New Shoes Heal Broken Hearts


New shoes heal broken hearts.

We often hear the quote “Good shoes take you to good places.” But I’d also like to say that “New shoes heal broken hearts.”; like a new found love.

There was actually a time when new pairs made me feel better after a broken heart. I mean it sounds way too materialistic but fellow shoe-o-holics understand…right? Laying your eyes for the first time on a pair of shoes you never thought you’ll find is literally love at first sight. You don’t know yet how it will make you feel once you wear it, comfortable or not, but who cares, you have just seen the most beautiful man-made creation ever. And nothing matters.


But of course, you got attracted to it first, but once your feet touch the sole, and for one fleeting moment you know it’s just meant to be! You were bound to be astray in this store, and it will make you feel lost, and found at the same time! Your heart can’t just stop beating, and you know deep down, you deserve these. You even have an outfit in mind! 😀

So, my fellow merfriends, I would like to share a special spot in my blog about the lovely shoes that I wear to work, to parties, to speaking engagements, to events, and to my literally aimless wandering in the beautiful places of the world.

And for my first shoe post, please applaud my sturdy splatter shoes from Janylin.

I actually first saw this shoe design last June 2012, but was a bit hesitant to buy it, since it was a bit too much for my paycheck at that time. Months after, I saw them again on sale! Size 6 was on display, and I had a hunch that it may be the last one because of its astonishing price of 299! To my good fortune, the saleslady said both colors were available for my size, which is 7! Without further ado, I asked her to get them for me for there was no way these shoes will not carry my feet. I was jumping with joy!

Good gracious, to think that I was in the store because we were supposed to buy new school shoes for my sister! Haha My family was actually in shock when I came up to them with 2 bags, to think that my dad only gave me 500 to get myself something. Nauna pa raw ako makahanap!

Oh well, when it comes to shoes, you have to be aggressive! And if the shoe fits, buy it in every color! It was a bit sad that the other variant wasn’t available anymore. There was actually a rainbow splatter variant.

Brand: Janylin Shoes

Where I Got Them: Sta. Lucia Department Store

Original Price : P1,799.00 (a pair)

My Steal: P299.. each

Shoe type: Platform Pumps

Material: Faux Leather

Heel height: 4.5 inches

Design: 10/10

It’s perfect for my life! I can always repeat and mismatch plain clothes; give them extra oomph by just wearing these statement heels, and voila, my #ootd is saved! Thanks to my Janylin splatter heels!

Comfort Ratio: 7/10

They feel nice on the feet. The sturdy heels (not to mention the design) are good enough to carry your weight, although when they were new I still have to put some shoe gels to protect the skin over my calcaneal tendon, to prevent it from developing blisters.

Comfort Duration: I use this for training and I can withstand wearing it for 3 hours straight; then I switch back to flats for 1.5 hours, then wear them again for another 3 hours.

Versatility Ratio: 6/10

The shoes are a show-stopper in itself, so I try to wear them with less loud clothes such as plains and monochromatic pieces. But apart from that, I can wear them with anything as long as its Black/White and Blue/Green/White!

Best worn with: Black and Whites, Blue and Greens, Jeans, and Dresses

Value for Money: 10/10 !

I got them on sale, and at 83% off to boot! And with THIS design, what more can I ask for? Thank you shoe goddess!



Perhaps this is my most successful bargain for platform heels yet! What do you think? Do you also have the same shoe story? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “New Shoes Heal Broken Hearts

  1. Wow! Twas really a steal! Makes me wanna go to the mall right now! Shoe-a-holic on the loose! Lol. I do believe in love at first sight! Wa akong pakels kung sasakit ang paa ko basta nakita ko maganda go lang. Hehe. Sa totoo lang, Janilyn lang ang tumagal sa akin na shoes promise! Meron pa kaya nito? Lol size 6 ako haha


    • Hi Ms Len!

      I’m glad you believe so! As in, di ako makatulog when I first saw these. Janylin shoes don’t just have beautiful designs, they have the durable kind also.

      Not so sure though. Check Sta. Lucia Mall department store. That’s where I got mine. They really have ridiculous deals! Happy shopping!


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