will direct you to the life you’ve always wanted.

    • Hi Lauren!

      Aww. Thank you for appreciating my story! I believe you just have to maximize your resources to lead the kind of life you’ve always dreamed of. If life gives you lemons, make a lemonade!

      Whatever it is Lauren, I’m sure you can overcome or undercome it, whichever is applicable!

      Our experiences, either way will makes us stronger in the end!



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