11 Fascinating Things about Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Ever since I watched Miss You Like Crazy, I have always wanted to see the Petronas Towers and take a picture with it. Who would have thought that you could incorporate your romantic musings over these sky-scrapers and gush over having someone to hold you forever? Gollyyyyy..


On a side note, I was a bit sad to also recall that after my mom passed away I was overwhelmed with the idea that she cannot have her passport stamped by the immigration officers anymore (I actually seriously considered on doing a move to have hers stamped also, but that may be too far-fetched from this point).


In the meantime, as to document my wish and my desire to take my mom with me, here is our photo with the Petronas Towers! Oh diba, naitawid pa rin! 😀

Anyway, during our stay, I can’t help but notice fascinating things over this country. There were surprising things that I can’t help but take photos of, and was totally blown away. I was literally keying in my notepad just in case I forget.

See here! See here!

  1. Malaysians, especially the Indians are really friendly!

I was so surprised how smiling the people were.

IMG_20170809_094216.jpgWe stayed in Masjid Jamek, and we were surrounded mostly by Indian establishments. We actually ate our breakfast in the same restaurant every morning during our stay. They were really cordial and helpful!

There was even one crew who lead us where the toilets were, even if it was meters away! Considering he had to leave his post while assisting us. 🙂

  1. Cars stop when you cross the street.


Speaking of friendly, they are very nice people too! There was even one cab driver who stopped to let us cross the street, because he thought we were going to.

I mean, if it was anywhere that’s not as friendly, you’ll probably be playing “patintero” with them just to cross.

  1. Traditional toilets are present in malls.

I remember using one in school back in the province. But I didn’t know it can be present even in modern societies. Hehe Shookt lang talaga ako. :p

  1. No guards in mall entrances.

I repeat, no guards in mall entrances!

Haha I was weirded out at first, because I was preparing to open my bag for the usual and standard inspection. But when I looked up, the door was just empty.

Not that I’m complaining, but it feels a little weird. The convenience of just going inside without any suspicion that you’re carrying something undesirable seem unnatural, but I like it.

Malaysians make me feel that they have more human-trust than any other race in the world. 😀


  1. Always ask for the non-spicy variant in food options. If applicable. 😉


This is what I failed to do in one of our breakfast mornings. I just ordered one rice meal, without asking if it was spicy. If you’re like me who’s not into the hot stuff, you could always ask the waiter to skip on the chilies.

Turns out they have the non-spicy version of your desired order. Huhu 😉 I forgot, I was in Malaysia.

Spice is a default. :p


  1. Some Malaysian words really do sound very Filipino! 😀

Malaysian Filipino English Words

These words surely made navigating Kuala Lumpur a lot easier!


  1. They have great selection of printed fashion!


If you like prints, this place is a must-visit! I didn’t know that our neighboring area, has a printed fashion lair!

I even bought Lelongs for 10RM (Malaysian Ringgit) , which is roughly 120PhP. 😀

They are sizes bigger than me, but I thought of having them tailored-fit when I get back to Manila.

  1. Fabrics are also literally everywhere!


It’s every fashion designer’s heaven! My eyes were so full just by gazing at the gorgeous fabrics! I was thinking of so many designs for shoes already!


  1. WiFi Connection is mostly for social media only.

So my advice is to buy your data sim to access other apps such as Uber. We only discovered this on our 2nd to the last day. Huhu 😥 Too bad.

But if your host, or hotel provides you a pocket wifi, then that’s a better option.

We actually just bought one data sim, and use Hot-Spot for the others’ connection. 😀


  1. Ride the Bus in KL Sentral to Airport. It’s a lot cheaper!


We were actually working on our budget, and we were thinking on how to go back to the airport. We can either use Uber and split the fare, or we can use the train, but that will cost around RM50.

Good thing we found one Filipino who advised that we can ride the bus instead. And it’s just RM12!

So of course, you know what happened next! 😀


  1. The Airport is like a mini city!

Be sure to be extra early than the prescribed time. It took us about an hour and a half from the main entrance up to the final waiting area of our gate. Or probably more than that.

It’s not because of the long lines, the Kuala Lumpur International Airport is just so massive, the walking really took most of our time! And it’s a good exercise I think! 😀

Plus, they really have good Internet speed! I was able to blog prior to boarding! 😀


Of course, there are more fascinating things that we can add here, but so far here is my initial list from my 4day stay in KL, Malaysia.

Will definitely be back, and experience those theme parks! 😀

Among these, what is your favorite? Or you could also add your own personal favorite! Leave them in the comments!

I will be happy to read! 😀

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