Miss V is Back to Training Again

Hi merfriends!

Yay! Finally a post from me! After the bizzy holidays I got so caught up with work that I even forgot to renew my domain!

Can you believe that?

But cupid and St. Valentine must have been looking at my blog state for a while now that I have been granted to finally fix everything. Paid last month but not techie enough to do the site-mapping, so waley (nothing happened), I was blogless for 2 months, literally! 😮

But I would like to write about an update about my life and how I’m keeping things in order.

Last February 1, 2020 I had my comeback speaking engagement “Branding and Social Media Marketing Workshop” at Picasso Boutique Residences.

I was totally whiplashed as we were sold out. We had more than 30++ attendees, to think we were only expecting around 25. 😀

My heart is so full.

The experience of creating the module was also a bit more tedious than usual.

First, creating my module had to be a secret, as I sneak into the wee hours of the night after ensuring that my toddler is already fast asleep.

You see, I still breastfeed. So that’s the second thing, third Calum is so enchanted with the laptop.

He would get this rubber cover off my keyboard and will start typing whatever his little finger pads can reach.

He would also start sitting on my lap and will push my hands away so he can get hold of my device.

Hehe 😀 Cute isn’t it?

I even had to start my module while we were on vacation in Dumaguete because I felt that the time may not be enough, considering I can only work at dawn.

Meanwhile, during the day can I just say it was a win that I was able to leave my baby boy to my mother-in-law for the day, and he didn’t cry! Yay!

Second, I was able to wear this gorgeous dress I got from Holla Bella.

Breastfeeding Mom and a non-breastfeeding dress is not a good combo. I totally miss wearing dresses!

So today was a good excuse!

I also totally changed my module, like 80% of it!

Since Mermaid Island (Beauty Vegan Brand), Cosmov (Cosmetics and Skin Care Manufacturing, and Cherrysh (Natural Healthy and Beauty Drinks) I was able to harness a great deal of knowledge and skills in putting up a business, branding, and running them online.

So imagine my fervour when I was given the chance to share it in a platform.

I spoke for 4 hours that day. And I was surprised that I was able to finish on time, 125 slides and few application demos pa yun!

Iba talaga pag tumatanda na, mas direct na magtalk! Makwento kasi talaga ako!

It’s really different when you’re getting older. You are more direct to the point. I’m actually a bit of a talkative storyteller myself.

I was also able to put up some of my products for display, and met a whole new bunch of budding and aspiring entrepreneurs.

I was super psyched to meet all of them, and I can’t wait for our next run on April 25, 2020!

I will be writing about it too. Hopefully I find the time!

It is good to be back and share what I know, and learn as well from those people I met.

Hihi Thanks for reading this life update! I will try my best to write more.

I missed blogging so much!




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