Commuters, say hello to the new LRT App! Yay!

Are you a commuter? Do you always ride the LRT-2 either on your way to school or work? I have some exciting news for you, my merfriend!

I met a PR Expert, Arnold Allanigui yesterday, and he oriented me to the new changes LRT is doing to reach the commuters and to provide better service! I was whiplashed to know that they are launching a system, via an APP! OMG! My 17-year old self would’ve been thrilled!

The Light Rail Transit Authority in partnership with TrackMate Business Solutions launched last week, May 5, 2017 the Passenger Assist-Rail Display System (PARDS) Project at LRT-2 Cubao Station.

LRTA Administrator Gen. Reynaldo I. Berroya said that “PARDS” is exclusively designed for LRT-2 commuters to receive REAL-TIME communication while on-board the train. The project is a proprietary technology provided by an all Filipino Technology company, the Trackmate Business Solutions at no cost to the government.


In Photo: Jacque Manabat with LRTA Administrator  Ret. Gen. Reynaldo Berroya

Berroya stressed that through this technology passengers will receive real-time information on train arrival/departure, train location, news, public service and emergency announcements, passengers traffic and entertainment.

The Passenger Assist-Rail Display System is powered by GPS and updated in the cloud then translated into Audio-Video display. Forty (40) digital display monitors per trainset will be installed.  A mobile phone application will also be developed (IOS and Android) for commuters.

Meanwhile, LRTA has started its multi-year rehabilitation project aimed to improve the efficiency of the system and provide a better travel experience to LRT-2 commuters.


In Photo: Jacque Manabat with LRTA Head Executive Assistant Nelzon Villanueva

The 14 year old train system will undergo modernization and upgrading to improve its reliability and capacity. The replacement of all defective elevators and escalators at the stations, the systematic replacement of the airconditioning unit of the 10 operational trains and the restoration of 4 down trains are the main focus of rehabilitation this year.

Berroya emphasized that the LRT-2 train’s air-conditioning system need to undergo systematic replacement since most of its parts are already obsolete and unrepairable. “ We will modernize the ACU to be more environment-friendly,  energy efficient and compliant with the Clean Air Act”, he added. 


However, the project is complex and will require ample time as it goes through bidding, manufacturing, delivery, installation and commissioning. The systematic replacement will commence this November of this year and will be completed in 2018. Thereafter, a cooler and more comfortable journey will be experienced by the riding public.

So how is that to end your Thursday night? If you’re in college now, can I just say that you are sooo lucky? Gone are the days that you have to hoard yellow Stored-Value-Cards! With the BEEP Card and this new ‘PARDS’ App, riding the LRT is going to be even better!

What do you think of this news?

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