Be Summer-Strong and Salty-Hair-Don’t-Care with Pantene UV Rescue



It’s May, and summer isn’t over yet! That means you can still go out and have that well-deserved vacation! 🙂

I bet you’ve already allotted your vacation leaves for your next beach trip, and now while you are still preparing that bag and hoarding all the sunblock you can get for your skin, why not try and get protection for your hair too!

The intense heat from the sun can cause a lot of damage to your hair, making it brittle, dry and lifeless. Not to mention that trouble can be heightened when you have bleached hair like mine. As Philippines is a tropical country, it is no wonder that the Solar UV index is above average during this time, and can be pretty annoying when you are trying to maintain glamorous locks.

_DSF3943 2

Unveiling of the new limited edition Pantene UV Summer Rescue Shampoo and 3 Minute Miracle with the ambassadors of Pantene Philippines.
L-R: Say Tioco, Alodia Gosiengfiao, Joyce Pring, Gabbi Garcia, Jasmine Curtis Smith,
Anna Cay and Dennise Lazaro

Hair dehydration and breakage of essential protein are the common effects when you stay too long under the sun. The UV rays can be as nasty as that weighing scale when you’re on a fitness diet. Salt in the beach waters and chlorine in swimming pools can also catalyse damage to your hair. So while we strive to protect our skin from the UV, I think it’s also about time to shed some attention to our hair too, being it 3x more vulnerable to sun damage.

Oh yes, I’m being preachy because as someone who has bleached hair, and can’t get keratin treatment as of the moment, it’s so disheartening to know that a lot of girls are not weary in keeping their mane healthy and strong.

Goodie, the NEW Limited Edition Pantene UV Rescue Shampoo and 3 Minute Miracle conditioner is now here as your best partner to keep your Summer Strong with Hair Stronger Than The Sun! They can protect your hair from the sun, chlorine from swimming pool, and salt from beach water—elements that can severely damage your hair especially during the hottest season of the year.


Pantene Philippines ambassadors looking golden for the summer at Pantene’s
#BeSummerStrong launch held last April 19 in Alta Guia, Taguig.

Can I say that their new and sunny packaging design inspired by the song, “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini” is soooo adorable! I can remember singing this song as a child! 😀

The graphics team sure did have a lot of fun conceptualizing this. It definitely makes it more exciting to use! Finally a shampoo and conditioner that is just as trendy as you!


How does Pantene UV Rescue work on your hair?


To address these summer hair aggressors, Pantene UV Rescue offers a three-phased approach to prepare your hair BEFORE contact with sun and heat stressors, shield damage DURING contact, and then repair, replenish and rehydrate hair AFTER sun exposure and contact with salt or chlorinated water.

Pantene UV Rescue shampoo with its Pro-V formula gives hair protection from root to tip. It provides optimum care that goes deep within the core of your hair, giving it the antioxidants and the hydration it needs for each strand to be strong. It is perfect with the Pantene UV Rescue 3 Minute Miracle conditioner that can repair 3 months’ worth of hair damage and infused with the power of an ampoule that can add further hydration to your hair and instantly boost its smoothness and shine.


Pantene UV Rescue 3 Minute Miracle gives your hair deeper long-lasting moisture that is lightweight and without the greasy feel you hate. It is recommend to use Pantene UV Rescue 3 Minute Miracle before swimming and after. Before swim application creates a layer of protection before the hair gets in contact with salt water or chlorine, keeping hair moisturized and smooth contrary to the sticky, dry and damaged feel we get after a long day of swimming under the sun. Then of course, after swim use provides deep moisture and repair.

Via Galang PanteneIMG_2436

I just love how Pantene came up with this new product, especially with the summer season being intense and crazy! I can’t wait to enjoy the sun and the sea without worrying about hair damage!

Purchase Pantene UV Rescue shampoo in 12ml for 5 PHP, and 170ml, 340ml and 480ml for 115 PHP, 206 PHP and 285 PHP at

Purchase Pantene UV Rescue 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner in 9ml for 5 PHP, and 180ml and 340ml for 159 PHP, and 259 PHP at


For more information about Pantene UV Rescue, visit and follow Pantene Philippines (@panteneph) on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Be summer-strong merfriends! 😀


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Glupa Women’s Club On Expanding Each Other’s Queendom


I have always been a great supporter of women empowerment, and character development. I strongly believe that being a woman is strength in itself.

