Church Windows

One of the best things about my work is that we don’t follow a stiffly structured dress code. I mean, sure we wear corporate outfits and formal attires, but the people in our department believes that we can always work on something interesting and practical. Hence, the trendy corporate ensembles!

We define it as something more upbeat than smart casual, but slightly below or nestling around formals. We occasionally wear this kind during events and mall-wide open houses. I infer this is our take on not looking typical and boring, knowing that the real estate industry is somehow veering on those two adjectives.


I like dresses very  much, because they are easy to wear. You wouldn’t have to think what top or bottom will match. They also basically cover the important parts of your body. They make me look taller – and these longsleeves dress give hints on looking demure and conservative, a perfect combination for work!


I love how the prints on this dress remind me of the movie Seklusyon. When you’re far from me, it’s a tad difficult to discern what kind of images they are, but as you look closely you can see how intricate the church window details are. I am actually in awe how this made me look extra-scholarly, so I opted to put on some red-rimmed eye glasses to match the general hue of the prints and of course my hair!

What do you think loves? 😀


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