5 Things I Learned in 2016: A Bittersweet Year from Being a Traveler, Blogger, and a Nurse to my Sick Mother

The funny thing about time is that you cannot stop it, for it always manages its own agenda no matter how diligent you are in making each second count.


As much as we want to make things last longer, we can only do so much, and just make the most out of what we have, or for some reason, what has only been given to us. OMG. I sound so skeptic already! Haha But seriously, this year has given me so many lessons, and opportunities I never thought I’ll get, given that this blog is still so new. So allow me my dear merfriends to share with you the following:

As a Traveler


  1. Travel when you can, and while you can.

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I can say that this is the year I got to travel so much, and everytime it gives me a whole new exhilarating experience.

I also have this funny idea to take as many bikini photos as much as possible, because I know I wouldn’t be as skinny and as young-looking as I am now in the years to come. I just want to immortalize myself, the experience, and be able to share it with my future kids and grandkids. This is also why I am also exposing myself to the most-extreme rides and adventures as much as my body and fright levels can handle. I don’t want to try canyoneering and cliff diving when I’m already 50, and my health couldn’t take the stress anymore.


In other words, I want to be that cool grandma who’ll have amazing stories to tell, and who’ll say “Been there. Done that!”.

  1. Travel when you deserve it.


I know this may raise a few eyebrows, because hello, everybody deserves to travel every once in a while. And I totally agree! I’m actually talking about finances. You see, I’m an impulsive buyer and a YOLO-ist, but I just realized I have to take responsibility for my actions.

I usually just take the travel opportunity, and get along with it, even if my budget wouldn’t suffice. So the key is to really save, and slash on unnecessary purchases (which I always do, that I know I should change by now). Because after all the fun and games of that 3D/2N stay, you come back to the city feeling a bit sullen on how you will get by for the next few days before payday.

We’ve been there, we’ve done that, maybe this year we can aim to change that.

***So, OT pa more!


As a Blogger

  1. Write what you know like.

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Drew Barrymore’s “Never Been Kissed” movie, where she played as a Chicago Suntimes Copyeditor quoted about in order to write well, you should start writing what you know.

But based on my experience, if you are trying to write for an audience and draw traffic to your blog, this may not be the best idea. You have to understand what your readers would like to read, and hand that article to them. People read what they like to know.

So first thing is, you have to write something that you like; because chances are, there are people who might also like the same thing. And eventually they will seek ways to know about it. And whose blogpost is waiting for them? Yours, of course!


  1. Good content shouldn’t be compromised by PRs.


I always try to make the PRs posted in my blog personal as possible. I don’t just literally copy-paste the PR content to my blog, because I just believe my entry would just appear like everybody else’s. I am maarte and meticulous like that. And I don’t mean PRs that give tokens or anything in return only, I mean everything. I want my readers to know that I believe in the product or service I advertise, and it also helps the credibility I want to build both to my sponsors and audience.


Although, PRs serve as additional content to your blog, and you may feel it may be tedious to write something about it on an angle, let alone create a totally new entry for it – but, writing a few words about it, your impression, your excitement and enthusiasm, will really do wonders! So go write some more, a paragraph wouldn’t hurt! 😉


As a Nurse to my Sick Mother


  1. Do not wait for a disease to give you a reason to spend more time with your family.

This by far, is the lesson that I was not ready to learn, or even expected.

My mother is a healthy human, she doesn’t have vices; she even exercises every morning! Mama is a groovy and a bright woman with the right balance of intellect and compassion. Something that I can only hope to learn in this lifetime.


When we learned that she is sick, it was a bit of a shock. My parents were on a vacation when the attack came, and she needed fresh blood transfusion immediately. That meant Red Cross blood is out of the question. We don’t know any donors yet, and they have to be in the same city where she is. I took to social media this plea, and good enough a lot of people replied, most of them were strangers. By the next morning, we have completed all the number of blood bags needed. It was a miracle.

Months after that, her condition became erratic. I had used up all my vacation and sick leaves to take care of her. I wake up countless times in the middle of the night to assist her when she vomits, pees, and when she cries out of pain. I also sought help from my fellow nurse friends to conduct intravenous fluid insertions at home (I didn’t attend training for that kasi, post-graduate.) And I set the alarm too, when I have to incorporate the additional meds to her IVF. I was a nurse all over again.


It feels different when I do all these nursing duties to her. In nursing school, it felt like a chore, something I have to do to pass my clinical subjects. But now, I do it because of pure love –for her, and nothing else. She has been suffering from her disease for months now, and she keeps on fighting, we do too. And I realize, we became closer because of this. We talk for the whole day and I put her to sleep, everyday – something we don’t normally do.

I know we have busy lives to live, so many things to do, but it is only now that it has come to my senses that, while we are all busy growing, climbing that ladder for success and excellence, we forget that our parents are growing older too.

I am just happy it isn’t too late. But I know it in my heart, that we’ll win this battle.


So yes, this has been a bittersweet year. But for what it’s worth things will be better! 2017 is going to be a beautiful and enriching year! I hope you learned a thing, or two in this post. What do you think?

Happy new year my dear merfriends!


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