We have grown so much from the primitive beliefs that women are just born to take care of their children, and stay at home to manage a household. Over the years, we have already been recognized as a strong and essential contributor to the society’s integrity and continuous progress. That is why whenever I hear new stories about women taking over the world, I feel overjoyed and enriched with pride.


Flannery O’Connor, an esteemed American writer, and essayist once wrote a short story entitled

“Everything that Rises Must Converge.” It is a story reflective of the current issues during that time. It was written when innovation was a new concept, not every American was willing to accept. The story is about transcending the societal norms, veering away from traditions, expectations, pretensions, prejudices and the realization of what change can bring.

The title of the story was actually taken from a quote by French Philosopher and Jesuit priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. He wrote, “Remain true to yourself, but move ever upward toward greater consciousness and greater love!

At the summit, you will find yourselves united with all those who, from every direction, have made the same ascent. For everything that rises must converge.”

That is why it is so timely and unshocking to realize that a successful and inspiring woman is rising above the challenge and spearheading a breakthrough once again.

Age Defying Solutions founder and CEO Aiza Diuco strongly adhere to the belief that women should help each other rise by a cumulative effort of sharing their knowledge, perspective and skills to uplift better chances for every woman’s brighter future.


She recently founded The Glupa Women’s Club, a club by women for women.

The young CEO will commence the club’s vision and purpose by holding a series of activities, including talks and workshops aiming to empower women and hone their skills as a vital member of the society.

She sees that this club can pave the way into returning her gratitude to the community that has helped her achieve her success.

Ms. Diuco also had her share of failures and hardships. She was not perfect. She remembers how much struggle she had to endure when she started in the beauty industry. She had to give up the comfortable lifestyle she grew up with, and fix the shattered pieces of her life as she went on to pursue her dreams.


Ms. Diuco is grateful for her education, and experiences. She used these couple with her love for research in starting her own business.

There were some critics along the way that she had to deal with since they were extra haughty to discern that she only owes her achievements from her rich family. While she is grateful to her family, she has never forgotten the value of labor and not giving up.

Nevertheless, despite the criticism and bumps along the way, Ms. Duico can still stand up tall, with her head held high, knowing that Age Defying Solutions company is the product of all her hard work and the things she did to make her company grow.

Her business started from the backyard which has grown enormously over the years. She will always be grateful to good leadership and the best people she has worked with.

I truly admire people like her. While her story may not be rare, she is another living example that success is possible, that dreams do come true – if you strongly put your heart into it, and it knows no gender either!



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Joining Whisper Curvalicious Movement with Nadine Lustre

Fierce, fearless and positively bold – three adjectives that perfectly define the multi-talented star Nadine Lustre as she lead the Whisper Curvalicious Coming Out Party!

Nadine Lustre for Whisper

Photo: Whisper Philippines

True to its brand promise, Whisper celebrates women empowerment and living life to the fullest with its newest #ChooseCurvalicious movement.


On March 20, at Valkyrie Night Club, BGC, Nadine was electrifying as ever, as she sang and sashayed the new Whisper anthem entitled Curvalicious. I am not really a fan of her songs, but this one was so positive and groovy, it’s difficult not to like. Not to mention to absentmindedly play it over and over in your head.

Together with my gorgeous blogger friends, we gave in and furrowed with the upbeat music and energy!


“I have always been about being myself and doing what I feel is right and close to my heart, ” says the singer-actress. She went about how a Whisper Curvalicious woman should not be afraid to be who she wants to be and be confident in her own skin, any day and every day.


I quite agree, because, in a world where you can actually be easily persuaded and convinced that you may not be good enough, self-love is something that shouldn’t lose its fire. We are all unique, and cultivating our inner strengths makes us more beautiful, and totally real.

I appreciate how smart and steadfast Nadine is despite her critics and naysayers. She is positively bold, no doubt about, that but I guess being a modern woman entails you to know yourself, your abilities, and how you can use these to benefit and inspire others.

Nadine Lustre 1

Photo: Whisper Philippines

Being the face of Curvalicious Movement is such an honor for Nadine, she is happy that she can share the mindset of empowering women, and rising above all challenges no matter how treacherous they may be. She is confident that women will be more thriving, and ecstatic in sharing the ideals of a modern millennial woman in being a blessing to those around her.


The new Whisper still features its cottony soft cover and dermacare lotion, 12-hour leakage protection and anti-leak barriers for a completely worry-free period. Now, made better!

