Just Got Lucky: A Review on Master Hanz Cua’s Tarot Reading

I have always been fascinated with astrology and arts of the same nature. They just have some mystifying effect on me that I can’t help but wonder. I know that this is not an exact science nor can it be a strong reference when it comes to physical matters, but I believe there is nothing wrong if you consult and choose to be guided regarding the things you have set for yourself.

When I learned that there is an opportunity for a tarot reading for bloggers, I immediately signed up. I know these kinds of opportunities shouldn’t be let to pass you by, especially when it is with Master Hanz Cua.

Master Hanz Cua 1

Master Hanz Cua is a Feng Shui Expert, Tarot Card Reader, Astrology Master, Chakra Meditation Practitioner, Trained Psychic, and a Public Speaker.

“Master Cua continued to study and sharpen his skills through many different Feng Shui grandmasters in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Burma, and Thailand. His knowledge of this powerful and ancient art has already lifted his status to a Sage. His years of study have gained him high respect, limitless admiration and a lot of appreciation from his many clients. These clients are themselves now very prosperous and happy with their business, careers and personal lives.” – Source

I was surprised that it was easy to go to his office. I don’t drive so I just relied on Uber to navigate my way. I typed CityLand Shaw Tower and I arrived in there in 40 minutes time from Quezon City with moderate traffic.

If you’re planning to visit him for the first time, it might be wise to tell the guard/receptionist where you’re headed, as they can direct you to Lower Ground 3 or LG3.

I was welcomed with a beautiful set-up of fortune-generous artifacts.  Glistening stones and crystals were neatly placed in their glass cases. I felt like a foreign misconception of luck when I got in, but I believe they somehow calmed my trembling spirits of what was about to come, as I eventually felt more relaxed.

I was actually a bit scared of how my cards will read. I mean, you probably feel it in certain situations when you’re talking to someone you think may know what you don’t, yet. It was not a nice feeling. But Master Hanz Cua was so warm and friendly, that these matters seemed to ebb when he welcomed me and asked me to sit down.

He introduced himself first, what he did to study the art, and what he does to keep people guided in their different paths in life.

He asked me to relax and close my eyes as I placed my hands on the cards and envision myself to connect with them. He asked me to pick some cards, and he started reading it as though he was actually reading a manual from my face.

I mean he was so spontaneous and elaborative. He cites the aspects that the cards were referring to, and how it implicates certain changes in my life. Most of my findings were positive, and this made me more confident and assured because I think I’m doing just fine.

I have a lot of worries too because I have always been accustomed to stability, but he said it was time for growth, and he sees me doing well in the new ventures I’m currently associating with. Whenever there are negative revelations, he turns to giving me pieces of advice on how I can counteract and respond to the finding. It was really wonderful to listen to him because he speaks as though he understands what’s on my mind and catches up with the things I consider even before I verbalize them.

I felt extremely pleased with our session, because I know they are worth more than any peso, and I found a lot of things that I should consider prior to my plan executions. Because you know, a girl’s got to eat and live, so I have a lot of things in my timeline. I practically would pass for a juggler, if my plans are “balls”.

So I really recommend his services to everyone, especially those who have big plans and those who are shifting from one form or faction to another. You would really thank fate that you got to read this post, and was introduced to Master Hanz Cua.

I will be coming back again together with my fiancé because he also advised that he can help us choose the perfect date for our wedding, based on our astrological signs. Well, it wouldn’t hurt either to see what date it would be. I am so excited already!

Via Galang

We also had a Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube live. I have also shared the links on my Facebook Fan Page. But for you to find it easily, here is the link.

It was so nice to host it, and assist Master Hanz Cua as he gave free tarot reading to the viewers; it was like being on live TV! I was not even prepared! Waaah! But he was so helpful in assisting me to talk in front of the camera!

He also gave me a charm bracelet with rubies, citrines, and an evil eye. Ruby stones have been an amulet of passion, protection, and prosperity. They symbolize the sun and its hue hints of inextinguishable flame.

Citrines signify abundance, wealth attraction, success and all things good. They imbibe generosity and sharing of good luck.

The evil eye stone symbolizes protection against bad fortune. It is common to be worn or hung in homes and business establishments.

Master Hanz said that he chose to give me this bracelet since my plans are veering mostly to businesses. And I am ever so grateful! Thank you very much, Sir!

He was so generous to even hand me a Neko / Good Luck Cat charm that I can hang in my home! The cat reminds me of Hello Kitty, and it looks more adorable than all of the other cat charms I’ve seen in the past.

White Cats calls for good luck and happiness, while Pink Cats attract love and romance! And oh my I got both! Yay! 😀

You may visit Master Hanz Cua at LG3 CityLand Shaw Tower, Shaw Blvd. corner St. Francis Street, Mandaluyong City (in front of St. Francis Church). You may also reach him through his contact numbers at 0922.829.0382 and 717.00.54

Follow him on Facebook and Instagram. Subscribe to his Youtube Channel too!

You can also watch him during weekdays at Umagang Kay Ganda at 7:30 AM. He recently published a book called Feng Shui 2017, and is now available in leading bookstores nationwide!

I highly recommend Master Hanz Cua and his tarot reading; and as to how he always put it “The best investment that you can give to yourself is to know who you are.”

With all that, I can say that I just got lucky! 😀

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5 thoughts on “Just Got Lucky: A Review on Master Hanz Cua’s Tarot Reading

  1. I find having tarot card readings fun too if just a wee bit anxiety inducing. 😅 Your Neko charm is too cute! I keep an Evil Eye charm myself, I’m not 100% sold in the fact that it would repel malicious inent or usog but I believe it helps some. Good luck on your future plans!


    • I agree with you how it makes you all fidgety about the things you’re going to find out, especially if it’s something you don’t see coming! Haha 🙂

      Thank you Ira! Have a charming and lucky day! 🙂


  2. Aw wished he’d reply to me. I know a bit abour fortune telling and I have my own deck. I’d already been to a few readers here in Manila, mostly during times I needed guidance. 🙂


    • Yeah, wait mo lang. Hehe 😀

      Oh really? It was my first time so I was super anxious sa start, but it went okay naman as the session went by.

      Do you practice tarot reading too? 🙂


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