What Would Have Made Me Stay in the Living Room More than the Bed Room

I love going places. I am restless, and adventurous – particularly someone you can’t pin and bribe down in one place and expect her to lie there forever. There are even times I feel more like a bird, than a human. That’s why when asked how my future home would look like, I was particularly challenged. Because honestly, I was never home.

But whenever I am, I usually stay and lock myself in the bedroom. Going back on the thought though, I realized I should have stayed in the living room more, because that’s the place where my family usually spends a lot of time to watch movies, chat, and talk about what happened during the day. I miss those times, especially now that my mom isn’t here to welcome us with her finest dishes anymore.

On a lighter note, this inspired me to come up with ideas on what I think will make me stay in the living room more than my bedroom. I intend to make this dream design in my future home too. I want my future kids to be more interactive at home than I was. So I present to you my mood board for a beach-themed living room!


I love how homey and relaxing these details make me feel. I basically want to add a hanging sofa and some wooden or rattan chairs and tables to make the place feel like a resort.

I want to use this color palette too. The calm shades of blue, cream, brown and mauve makes me want to rest and enjoy a breezy afternoon in the living room with my family.


I want to use capiz, shells, and beach elements to add to the resort feel of the place. Mermaid accents and color gradients are additional intricacies I want to incorporate too.


I was blown away how this boat posed a valuable element in taking the design of this living room a notch higher. I wouldn’t have thought of that! Or maybe, the boat can be a make-shift sofa or table! The possibilities are endless!

Finally, going home is a thing of the past when heading back is an unpleasant feeling travelers dread after a wonderful vacation, a.k.a. #backtoreality. With a beach-themed design, everyday vacation is a reality! I can’t wait to make this dream living room! I can’t wait to have a vacation at my home everyday!

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Hope you enjoyed this post. I will be happy to know your thoughts my dear merfriends! 🙂


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