It ensures a more snug fit with its own curvalicious feature too! The amazing feminine pad upgrade is absolutely perfect for modern women like you, me, and Nadine, who need to stay confident, cool and yes – #Curvalicious!


My period may be gone for some months now and is not trying to return anytime soon, I am still grateful to be part of this movement and share these with you my dear merfriends! (Can you check my baby bump already?) 😀



Together with Whisper, women can join and be a part of the Curvalicious Movement:

A celebration of the modern woman who is brave, daring, and ever inspiring! A woman that strives for power and greatness to let her fellow women achieve the same!


Be inspired, and keep inspiring! 🙂

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A First-Time-Mom’s Prenatal Care and Lactation Class at HealthFirst Clinic

The funny thing about time is that you cannot stop it. It just goes on and on, and sometimes it doesn’t warn you that life isn’t the same way again.

You have been part of my journey as a blogger for the past two years, and I cannot thank you enough for sticking with me till today.

As adulting takes its course in my life, I am happy to welcome, write, document and share these changes as they unfold to teach me lessons that are bound to be beneficial in one way or another. And I also hope that with the virtual pages of this humble blog, you also get to learn a thing or two.

As you all know, I just dropped the biggest surprise of my life in my previous post, and while this is something I am extremely happy about, I know I need all the help I can get to prepare for this – motherhood.

Golly, I miss my Mom.


Last weekend, I had the most joyous opportunity of going to the Free Lecture on Prenatal Care and Lactation with Dr. Madrigal-Dy; hosted by HealthFirst Clinic.


Together with first-time moms, I was introduced to the routine check-ups and the things we need to observe as expectant mothers. I must say it feels different for me but in the most exciting way.

I used to study maternal and child care way back in my nursing classes as an upcoming health professional, but this time it was my turn to become the patient and be very responsible about my condition.

I appreciate how Dr. Dy explained prenatal care in a very patient-centered way that I felt empowered in taking charge of my pregnancy. I believe the experience will be more taken care of and enjoyed if the mother is well-informed about the things that can promote a healthy gestation.


I am even wondering if my mother ever had classes like this. I mean, she’s an Economics Major, and there was no Youtube before, how do you become a mom? A good mom.

While I understand that you have to be very patient and willing in caring for your newborn, I guess it will really take a lot of strength and good health in maintaining your good relationship with your little one, which is why breastfeeding is also very important.


Lactation was also highlighted during the talk, and I realized that moms can be different from each other, same way how our breasts respond to the needs of each baby. So I’m really hoping I get to feed my little one just enough. OMG!

After the lecture, I felt more assured and informed about what things I need to consider and not miss as I progress in my pregnancy. And I can’t believe I got to learn about these for free!

Ultrasound Room

Ultrasound Facility

Can you also believe that they have much lower rates in terms of their diagnostic services than most hospitals? For one, their Transvaginal and Pelvic Ultrasound only costs P1,260 each.

How I wish I found them sooner! :O

So if you’re an expectant mom like me, be sure to know about HealthFirst’s upcoming lectures. They are surely bound to help you in your journey as a walking miracle carrying another miracle!

HealthFirst Clinic Women’s Health Center is the modern Moms’ one-stop shop clinic partner. And can you believe that they are just in the hearts of most commercial and business districts! Talk about not having to worry how far does it have to take to visit! 🙂


From pregnancy to post-partum, menopause, all the way into women’s golden years, HealthFirst Women’s Health Center offer comprehensive & specialized healthcare services housed in a pleasant, one-stop shop setting.


Below is the complete list of services:

Pre-natal and Post-natal Care for Low Risk & High Risk Pregnancy

  • OB-GYN Ultrasound
  • Breast Clinic (Mammogram & Breast Ultrasound)*
  • Gynecological Care (Pelvic Exam & Pap Smear)
  • Gynecological Cancer Prevention & Care
  • Infertility & Menopause Clinic

Contact Details:

HealthFirst Clinic Mandaluyong – Women’s Health Center

Level 3, SOHO Central Shaw Blvd., Greenfield District, Mandaluyong City

Telephone No.: (632) 634-5714 loc. 6721

Clinic Hours: 8AM-6PM, Mon-Sat

Mammogram Room

Mammogram Facility

*Except for Mammogram, all services are also available in other HealthFirst Clinic branches:


HealthFirst Clinic Eastwood

Level 3, Cyber & Fashion Mall, Eastwood, Quezon City

Telephone No.: (+632) 718-0829 / 0917 673 3669

Clinic Hours: 8AM-6PM, Mon-Sat; Sun (By Appointment)


