7 Korean Beauty Products You Haven’t Tried Yet But Should

2017 was such a big year for beauty experimentation, especially that I finally came to grips that I should not just know how to put on my own makeup, but also learn to use the right products.

I actually tried the best-sellers from household makeup brands, but to no avail, they seem not just to compliment my skin type.

For the record, my skin is regular to dry, with open pores and highly noticeable pimple marks. That is actually a big disadvantage for girls like me who have fair skin.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining, but this just goes to show that there is no perfect skin type. You just got to work on with what you have.

Consequently, I tried to rummage through my makeup kit to see which products I like the most, and which ones work best for my face. And the funny thing is, all of them are Korean brands!

Thus, giving me the idea to be nifty and share them all with you.

  1. The Chok Chock Green Tea Watery Mist

Brand: Tony Moly

This is my go-to moisturizer! After washing my face, I spray a generous amount before applying the primer. It contains 100% pure green tea ferment extract. Its hydrating skin care keeps my face fresh and soft. You can also use this after applying your makeup, or anytime you feel like it.

  1. Naturalth Goat Milk Pure CC Cream

Brand: Tony Moly

I generally use this when I just have to look natural, nothing too fancy; something that I will wear when I’m out with the family. It doesn’t give much coverage, although you’ll love its SPF30.


John is wearing Naturalth Goat Milk Pure CC Cream.

  1. I Love Mascara

Brand: Mumuso

This is such a steal! I was in a rush to buy a mascara because I have to use it right away. To my surprise, it actually works with my lashes really well. It doesn’t smudge easily and they really make my lashes look thicker than they actually are. I have mine for about 5 months already, and its consistency looks pretty much the same when I first bought it.

  1. BCDation Cream

Brand: Tony Moly

It’s actually a combination of BB, CC and DD Cream! Yeah! I also can’t believe myself when I knew that such a thing exists!

But I’m glad it did! I was actually using L’Oreal Infallible before.

It provided me good coverage, but there was just something about it that doesn’t sit well with my face. I guess its how it never blends well with my neck or the acidity of the product and my face are not just that compatible.


And so BCDation was my one-more-chance. Look at my face in this photo!

I love how it makes my face look so Korean, and how it doesn’t need powder to make it look unoily. Plus, the coverage is great!

I recommended it to a guy friend, and he was sold!

  1. Go Cover Concealer

Brand: Tony Moly

If you’re trying BCDation, I also highly suggest you get this concealer as well. I am feeling like they are partners. While the BCDation Cream gave me good coverage, this one sealed the deal.

The moment the lady in the store made me try this product, I was soooo kilig! They made my pimple mark so quiet, it didn’t seem like it was there at all!

I love how one tiny drop is already enough for your eyebags, and roughly about 4 more areas in your face that need concealing.

I bought one for my sister as a Christmas gift!

  1. Bubi Bubi Tint Balm

Brand: Lioele

This is the first product I tried for this Korean Brand. I got so curious because it’s one of the best sellers in Lazada. When I received the lippie, I knew why.

It’s a tinted lipbalm that really highlights and make your lips supple and kissable. I have chappy and pale looking lips, so this is perfect for me!

I can imagine it would also be wonderful for students!

Buy it here!

  1. Lip Color Stick

Brand: Lioele

You will be surprised how pigmented this lip crayon is! You don’t even need to swipe twice just to put some tint on your lips. It glides smoothly and leaves your lips ready for some styling.



My sister and I wearing the Rebecca- Cherry Red shade in different amounts of swipe! 🙂

I personally love gradient lips because it looks youthful and very innocent.

You can just put on the inner parts of your lips, and guide them away to the outer corners using your finger pad.

Plus, it’s also a 4-in-1 lippie! It’s pigmented as a lipstick, shines like a gloss, moisturizes like a lip balm, and lasts as a tint!

Buy it here! You can also check Lioele at their shop in Lazada!

This feels like a sequel from my recent Korean prenup-shoot post! Haha 🙂

So if you’re eyeing for some Korean products to try this new year, I highly recommend this list! And once you try them, can you please comment back or let me know?

I’m ecstatic to know how you’ll feel about them!

Enjoy, and always be beautiful merfriend! 😊


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