25 Celebrities in Empire East Lip-Sync Battle

How in the world can you get 25 celebrities to perform in one big event? Wonder no more, for Empire East has got you covered!

Last December 13, Tuesday – all roads lead to Crossroads 77!


Every year, the Empire East Marketing Team prepares for the in-house salespeople’s Christmas party, but this year we were privileged to set-up for the employees’ as well. Although this year is a bit different, especially for me, since I wasn’t  physically present for most of the whirling zap and zing of the event planning. I took a leave for the last two weeks to take care of some family matters. Nevertheless, the celebration all seemed perfectly carried out.


Up until now, I am still in awe on how we managed to prepare two amazing parties in one day! I must say I am truly ecstatic, and humbled to be part of a team who never fails to create wonders and leave a delightful nostalgia, long after the events are over!


In my recent post, I shared what I wore, and it is salubrious to witness all the people you see at work, all glammed up for the occasion. It was surreal to see the familiar faces look so gorgeously stunning in their ball gowns and tuxedos. It was like our own version of Star Magic Ball!

My friends and fellow trainers were the hosts for the 18-hour long party!


We started with AURA: Radiant. Unique. Euphoric – A Christmas Party for Sales.

The energy just got higher when our salespeople started their lip-sync battle performances!


Justin Bieber


Meghan Trainor


Miley Cyrus


Nicki Minaj






Katy Perry


Jennifer Lopez



They were all super creative and talented! Imagine of only coming up with these in less than 7 days of preparation! I have deduced, a long time ago, that you must never underestimate the capacity of salespeople! They will always have something unique and great to show, and these are probably things you can’t even imagine possible!

I was assigned with the tallying of the scores and computation of results, and boy, did my head ache! The fight was toooooo close! I didn’t even know who’ll win! But Usher reigned supreme!


Usher – Over All Champion


Rihanna – 1st placedamascus1

Meghan Trainor – League of Damascus


Special awards! They were all so glamorous that night!

We ended around 4pm, that means we only have exactly 1 hour to prepare for the next party! OMG.

After one breath of relief, we took another gasp as we take on the next kerfuffle! (I really like this word I learned from Harry Potter and the Cursed Child) And who says we’re not ready?

Photo Credits to Mr. Ralph Jason Ramos



**, Via



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