Finding Freedom and a Mom’s Breastfriend in Avon Fashions Body Illusion

Looking at myself in the mirror sometimes makes me say “Who are you, and what have you done to Via?”

As a new Mom, a lot of things changed – my daily itinerary, my eating and sleeping schedule, my spending habits, my clothes, shoes… my body.

1970-01-01 087971651590838956622..jpg

Looking back my mother would have not believed that I can actually get a normal BMI for once, and all it took was to get pregnant and become a mother like herself.

But I’m grateful in every way, and always looking at the brighter side of these changes, specially how blessed I am to have functional body parts that are actually able to nourish a growing little life.

1970-01-01 081171601651018733927..jpg

I told myself that this new role will demand and ask so much from me, and I have to be prepared to handle it. I read a lot of books, searched online, and asked mommy friends about how I can better adjust to this new phase in my life. I knew I have to rise over, and be more.

And so I shall.

That is why I always appreciate even the littlest of things that can make me manage this new role effectively and seamlessly.

Good thing I found Avon Fashions’ new Body Illusion.

1970-01-01 081276364530151744859..jpg

It has been the lightest and most comfortable underwear I’ve ever worn! These new bras and panties actually feel like second skin, and are perfect for my nursing clothes.

Most of my nursing dresses are made of soft cotton and light fabrics that is why I particularly need to wear undergarments that don’t put obvious dents on unflattering areas.

Plus I won’t have to worry about stubborn straps saying hello to strangers. It’s quite a dealbreaker when you need to adjust intimates in public places, especially when I am carrying my baby. The frustration and itch to fix is quite a pain – and my hands are full!

1970-01-01 086554699341425776759..jpg

I am so grateful that Avon finally launched this advanced innerwear line, as it answers my woes as a busy entrepreneur and a hands-on mom. The support of being able to do tasks without anything getting in the way is such a relief!

I’m wearing Sonia, the non-wire seamless pull-on bra (P899) and panty (P299) are my new best friends! They make me feel confident and extra sexy too! The extreme flexibility with its pull-on form factor, complete with ultra-soft fabric and moulded cups are a breather from the other unruly intimates I’ve tried before.

There are no hooks too! Wearing this actually reminds me of something like putting on a shirt! This feature ensures seamless back and sides, and provides comfortable support even without the wires!

It truly is the perfect foundation to any outfit that gives its wearer the perfect silhouette for limitless movements and confidence.

Check how interesting my mommy movements are prior to getting a picture-perfect shot!

My arms are like the bra I’m wearing, as Body Illusion offers different levels of control, so are my arms making sure Calum is safe and following his little fidgets.

From smoothing to shaping to sculpting, to flatter my figure, I’m quite happy and satisfied that despite our small scuffle, we finally had come to the conclusion to sit down and pose for the camera.

1970-01-01 084005204169393871257..jpg

And look, no photo-bomber bra straps!

1970-01-01 085555432580162525679..jpg

Avon Fashions Body Illusion is available through Zalora, Avon Representatives, or via Follow Avon Philippines on Facebook and Instagram to learn more.

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