HealthFirst Clinic Cubao

Level 3, Spark Place Mall, P. Tuazon, Corner 10th Ave., Cubao, Quezon City

Telephone No.: (+632) 282 4513 / 0977 835 3833

Clinic Hours: 8AM-6PM, Mon-Sat


HealthFirst Clinic Makati

Level 1, Legaspi Towers 200, Paseo de Roxas, Legaspi Village, Makati City

Telephone No.:  (+632) 729 2060 / 0917 631 4620

Clinic Hours: 8AM-6PM, Mon-Sat


HealthFirst Clinic BGC

Level 2, Bonifacio Technology Center, 31st Street cor 2nd Avenue, BGC Taguig City

Telephone No.: (+632) 856 7939 / 0917 804 2985

Clinic Hours: 8AM-6PM, Mon-Fri | 8AM-12NN, Saturdays


HealthFirst Clinic Cebu

Level 1, i2 Building Jose Maria del Mar St., Cebu IT Park Lahug, Cebu City

Telephone No.: (+632) 236 6986 / 0917 868 0142

Clinic Hours: *8AM-6PM, Mondays-Fridays *8AM-12NN | Saturdays


HealthFirst Clinic Alabang

G/F, South Supermarket Alabang, Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang, Muntinlupa City

Telephone No.: (+632) 821 1423 / 0917 559 9792

Clinic Hours: 8AM-6PM, Mon-Sat


HealthFirst Clinic Pasay – Mall of Asia

G/F, Five E-Com Building, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City

Telephone No.: (+632) 845 4877 / 0917 844 5706

Clinic Hours: 8AM-6PM, Mon-Sat


See you in one of their prenatal care and pregnancy classes? Be sure to check out their Facebook for updates! 😀

Facebook :


Till next time! 😀

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Looking and Feeling Fine As I Reach 29

In less than 2 months, I’m turning 29. OMG!

I can’t believe I’m finally graduating my twenties and reaching the 30 mark very soon!

But since aging is inevitable, it doesn’t mean you can’t do anything that’ll help make you look a lot lesser than your published age.

And that’s what I did! 😀

I tried using Novuskin Lift to test and experience its anti-aging abilities.

It has Marine Fish Collagen, Grape Seed Extract, and L-Glutathione. It’s a food supplement so you need not worry about overdosing.

During the 3-month period, I have observed a lot of changes in my body, and I would like to share them in this post.

  1. HAIR

Can I just say that this is my number one concern among all of the following body changes? Since my hair was bleached a couple of times last year, it took some toll on my roots, that they became weaker.



Hairfall was suddenly a constant thing, which was why I am extra careful in combing my hair, especially after a shower.



Wet bleached hair is the most difficult to style and handle, because any minute, you might go bald and sport a hairless patch on your scalp.



But as I was taking Novuskin Lift, I observed my hair fall was getting lesser and lesser that I became braver to comb my hair after a shower. This was such a relief.


  1. SKIN

Since late last year was pretty much spent on wedding planning, I hardly had time to go to skin clinics that I sooner developed breakouts, but using this product helped my pimples dry and heal faster. Plus, I hardly had breakouts after.



Even though I spent sleepless nights crafting some wedding props, my under eyes weren’t as dark as they usually did post-“puyat”.

I also noticed that my arms and legs felt smoother and softer, despite not being so religious in applying moisturizers and lotion.



Having good skin is always a good alternative to makeup!


I always had a low appetite especially during college, and you could say that this is a major reason why I never hit the normal weight.

To my surprise, I had more vigor in terms of eating, and I think this helped me look healthier. Not to mention, I was also able to fit better in my chosen wedding gown.

John+Via Wedding-345_preview.jpeg

And even though I lacked sleep, I was still able to function well the next day. It was as though I never run out of battery., which I believe is a good thing.

I can’t believe these changes just by taking Novuskin Lift.


I am very happy to announce that these tablets do not just make you beautiful but healthier even! A perfect companion of course with a healthy diet and lots of exercise!

Happy and healthy ladies are always beautiful!


NovuskinLift is now available in Mercury Drug Stores and other leading drugstores.

You can also check Novuskin Lift on their website and social media accounts below:



Instagram: @novuskin



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Novuskin Lift for the Perfect Bride

It’s been 2 months since our civil wedding, and I am still on a high. I really wanted to write about my supplier reviews but I can’t just find the time. 😀


Goodie, today was an exception, and finally, I can share one beauty secret I haven’t included with my recent post about the Bride Beauty Guide.

