The Secret to Staying Classy (Even If You Run the Household)

A constant cliche it may be but “A girl should only be two things, classy and fabulous.” line by Coco Chanel will never ever go out of style.

I often find myself reverting to the classics whenever I have to dress up for a special occasion. For the main reason that you could never go wrong with this, and subtle elegance will always be a winner no matter when and where.

In fact this is also the case in one of my favorite movies – The Stepford Wives.

stepford wives

All of these women look exceptionally classy and fabulous, even while running the household. This also becomes an unforeseen reminder to me now that I am a wife, to always look good and take care  of myself.

vintage dress

A royalty also comes to mind with this. Princess Kate Middleton is also such an iconic fashion inspiration when it comes to the classics and vintage ensembles.


She never fails to look so put-together in everything. She instantly becomes the focus and the one who gives form and meaning to these vintage pieces.

That is why I am so happy to share with you what I found in DressLily that are sure will add more butter and cream to your vintage collections.

I am particularly eyeing these three gorgeous dresses. ❤


They look so classy yet alluring at the same time! This comes very timely because I am reaching my pre-pregnancy weight very soon! 😀

Get yours today at a whooping 20% off when you use this coupon code: DLSPRING when you checkout!

Stay classy and sassy merfriends!


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