5 Things Why Arzo Hotel Manila is Perfect for Your Next Quick Getaway

Heya Merfriends!

I am back to writing again, and I am probably too eager to get back to blogging too since I recently just obtained my new domain which is viatancuan.com .

It’s the New Year, and I can’t wait to get back on track and be more mindful and wiser in spending and balancing my time. One of which is I feel extraordinarily strong about spending quality time with my family. I felt like last year was the greatest hustle of my life, and I quite feel a little guilty for not allotting as much time as I can with them.

That is why I am particularly excited to share with you my experience last New Year’s Eve, when my family and I found an amazing escape to celebrate the coming of 2021.

We found, Arzo Hotel Manila, and I’m sharing with you the five most endearing things about it.

1. Affordable Rates

I believe for most Filipinos, and my readers, price tag can pretty much make or break the decision of going to a particular place to spend some quality time, that is why I placed it as the number 1 in my list.

The rooms are very spacious, and they offer a lot of choices too.

Their rooms vary from Twin Standard Room at 1,700php upto Twin Deluxe Room at 2,300php.

Ours was a Twin Room, and can you believe that this one is just 2,000php per night?

I believe that it wouldn’t really hurt your pockets even if you avail multiple rooms! More privacy I think sums it up!

2. Old World Aesthetics

The aesthetics and design of the hotel really got me hooked. I mean for most of the stays I had in the past, most of them radiate a homey modern feel, that is why it is refreshing to see this kind of design, as it brings back the memories of my ancestral home in the province.

People may have varied preferences regarding art and design, but I always regard myself as an appreciative soul.

The canopy on our bed was a sight so divine, that I remember that I once wanted one for my own bed when I was a little girl.

The bed was soft, clean sheets all over, hefty pillows I cannot help but hug.

And oh, we’ve got some antique-looking furniture, old-fashioned bureau, and classical chairs and tables too. I believe that this room is also a perfect choice as venue for bridal wedding preparation, boudoir and maternity photoshoots.

3. Swimming Pool

This is one of the most difficult to find in a hotel that offers affordable rates. I remember staying in a 3- and 4-star hotel that did not have a swimming pool, and that’s always a sad part to any client wanting to relax and escape the busy and bizzy life in the city.

Look how dreamy I’ve become!

When I learned that they have one, it gave me the idea of spending it with the most important people in my life. We are such pool lovers, especially my son, and it was a quick decision to try their rooms and services.

However, they don’t have a kiddie pool, so be sure to bring your floaties with you when you visit.

Their pool hours are from 6am to 9pm, and I wish they could extend it more even it’s only until 10pm. It’s always lovely to lounge by the pool at night.

4. Accessible City Location

Arzo Hotel Manila is located at #1032-1034 Belen St. Paco, Manila and is just a 5-minute walk from Paco Park.

It was Dec 31, a holiday, and it was a bit of a shocker that we reached it within 30 minutes’ drive.

I believe the accessible city location is a big plus especially when you just want to have a quick getaway, and don’t plan much on itineraries.

5. Great Food

We had the chance to dine at their restaurant, Ristorante de Lorenzo. They have a wide array of food choices, and it took us some time to finalize our list since everything sounded so yummy, to think that we pre-ordered our meal.

We asked the staff to serve our food by 7pm, since 8pm is their closing time.

Baked Mussels

It’s a great appetizer, I just wished it has more salt. Well, at least for me, because I’m a huge Mussel Fan.

Baked Salmon

This one is my family’s favorite. We ordered two plates, and it seemed not quite enough for our hungry tummies. Be sure this is included in your list when you go here.

Trio Formagio Pasta

It’s creamy and has a distinct taste. It’s a great addition to try, but I was not much of a fan. My husband however loves this one very much.

Roasted Butternut Squash Pumpkin (Dark Yellow)

I loved the uniqueness of this soup, something that I don’t get to taste everyday. If you’re a food adventurer, you’ll really be happy to try this one.

Potato Leek Soup (Pale Yellow)

The creamiest soup ever! If you’re going to hold a pre-wedding dinner or will actually include it in your food list for catering, this is a MUST! I repeat, a MUST!

Barbecue Short Ribs with Mushroom Sauce, Mashed Potato, Corn and Carrots

These are unbelievably delicious too. I wish they could have a bigger serving for this, but nonetheless, you will genuinely enjoy this one.

Chicken Supreme

I am not much of a fan of Chicken Supreme, but their recipe made me think otherwise. It’s creamy and is screaming with so much flavor!

Overall, the food quality, servings and the prices are reasonable. I particularly enjoyed the Baked Salmon, and most of my family members are raving about it. We are coming back to try their other dishes for sure.

At breakfast we ordered Continental Breakfast, however we were advised that morning that they weren’t available. So, we opted for Filipino Breakfast – Tapa, Sunny Side Up Egg and Rice.

They were delicious and cooked well, however I hoped they could have covered it with clingwrap when they served the food in our rooms, and a drink, coffee or juice might have made the meal more complete and enjoyable.

Overall, my experience was delightful, especially for the price we paid for. I have always been in the hunt for an affordable hotel with a swimming pool ever since!

With everything considered, I highly believe that Arzo Hotel Manila should be added to your list of considerations when you need a quick getaway with your special someone or families! Not to mention that it’s such a steal for a beautiful venue for your bridal and intimate photoshoots such as boudoir and maternity. And can I say that they have a great menu that’s perfect for dates and family gatherings.

We’ll come back for sure!

Valentine’s Day is coming up, I believe you have a celebration to attend to? Hope this blog helps you make that decision!


Arzo Hotel Manila

#1032-1034 Belen St, Paco., Manila – 0995.988.1977 (Globe)


Other affiliated hotels:

Grand Lodge Masonic Hotel by Arzo

Obelisk Cafe + Restaurant





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