ALDO anything for you!

If we’ve been friends forever, you should know that shoes do not just occupy a big portion in my heart – they are my heart.

In buying shoes whether online or not, I only have one self-imposed rule: If it doesn’t make my heart beat – pass.

I do believe that life is too short to wear boring shoes, so if it fits, buy it in every color! After my Nailaholics Pampering Sesh , I stumbled upon this haven in Robinson’s Metro East. Please note I am just human, a mere mortal, defenseless and powerless under the magnetizing force of these four letters : S-A-L-E.


Told ya! How can you not adopt these babies? They fit perfectly, they have gold heels, and they come in mint color! How many times do you find Aldo heels in mint??? And how many times do you get them for more than 50% off? Never!

So you see, no blaming here! Thank you for understanding me! Haha :))

So what are you waiting for? Head on to Robinson’s Metro East and get youself some shoe shopping retail therapy! Show your newly painted digits more love!

And now that’s what I call the Ultimate Nail Pampering Day!


Lets shop together sometime? 😀

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