The 5 People You Meet in Madison 101 Hotel + Tower

the five people you meet in heaven
Have you read the book “The Five People You Meet in Heaven” by Mitch Albom? It’s quite a good read, that is why I can’t help but associate the title to my recent stay at a hotel in New Manila, Quezon City. I may not have been in heaven (not in a rush too, by the way), but Madison 101 Hotel + Tower surely made me feel how it may be like.

I got invited to see and experience the benefits and tranquillity brought about by staying in this hotel, which I will be sharing in a different post too. But for now, let me introduce to you how this establishment can cater you to your needs, whatever, whenever.

Madison 101 Hotel + Tower is located at 1 Madison St. corner Aurora Blvd., New Manila Quezon City. I have studied and worked in the very same area, but I never really got the chance to check them out. Last month, I was fortunate enough to visit them, and gaze upon the fact that this is no ordinary hotel. I mean seriously, how can one building have all these people inside them!

So read on, you might actually find the same people such as yourself!

  1. Travelers

I realized that not all hotels are created equal; this one definitely is something you can call small but terrible.


Madison 101 Hotel + Tower is ideal for travelers and staycationeers. It’s easy to locate, as it is nestled on the highway, and is surrounded by convenience stores, banks (just in case you need extra cash), and eat-out places. This hotel is also very accessible, plus you have a lot of transportation options! You can ride an Uber, Grab, Cab, jeepney, and even the train.

Their hotel rooms are also beaming with luxury and comfort. I just love the scents of freshly washed linens and flowers; they make the ambiance more relaxing.


The toilets are complete with all the necessary beauty tools and liquids too, so you literally just bring yourself and some clothes and you’re all set!

They also have literally a lot of plug outlets, so you’ll never be bummed by forgetting of bringing extension cords. You’re all going to be gadget and battery-happy.

  1. Big Events People (Weddings,, Debuts, Dedications, Christenings, etc.)


Photo Credit : Madison 101 Hotel + Tower ‘s Website

Being newly engaged, I was extremely delighted to know about this. My friends are also tying the knot soon, so I really recommend having Madison as either their wedding prep place, or reception, or maybe both!


Just look at this Premiere Suite that took my breath away! This dramatic window just says it all! Not to mention, Little Baguio Terraces can be seen in the background! There are just too many stories to tell if this becomes my prep place!


You see, I used to conduct product training and site-orientations in this condominium! 🙂


And look, there’s Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish Church! You can get married in just about 5 minute-walk away from Madison!

This hotel can also be a prep place + event venue for a debutante! In a girl’s life, I believe this is one of the most endearing events we always look forward too.


Photo Credit : Madison 101 Hotel + Tower ‘s Website

At 15, we can’t wait for the three more years we have yet to experience and endure until the day we can be called  ‘legal’. But we plan it anyway. The colors, the theme, the 18 roses, the 18th rose, and everything. I am just so pleased to know that this hotel offers packages for this momentous event. Like ”Yes, I’m going to be a lady now, and it’s happening at Madison!” How swanky can you get?


Also, they have their in-house caterer, and that’s a big plus! Should you have your own choice of caterer, you can always talk to the management about this arrangement.

The Skydeck boosts about a spacious 150 sqm venue enough to cater up to 180 people! You’ll never worry about fitting all your family and friends for your big event!

  1. Intimate Gatherings People (Private Celebrations, Intimate Weddings, Bachelor Parties, Mini Reunions,etc.)

The Presidential Suite is the perfect venue for intimate gatherings. Located at the top floor, this intimate room has a luxe kitchen, bedroom, mini bar, Jacuzzi, sprawling living area where you can conduct videoke and games and whatnot!


This basically spells Blaire Waldorf penthouse meets How I Met Your Mother pub! It’s definitely one happy place! And it’s gonna be, LEEEE-, wait for it, GENDARYYYYYYY!

  1. Students

    Can you believe that they also have training, meeting, and seminar rooms, all for you to decide and request on how will the tables be arranged.meetingseminar

Photo Credit : Madison 101 Hotel + Tower ‘s Website

During my checkout, I also saw some students, still in their uniforms ready to attend their review for an upcoming exam. I think this is highly convenient for them, because Madison 101 Hotel + Tower is so easy to navigate, and is commuter-friendly!

This also gave me an idea on where to conduct my next seminar! This is just so cool! It’s literally in the heart of Metro Manila, and my attendees need not fret for travel time and availability of transportation choices! Brilliant, isn’t it?

  1. Lodgers

This amazing hotel also offers transient rooms, meaning dormitory-types! You could have your own room, twin-sharing, and one that is even good for up to 8 people! Inclusive of utilities! You can also get them at weekly and monthly rates if daily rates are not applicable based on how long you plan to stay.





This is a great deal for travelers spending more than a week in Metro Manila; you could just split the affordable rate amongst yourselves! Now, how about that!

Madison 101 Hotel + Tower is offering hostel-like rates, but with better and more luxurious accommodations!  This is something I’m completely thankful for learning of!


Honestly, I could list about ten more people, but it wouldn’t be as thematic as I thought it would be with the Mitch Albom book. But one thing is for sure, you’ll all meet these people in our own version of heaven – Madison 101 Hotel + Tower!

For inquiries, bookings, and reservations, you may contact them at 723-1111 and/or 0936.911.90.39 or email them at

You may visit their website at and LIKE them on Facebook at

Put a good word that you read about them from here, would you please? And I would love to know if you’re planning to book your next staycation or event here soon! You’re going to love it!

Thanks, merfriend! 🙂


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