How Eastwood’s Soban K-Town Grill Turned Me into a Korean Food Fan

I hate spicy food. Or spicy food hates me. Either way, we don’t click together. Little did I know that Soban K-Town Grill will change all of that.


When I learned that Team Aldous is about to dine in a Korean restaurant, I was a little nonchalant for I know this may not be for me – if only I knew how wrong I was. 😀

I was actually surprised that the restaurant was so full that Thursday night. There were people outside, waiting in queue for table availability, and I was lucky to be in a group that’s already there. Our tables were full by the time I arrived.  And was too excited, at the same time guarded, on which one to try first.


The restaurant has a modern industrial feel to its design. The mismatched chairs sure were a delight as they connote youthfulness, adventure and excitement. There were also pans on select tables wherein you can fry and cook your own dishes. There were also exhaust shafts prodded at the ceiling to help maintain the entire room’s freshness and cool temperature.


I must say their staff are well-trained and very accommodating. They assisted me to my table and asked me about the drinks I wanted to try, and even recommended what they think would be complementing on the menu we’ll be served that night. I am actually in awe on how much knowledge they have on the dishes. Everything seemed so foreign.


Japchae – Stir-fried Korean Vermicelli noodles with assorted fresh vegetables


Korean Tacos or K-Tacos – Soft tacos made with fresh lettuce, kimchi, sour cream, cheese, and your choice of K-BBQ meat (beef, pork, chicken)



Kimchi Rice – For not fans of spicy food, you may need an extra glass of cold water for this. Or make that a pitcher! Am I just to overreacting? Well, this was extra overwhelming for me, but despite the discomfort, I still managed to finish my bowl. Haha 🙂 It was all worth it for the spice.


Kimchi Fries – French fries smothered with cheese, roasted pork bits and kimchi

I was shocked how I was able to tolerate the spicy taste, because they are actually good! I bet, you wouldn’t enjoy this without that extra hotness. The combination of the flavors were perfect in every way!




Radish cake


I actually had fun cooking on our table. Considering that I am not a kitchen person, this totally allowed me to appreciate food preparation, plus that extra bonding I shared with the other bloggers as we laid our beef slices on the pan. They were extra tasty by the way, no wonder they go really well with the rice.




Soban K-Town Grill offer flavorful and succulent servings of pork (samgyupsal) and chicken (dak galbi), all for you to to cook and devour!


Together with Mr. Sung Rah, Sariwon Korean Barbecue’s award-winning restaurateur from Seoul and the Happyfoods Group behind Sariwon Philippines, the first Soban K-Town Grill branch was finally brought to the Philippine shores. The owners-slash-sisters of the restaurant were present and were sweet enough for a little chitchat. It turns out that this is their third food joint in Manila, following their successful fleet on Sariwon Korean Barbecue. I really admire women entrepreneours. Everything about them just speaks about jeering strategy, independence, empowerment and innovation.


(From L to R: Dorothy Tan-Dee, Donna Tan-Ng, Me!, Diana Tan-David)

Travelling in Seoul, South Korea and their love for Korean food inspired them to open this wonderful food joint, hoping to share these delectable and gastronomic food fare with the rest who share the same sentiment, and hopefully encounter converts along the way. I must say that I am one of those who were along the way.



Feeling so cool with my Team Aldous hoodie, from Team Aldous merch! You can actually order your own, and all proceeds will go to charity! Just send us a message at Team Aldous!


It was such a great experience because I got to see Lou again! We met in one event, and have been friends ever since ! Always a pleasure to hang and chitchat with this lovely lady!




Mine says, THE VOLATILE VIXEN. How sexy can you get? Haha 😀


I must say that I am a Korean food fan now! Korean food really tastes delicious, especially when you share it with family, friends and/or lovedones. Soban’s modern take on food preparation coupled with innovating simple dishes into amazing palate-ticklers are sure proof to keep clients coming back for more.

Sleek place, great food (not to mention affordable) await you all! Truly, they will take any foodie’s Korean dining hopes up a notch. and Soban K-town Grill is always ready to deliver and not disappoint.

Visit them at Soban K-Town Grill, 2/F Eastwood Mall, Eastwood, Quezon City, Metro Manila,

02 441 8460, 0995 135 8453 ,


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