Novuskin Lift for the Perfect Bride

It’s been 2 months since our civil wedding, and I am still on a high. I really wanted to write about my supplier reviews but I can’t just find the time. 😀


Goodie, today was an exception, and finally, I can share one beauty secret I haven’t included with my recent post about the Bride Beauty Guide.

You see wedding preps are extremely stressful, especially if you’re totally hands-on and don’t want to rely on wedding planners. As for me, I wanted to supervise everything and of course, cost-cut. 😀

It was also very timely that I started taking Novuskin Lift. I never knew this would help me keep my skin smoother and softer.



Normally, I break out a lot when I sleep really late or when I pull all-nighters, but when I started taking these tablets, I was surprised that I haven’t developed my expected zits.

Not that I’m complaining, but this just goes to show how much this product aided me to look my best on the most important day of my life.

I was glowing, and a happy bride! At least my skin was one less of my worries, and I’m super grateful.

My makeup artist even applauded me for my skin, because she said that I’m giving her an easy job in prepping my face. 😀


So I guess, it’s what you call perfect timing!


I’m so glad I was already in my 2nd month in taking Novuskin Lift, and that surely gave me that extra punch of a glow!

John+Via Wedding-104_preview.jpeg

NovuskinLift is now available in Mercury Drug Stores and other leading drugstores.

You can also check Novuskin Lift on their website and social media accounts below:



Instagram: @novuskin



**, Via



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