You see wedding preps are extremely stressful, especially if you’re totally hands-on and don’t want to rely on wedding planners. As for me, I wanted to supervise everything and of course, cost-cut. 😀

It was also very timely that I started taking Novuskin Lift. I never knew this would help me keep my skin smoother and softer.



Normally, I break out a lot when I sleep really late or when I pull all-nighters, but when I started taking these tablets, I was surprised that I haven’t developed my expected zits.

Not that I’m complaining, but this just goes to show how much this product aided me to look my best on the most important day of my life.

I was glowing, and a happy bride! At least my skin was one less of my worries, and I’m super grateful.

My makeup artist even applauded me for my skin, because she said that I’m giving her an easy job in prepping my face. 😀


So I guess, it’s what you call perfect timing!


I’m so glad I was already in my 2nd month in taking Novuskin Lift, and that surely gave me that extra punch of a glow!

John+Via Wedding-104_preview.jpeg

NovuskinLift is now available in Mercury Drug Stores and other leading drugstores.

You can also check Novuskin Lift on their website and social media accounts below:



Instagram: @novuskin



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Luminous White 4D and How It Can Erase Your Dark Past

Even the very dark ones!

Hello merfriends! Please don’t be baffled by the title! I am referring to tattoos and dark spots here because I just found the answer to your prayers!

While we can’t do anything to upturn life’s darkest moments, we can sure maximize this awesome innovation by treating the leftover scars and unwanted physical memoirs!

A week ago I happen to attend Clara International Skin and Body’s Grand Launch for a new service that’s bound to elevate the standards of skin care.



I was quite shocked how near it was to our place. 😀

I have tried different skin clinics and aesthetic centres but what impressed me so much about Clara is that apart from offering cutting-edge skin care services, they are also known to offer natural whitening treatments! They have placed great emphasis in utilizing all-natural product resources to ensure safe, effective and amazing results!


Today though we were introduced to the new technology from Slovenia called – Luminous White 4D.

It has the ability to remove all common pigmented lesions and a wide array of tattoo colors.

Since I don’t have any tattoos, I will definitely benefit from this by having my acne scars and dark spots treated. Not to mention the pesky little wounds I earned from clumsiness. Hehe :p

How does it work?


The laser delivers an intense beam of light that is absorbed by skin pigments (melanin) only. Melanin is destroyed, but the surrounding skin tissues are left unharmed. Unlike topical creams, laser energy can seep deeper into the skin, hence being able to target strong pigmentations.

Additional benefits?


This treatment will definitely tighten skin, and provide over-all rejuvenation. The laser energy may stimulate collagen production and remodelling that will improve skin elasticity. It may also reduce pore size (yay!) and permanently decrease fine hairs.


Is it painful for tattoo laser removal?


You may feel a mild discomfort as it mimics the sensation brought about by a hot pin repeatedly pricking the skin. Although many reported that it is more tolerable than the tattooing procedure itself. Black tattoo pigments absorb more laser energy that is why it is easiest to treat. Generally, you may need 5 to 10 sessions to remove black tattoos, but more treatment sessions may be needed for more complex colored tattoos.


Any side-effects?


Contrary to popular belief that laser treatments cause thinning of the skin, this skin technique does not.  It may sometimes elicit temporary mild redness and dryness, but these are natural skin reactions to heat and are normal.

Actually, it even improves skin elasticity as it induces collagen synthesis, leading to dermal layer thickness and skin collagen fiber density.


Things to do after treatment?

You may have to avoid the sun for a month, and use sunscreen of at least SPF25. Occasionally, the treated skin may feel dry, so do not skip moisturizer to soothe your skin.


Clara International Skin and Body are located in the following branches:


Sunshine Boulevard Plaza Unit 1 S 2nd floor, 1328 Quezon Ave cor. Scout Santiago, Quezon City

(+632) 374 61 54   |   (+632) 374 09 74


21 Eisenhower St., Greenhills, San Juan

(+632) 997 33 03



Facebook: ClaraSkinandBodyCentre

Drop by and book your appointments today! 😀


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7-Days to Forever:  Bride-to-Be Beauty Guide before the Wedding

Hi merfriends!

I know, I know! I was sooooo MIA the past month, and I’ve been really busy taking some time settling into married life. I don’t want to say adjust, because I am pretty comfortable with everybody in my new life right now, so that’s a wonderful bonus!

