Luminous White 4D and How It Can Erase Your Dark Past

Even the very dark ones!

Hello merfriends! Please don’t be baffled by the title! I am referring to tattoos and dark spots here because I just found the answer to your prayers!

While we can’t do anything to upturn life’s darkest moments, we can sure maximize this awesome innovation by treating the leftover scars and unwanted physical memoirs!

A week ago I happen to attend Clara International Skin and Body’s Grand Launch for a new service that’s bound to elevate the standards of skin care.



I was quite shocked how near it was to our place. 😀

I have tried different skin clinics and aesthetic centres but what impressed me so much about Clara is that apart from offering cutting-edge skin care services, they are also known to offer natural whitening treatments! They have placed great emphasis in utilizing all-natural product resources to ensure safe, effective and amazing results!


Today though we were introduced to the new technology from Slovenia called – Luminous White 4D.

It has the ability to remove all common pigmented lesions and a wide array of tattoo colors.

Since I don’t have any tattoos, I will definitely benefit from this by having my acne scars and dark spots treated. Not to mention the pesky little wounds I earned from clumsiness. Hehe :p

How does it work?


The laser delivers an intense beam of light that is absorbed by skin pigments (melanin) only. Melanin is destroyed, but the surrounding skin tissues are left unharmed. Unlike topical creams, laser energy can seep deeper into the skin, hence being able to target strong pigmentations.

Additional benefits?


This treatment will definitely tighten skin, and provide over-all rejuvenation. The laser energy may stimulate collagen production and remodelling that will improve skin elasticity. It may also reduce pore size (yay!) and permanently decrease fine hairs.


Is it painful for tattoo laser removal?


You may feel a mild discomfort as it mimics the sensation brought about by a hot pin repeatedly pricking the skin. Although many reported that it is more tolerable than the tattooing procedure itself. Black tattoo pigments absorb more laser energy that is why it is easiest to treat. Generally, you may need 5 to 10 sessions to remove black tattoos, but more treatment sessions may be needed for more complex colored tattoos.


Any side-effects?


Contrary to popular belief that laser treatments cause thinning of the skin, this skin technique does not.  It may sometimes elicit temporary mild redness and dryness, but these are natural skin reactions to heat and are normal.

Actually, it even improves skin elasticity as it induces collagen synthesis, leading to dermal layer thickness and skin collagen fiber density.


Things to do after treatment?

You may have to avoid the sun for a month, and use sunscreen of at least SPF25. Occasionally, the treated skin may feel dry, so do not skip moisturizer to soothe your skin.


Clara International Skin and Body are located in the following branches:


Sunshine Boulevard Plaza Unit 1 S 2nd floor, 1328 Quezon Ave cor. Scout Santiago, Quezon City

(+632) 374 61 54   |   (+632) 374 09 74


21 Eisenhower St., Greenhills, San Juan

(+632) 997 33 03



Facebook: ClaraSkinandBodyCentre

Drop by and book your appointments today! 😀


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