My Sinister and Wicked Tendencies On Shoes

Roll call. How many of you are self-confessed shoe-o-holics?


Of course my hand is already up in the air mid-question!

How many shoes do you have? Can you even count them? If your answer is “No”, congratulations! You truly are a shoe-o-holic!

To keep the momentum extra high, I’m following up my first shoe story, or should I say SHOErt story with a second one. 😀


I wasn’t planning to buy anything that day. I just wandered into H&M aimlessly. You know how it lures us with those big red posters of theirs, with letters S-A-L-E plastered on them. They have magnetizing powers, so it seems!

Of course, the shoe section greeted me happily and invited me over! Who am I to resist. They are all so beautiful and welcoming! And then, some-shoe said “hi!”


This beautiful pair was perked quietly on the lower shelves. Since it’s in plum color. I repeat, PLUM! I thought, what better way to unveil my inner wicked and sinister tendencies, (apart from plum lipshades) than through shoes! They are the periods in every fashion statement anyway!

The big and final decision to buy came, when it was the last size 7 in stock. I mean, it happens all the time! Why do I always get the last pair! But, seriously no complaints here!


Brand: H & M

Where I Got It : H&M Robinson’s Magnolia

Original Price : P1,999.00

My Steal: P999

Shoe type: PeepToe D’Orsays

Material : Suede

Heel height: 3 inches

Design: 8/10

It looks simple, and very 1950’s, very vintage. But the color added a modern take to it.

Comfort Ratio: 9/10

Surprisingly, they are as comfy as flats! I mean I used this pair one time to an event in Makati, and I came from San Juan, mind you, and I never felt the nerve to switch into flats. I could have sworn not to bring that extra bag. After all, I survived by just donning these!

Versatility Ratio: 8/10

Since plum is so dark as the soul of the black color, it can literally be worn mostly with anything!

Best worn with:

Vintage dresses, with skirts ending above the knee. This design comes with ankle loops, thereby cutting your legs, in extension your height. You will look short when you pair shoes with ankle loops with midi or below-the-knee skirts.

Value for Money: 8/10

With its comfortable insoles and feel, this pair gets a high 8. Although, I could wish I got it for a lower price too. Frugal me!


I am excited to exchange SHOErt Stories with you my dear merfriends! What’s your latest buy? Tag me in IG @encyclopevia and let me see!


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