Now, with all the time that I’m gone, I believe I have quite left some piled blogwork to do. And since I’m still under the wedding high, expect to read tying-the-knot-kind of posts. Bear with me! Hehe :p Consider this an advance preview on what’s to come once it’s your turn to walk down the aisle!

Now with all the preparations and meetings and DIYs you have to make, it’s a little inevitable to feel stressed and rattled about the whole thing. And for me, mine took its toll when I developed some unwanted zits on my face. 😦

Not to mention I had to do last-minute beauty trips to the salon the night before my wedding!

So here are some of my tips to enjoy a beauty-blunder free self and ensure that beauty glow on your big day.

7 Days Before

Be religious in your skin care regimen. Do not be lazy in washing and moisturizing your face. I have tried Bellisima Egg White Skin Whitening Beauty Soap and it worked wonders for me.


It egg-citingly whitens and lightens skin. It removes dead skin cells and gives an immediate glow. This sweet egg-shaped beauty soap tightens skin, lifts face without redness, and helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles.


And it doesn’t hurt how fragrant it smelled! 😀 It also helped me dry up my pimples. I really noticed how soft my face turned after using it for a week.



You can see my little pimple lump on the right. It used to be bigger and more alive days before. Goodie this soap helped me tame it, and look dormant for my big day.

It’s the perfect beauty soap for a bride-to-be! And you can also Bellisima Egg White both for face and body. 🙂


6 Days Before

Decide your hairstyle and color. I realized that going out of the house to personally attend a beauty matter needs to be addressed first than those you can just do at home.


Since I had 3 bleaches already for 2017, and my then-fiance missed my brown hair, I decided to have an ombre. I picked a brown hue to mask my black roots and to do away with the bleaching and let my hair and scalp rest.


I totally felt like my old and current self, rolled into one – my old and new haircolor, together. 😀

5 Days Before

Exercise and run just to get the jitters out, and to detoxify. I personally haven’t done this because I was busy doing a lot of DIYs, but if I could do it all over again (or maybe I can, on our church wedding next year) I definitely would.

Or you could go to a spa instead. It’s nice to de-stress and rejuvenate. Your muscles are craving for that much awaiting massage and it’s going to be good for your circulation. And while you’re at it, it wouldn’t hurt to also avail a lavender or strawberry-flavored body scrub.

4 Days Before

This is something I haven’t done, but would definitely want to if time permitted or if I am not wearing my braces. You could go and have your teeth whitened for that beaming mega-watt smile that’s perfect for your wedding photos, and of course for your groom, – and guests. Haha 😀

I have seen so many prices offered by dental clinics and sessions can range from 7,000 to 21,000, depending on required sessions.

So go to your dentist and ask for this service. I would personally do this once my metal babies come off. Hopefully by 2019! 😀

3 Days Before

Get your underarms waxed. And whatever part you need to wax or threaded, just like your eyebrows. It’s another trip to the salon that you need to fulfil being the righteous and responsible bride you are. 😉

2 Days Before

Last trip to the salon, or you could just do this at the comforts of your home. Paint your nails. Just go with the simple and classy ones – French tip manicure, colorless, all-white or platinum. Skip the red and colorful ones.

I personally discourage nail art and bedazzled manicure because they look so messy and tacky for the occasion, and of course in the photos.

1 Day Before

Now that you are all ready, glammed up and pretty, you can now pause and breathe to write your vows.

Writing your vows on the day is also a cute thing to do, but trust me the jitters and the overwhelming nervousness may be too much to handle. Plus a lot of things can happen,a nd you might not be able to have a clear head to write them down.

So do yourself a favour, and your fiancé, write down your vows. When you’re relaxed, it’s easy to convey all your heart’s desires into writing. 😉

And on the day, just breathe. You’re going to get married to the man of your dreams, and the love of your life. What can go wrong? Just let go and enjoy each moment while it lasts.

Happy preps ladies, and advance best wishes!

Now a Mrs.,

Via Galang-Tancuan

Ready, Set, Glam!: Deets on this Weekend’s GLAMCON MNL 2018

Got any plans this weekend? This may be something you’ve probably been waiting for this whole January!

#everyBEAUTIFULbody is invited-01

The Glamcon MNL community celebrates beauty made even better through the power of makeup. Makeup and beauty enthusiasts are all invited to attend the biggest beauty party of 2018, Glamcon MNL 2018 to be held at the SMX Convention Center Aura on January 21, 2018.



