Miss PERi Ambassador 2017

In pageants, I am usually invited as either one of the hosts or as a sponsor representative. That is why it is fleeting to go and experience one, as the kind of person I am now – a blogger.

I came from a skin care event that day too. You can judge the outfit in this post. Haha 😀


Cart J, an organic skincare company is hosting a beauty pageant to search for PERi, their organic soap line’s brand ambassador. I think it is an intelligent move because the users get to see the models and it also provides a venue for us to learn more about the products.


CARTJ.com.ph is a 100% Filipino owned company operating in the Philippines. It was created on July 24, 2015 by young visionary entrepreneurs. It is an online shopping mall that provides a wide variety of products available for the general market nationwide.

The company is now aiming to widen its product assortment by opening its platform to partner merchants. Thus, making CARTJ a one-stop online shopping center.

In 2017, the company created PERi All Natural brand to be a part of its online products under CARTJ exclusives. The company is an advocate of all natural products in bringing out the natural beauty to every woman.

The product line includes but not limited to:

Skin care, hair care, beauty improvement, and personal care products.


The pageant started with a dance, and they were all lovely in their pretty dresses!



I had a wonderful time watching them! Everybody was such a beauty; their grace and poise were commendable! I actually had ideas on which gowns I want to wear during my prenup and for my future bridesmaids! 😀


The following are the new Miss PERi Ambassadors 2017.

El Fel Sharae R Banay-banay – Miss Peri Ambassador 2017

Andrea Nicole Duran – 1st Runner up

Julieta D. Adalim – 2nd runner up

Lady Franzelah D. Tabuzo – 3rd runner up

Sherlyn S. Pacu-an – 4th runner up


Goodie, I had the chance to take a photo with Ms. Fel Banaybanay, the new Miss PERi Ambassador 2017.

I got so excited because I am currently in love and in search for the best organic products out there, and PERi All Natural soaps seem very promising!

I am yet to review their soaps and other products, so stay tuned for that my merfriends!

The company envisions a strong presence in the industry of e-commerce by improving its technology. Project S-commerce (social commerce) commenced in June 2017 and expected to launch in November this year.

This is going to be something to look forward to! 😀

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