Why Palm Springs is a Premier Wedding Destination

There are many places in the world that enjoy large number of visitors every year, which are mostly tourists from far and near. Most of these places are fabulous destination for getaways, honeymoons, family holidays, and etc. These places are list in travel fliers, brochures, and even advertised on social media.

Photo: Blair Donovan

Besides enjoying popularity as a tourist destination, some places are also enjoying popularity as wedding destination. One of these wedding destination is Palm Springs. If you have not known or heard about it, Palm Springs has been termed as a premier wedding destination. Palm Springs is indeed an amazing and perfect place for weddings. Palm Springs has the almost perfect weather all year round, it is not very far from the major surrounding cities and it is so like a desert oasis.

If you visit any Palm Springs wedding rentals website, you will find a list of locations suitable for weddings and many reasons supporting why you should consider these locations. Every location has its own attractions and style e.g. Bohemian, modern, or old Hollywood glamour, and they all have something special to offer together with incredible settings where you can create your own unique wedding celebration.

Beneath the clear desert sky and overlooking the Palm Springs Valley, there are many wedding archive rentals providing indoor and outdoor venues to host wedding ceremonies and the events surrounding the ceremonies. Some hotels offer beautiful natural surroundings with the majestic mountains as the backdrop, providing a romantic wedding destination for couples to exchange their marriage vows. Just imagine a lovely wedding dinner beneath a starry night with guest mingling with cocktails in their hands, or dancing in the ballroom.

Whichever hotel you have chosen for your venue, you can rest assured the hotel’s wedding specialist will help you decide on the details such as catering, wedding cake, and everything to make the wedding a great and indelible memory. If budget is not a problem, then a luxury hotel such as The Ritz-Carlton, Rancho Mirage could be considered. Here you and your guests get to enjoy upscale dining overlooking the valley. The newly wedded couple gets to enjoy the luxury spa utilizing indigenous herbs and plants in its treatment.

For those interested, it is best to request for the various wedding packages including the amenities and the hotels to come up with their proposal.


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