We all know that beauty is found within, but a little lipstick and a swipe of mascara never hurt anyone!


Despite the many advances of society, wearing makeup remain as something a person turns to when trying to hide their imperfections. Though this is a big part of the reason why people wear makeup, we must also remember that makeup is used to bring out our best assets!

Glamcon MNL believes that there is no shame in putting on makeup. It is an art and a form of expression of one’s creativity. Anyone rocking a sharp wing liner or a natural looking drunk blush is just as beautiful as their barefaced self.

Moreover, Glamcon MNL wants to remind every Filipina —and Filipino, that there are no rules in wearing makeup, so feel free to explore and experiment with colors, shapes, and contour shades.

It does not matter whether you prefer a no-makeup makeup look or a full-on glam wear your look loud and proud!

The Makeup Lounge

No borders

Styluxe Salon and Paintbox Artistry have partnered with Glamcon MNL 2018 to give premium ticket holders a real treat: free hair and makeup makeover! Our premium makeup lounge is a haven of transformation for Queen and Diva ticket holders, Glamcon goers who want to look their best at Manila’s biggest beauty party!


The #GlamGala Stage

Aside from the opportunity to interact with the biggest and brightest stars of the beauty industry, Glamcon goers are in for a treat all thanks to the makeup gurus strut their stuff on the Glam Gala stage!

Learn about building your very own makeup kit from Ana Victorino in her Makeup 101 talk.

GlamCon Gurus

Jessica Godinez, together with Ciracle will be making sure that Glamcon goers know how to take good care of their skin during the Daily Skincare Routine segment.

Raiza Contawi will be combining fashion and makeup as she teaches us how to use makeup to complement our clothes in the Color Wheel segment.

Micah Munoz, Ronan Domingo, James Burn and a few more of our favorite boy friends, together with Cosrx, are going to lead the Men’s Skincare segment. Stacy and Dana Guttierez will show us that beauty knows no shape or size during their panel talk, Beauty on Our Terms.

No shape

Ning Tadena will be teaching Glamcon goers life hacks into becoming the best they can in Mindset Makeover: Unlock the Diva.

Isha Borromeo, Joyce Sola, Bing Castro, Kristine Roces, Kris Lumagui, and Nina Rayos will be leading the Power of Makeup panel talk.

No size

Host Say Tioco will make sure that the fun never stops through games in between each segment.

Riot Logic, Bea Lorenzo, Leanne and Naara, Coeli, Haru and Ysanygo will also be present to serenade Glamcon goers.



Glamcon goers are set to learn from the best as the Glam Gurus teach them some of their very own tips and tricks in glamming it up with makeup. The #GlamSchool is especially created to serve as a one-day makeup boot camp for everyone who wants to amp up their makeup game.

Ning Tadena will be showing everyone how to achieve that natural looking no-makeup look every girl needs to learn in the Bare Necessities segment.

Experience the magic of contour and highlight with Paintbox Artistry at the Makeup Plus segment.


Show off your proud morena skin in the Bronzed Babe tutorial by Jessica Godinez with Paprika Cosmetics.

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Learn all the eye makeup essentials from brows, to eyeliner, to blending your eyeshadow in the All About Eyes segment with Michelle Dy.

Stand out from the crowd with Hollywood Starlet makeup tutorial again with Paintbox Artistry. Show of your sexy side with the Valentine Vixen tutorial and strut your glam self with the Boss Lady tutorial to be led by Anne Clutz.


Did anyone say makeup and beauty goodies?

Glamcon MNL 2018 goers won’t be leaving the gathering empty-handed as leading makeup, skin, hair, and nail care brands join Manila’s biggest beauty party.

Get top-notch makeovers from Styluxe Salon & Makeup Studio. Add more colors to your look with Paprika Cosmetics’ beautiful eye shadows. Salon Vitales hair and makeup experts are going to make sure everyone is looking glam. While local skin care brand iWhite is sure to bring the best skincare products for the beautiful Filipina skin.  

EssLiv will make sure that Glamcon MNL goers get only the best skincare products by bringing one of Korea’s top skin care brand, Ciracle. Makeup Revolution will also make sure that our makeup looks are a hundred percent on point.

VMV Hypoallergenics is going to bring high-quality skincare products for all skin types. Meanwhile, the Skincare Curator will be bringing Cosrx and Neogen to the (makeup) table.

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Colourette Cosmetics will be showering participants with their fabulous lipstick shades. Inglot will also be making sure that attendees go home with something that would make them look on point on other special days after Glamcon.

Sip will be making sure that everyone stays hydrated all through the day, and Wit’s Sweets and Savouries will make sure that everyone has something delicious to snack on an entire day.


See you there merfriends! 🙂


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7 Korean Beauty Products You Haven’t Tried Yet But Should

2017 was such a big year for beauty experimentation, especially that I finally came to grips that I should not just know how to put on my own makeup, but also learn to use the right products.

I actually tried the best-sellers from household makeup brands, but to no avail, they seem not just to compliment my skin type.

For the record, my skin is regular to dry, with open pores and highly noticeable pimple marks. That is actually a big disadvantage for girls like me who have fair skin.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining, but this just goes to show that there is no perfect skin type. You just got to work on with what you have.

Consequently, I tried to rummage through my makeup kit to see which products I like the most, and which ones work best for my face. And the funny thing is, all of them are Korean brands!

Thus, giving me the idea to be nifty and share them all with you.

  1. The Chok Chock Green Tea Watery Mist

Brand: Tony Moly

This is my go-to moisturizer! After washing my face, I spray a generous amount before applying the primer. It contains 100% pure green tea ferment extract. Its hydrating skin care keeps my face fresh and soft. You can also use this after applying your makeup, or anytime you feel like it.

  1. Naturalth Goat Milk Pure CC Cream

Brand: Tony Moly

I generally use this when I just have to look natural, nothing too fancy; something that I will wear when I’m out with the family. It doesn’t give much coverage, although you’ll love its SPF30.


John is wearing Naturalth Goat Milk Pure CC Cream.

  1. I Love Mascara

Brand: Mumuso

This is such a steal! I was in a rush to buy a mascara because I have to use it right away. To my surprise, it actually works with my lashes really well. It doesn’t smudge easily and they really make my lashes look thicker than they actually are. I have mine for about 5 months already, and its consistency looks pretty much the same when I first bought it.

  1. BCDation Cream

Brand: Tony Moly

It’s actually a combination of BB, CC and DD Cream! Yeah! I also can’t believe myself when I knew that such a thing exists!

But I’m glad it did! I was actually using L’Oreal Infallible before.

It provided me good coverage, but there was just something about it that doesn’t sit well with my face. I guess its how it never blends well with my neck or the acidity of the product and my face are not just that compatible.


And so BCDation was my one-more-chance. Look at my face in this photo!

I love how it makes my face look so Korean, and how it doesn’t need powder to make it look unoily. Plus, the coverage is great!

I recommended it to a guy friend, and he was sold!

  1. Go Cover Concealer

Brand: Tony Moly

If you’re trying BCDation, I also highly suggest you get this concealer as well. I am feeling like they are partners. While the BCDation Cream gave me good coverage, this one sealed the deal.

The moment the lady in the store made me try this product, I was soooo kilig! They made my pimple mark so quiet, it didn’t seem like it was there at all!

I love how one tiny drop is already enough for your eyebags, and roughly about 4 more areas in your face that need concealing.

I bought one for my sister as a Christmas gift!

  1. Bubi Bubi Tint Balm

Brand: Lioele

This is the first product I tried for this Korean Brand. I got so curious because it’s one of the best sellers in Lazada. When I received the lippie, I knew why.

It’s a tinted lipbalm that really highlights and make your lips supple and kissable. I have chappy and pale looking lips, so this is perfect for me!

I can imagine it would also be wonderful for students!

Buy it here!

  1. Lip Color Stick

Brand: Lioele

You will be surprised how pigmented this lip crayon is! You don’t even need to swipe twice just to put some tint on your lips. It glides smoothly and leaves your lips ready for some styling.



My sister and I wearing the Rebecca- Cherry Red shade in different amounts of swipe! 🙂

I personally love gradient lips because it looks youthful and very innocent.

You can just put on the inner parts of your lips, and guide them away to the outer corners using your finger pad.

Plus, it’s also a 4-in-1 lippie! It’s pigmented as a lipstick, shines like a gloss, moisturizes like a lip balm, and lasts as a tint!

Buy it here! You can also check Lioele at their shop in Lazada!

This feels like a sequel from my recent Korean prenup-shoot post! Haha 🙂

So if you’re eyeing for some Korean products to try this new year, I highly recommend this list! And once you try them, can you please comment back or let me know?

I’m ecstatic to know how you’ll feel about them!

Enjoy, and always be beautiful merfriend! 😊


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