Versaheel on Tribe at Net 25

I got a call a week before that Tribe of Net 25 is interested to feature me and Versaheel on their show. I was shookt!

Things have been really wonderful for me ever since I appeared in News5 of TV5 and Pambansang Almusal of Net 25.

I got a lot of messages and inquiries. The attention was something I was hopeful, but not expecting. 

I mean, who am I anyway. I’m just a girl who loves shoes very much.


Anyway, I was frantic to find the perfect look for this interview since this is going to be shown on primetime. Plus, I was given some days to prepare.


Ms. Leyah Ortiz of Beauty Talks by Leyah was my hair and makeup artist that day. She was wonderful! It was the first time we worked together, and I was really swept-away on how she made me look like a mermaid.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

I mean, look at the hair! 😀

The shoot locations were set to be at our house, at the factory and Shoe Museum.

The crew of Tribe went to our residence at around 2PM. It was overwhelming honestly. Before I knew it, they started filming the shoes and took the liberty to set the lights and the cameras.


I was quite nervous at first because I don’t want to pain the crew with a lot of takes. I had to muster all the confidence and spontaneity in me, to do away with unnecessary cuts and second takes.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

The lights added more drama to the whole set up but wasn’t helpful enough in keeping me fresh. My face was sweating with all that heat! Hehe 😀

Our next location was the factory. I was excited to go there because it is going to be my first time to see the new collection too. Some were already formed, while others still needed more work. The patterns were beautiful as well! 😀

I still can’t believe these shoes are going to Tokyo next month! 🙂

You don’t know how much I want to share these new designs with you merfriends, but I guess we all have to wait after the fashion show! 🙂

My collaboration with Marco Not Polo is launching my shoe designing career to greater heights, and I am so humbled by the trust of Marco Not Polo and the opportunity given to me by Tribe.

We weren’t able to go to the shoe museum anymore, well maybe on the next Versaheel TV feature? Haha 🙂


Catch everything on September 24, Sunday in Tribe at Net 25 at 5PM! 😀

See youuuuuuuu! ❤

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Versaheel’s First Feature Interview on National TV

Once again, I’m trying to beat myself with my thoughts on the impossibility of blogging via smartphone.

And for another moment, I’m currently eating my own words for I am here at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, parasiting on their fast and generous wifi connection. 

I am ecstatic to come home yet a little jittery for I am about to jump into a whole new world.

I was at Siem Reap when my first national tv feature interview aired. Thank goodness for Facebook!

I was able to watch myself and hear how my little dream is blossoming.

Being interviewed  was surreal. I came from a talk and had to pick up the shoes. I arrived just in time and managed to do a little retouch.

My shoes were laid flat and Ms Laila Chikadora was wonderful enough to get to know me and how I started Versaheel first, before the actual shoot.

It was just like talking to a friend actually. I never felt I was speaking to a star reporter. She was so nice!

My heart leaped heights above when she said she loved the Snaky Reed Somerhalder I gave her.

This was why we mimicked this popular emoji pose! Hehe

I would like you to know that I am just an ordinary girl, who just envisions and works very hard for all of these things to happen. 

That is why I am extremely grateful for all of the opportunities and the people who are giving me a chance to show what I’m capable of.

After News5, I am set to have my first live interview for Pambansang Almusal in Net25. 

Catch me live merfriends (for real! Live na talaga OMG!) on Aug 14, 2017 Monday at 6AM.

I’m probably going to be super nerved not to stutter! Hehe Wish me luck! 😀

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Diana Cross Slip-ons for Versaheel

One of the best things I guess about being a blogger is that I have a platform to share the things I love, and hold dear.

Often times I get asked on why I never pursued my undergraduate course which is Nursing. I usually tell them that I tried to be a good daughter, and wanted to please my parents.

However, it is through Nursing that I was able to discover my love for shoes, to which little did I know will become a dream enterprise one day.

It is still a dream up to now, so I am trying my best to work on that. Especially that my late mother was part of making this come true.

So allow me to share with you the new comfortable flats we have at Versaheel. I call it “DIANA CROSS”. Obviously, because its straps are crossed! 😀 Haha

I usually play with names, and call my pairs after famous and talented women.
So for this design, we have Diana Ross.


I love how this photo of her looks chic and laid-back, something that any woman of any age can wear.
Processed with VSCO with h3 preset

Processed with VSCO with h3 preset

Processed with VSCO with h3 preset

We opted to use this sleek Betula material because they are very soft on the skin. They look really laid-back and are perfect for weekend hangouts with friends, chill shopping, and even during travels!

It kind of reminds me of Korean fashion too! 😀

Processed with VSCO with h3 preset

Processed with VSCO with h3 preset Processed with VSCO with h3 preset Processed with VSCO with h3 preset

I wore one myself when I had my salon treatment last week! 😀

Find more about my designs on Facebook and Instagram!

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7 Tips on How to Survive Your First Photoshoot

About a week ago, I had my first legit photoshoot for my brand, Versaheel. It felt surreal really! I didn’t know what I was doing half the time, considering I really don’t have any background on posing in a studio, or a strong experience in striking poses with a lot of people staring at you.

Via Galang shoes 1

“Who is this girl? “Why is her hair orange?”

Via Galang Shoe Designer 1Via Galang Shoe Designer 2

But I survived it! I mean them! I had a 2-day photoshoot, and they were magnificent!

I know, I started selling shoes way back 2009, with only a 2-megapixel camera phone and my too-tired set of feet from long hours of standing in nursing duties, I brave the traffic and sometimes rainy weather to go to the Marikina Market, and take photos of newly delivered shoes!

Via Galang 5

It felt like a real treat for me! I remember dreaming for hours to pass by until dismissal so I can quickly pack my bags and head home, and oh, make a not-so-quick stop from my kind suppliers! 😀

There were also times when I console myself by cheating a self-promised 30-minute Multiply (the social media giant that time, Facebook wasn’t popular yet) posting and selling just so my wits will wake up amidst studying for the finals. The 30 minutes usually turn to 3 hours. 😀

Via Galang 3

Fast forward to now, I have a studio, an outdoor venue, photographers, makeup artist, and a publicist! I could have never imagined these things when I was only 20 years old!

So if you’re a teenager, a 20-ish person, or someone who has a lot of dreams, never let those go! You’ll never know the world is actually watching you, and someday it will be ready to launch you.

I’m not a pro on this, but just in case this may come in handy, I’ll tell you things I learned on how to survive your first photoshoot.

Via Galang 8

  1. Sleep early and arrive early.

This helps so much to ease away the appearance of the dark circles under your eyes. It’s also good to arrive early so that you can have a lot of time for your hair and makeup, consequently more time for the photoshoot itself!



More time could also mean more photos! It also buys you time for changing and retouch!

Via Galang

  1. Hydrate yourself.

This is quite a problem, especially that I don’t fair well with the water department. If you’re not hydrated enough, your lips will be chappy! This doesn’t look nice, especially on headshots and closeups!

Versaheel in Marikina

  1. Know your angles.

I have quite a pudgy face, and I know my right cheek is extra plumpy than the other side. So I could say right sideways is my best angle! Practice in a mirror so that you would know!

Hey, don’t stress too much! No one is that perfect! Every picture-perfect model also knows how to look best on camera, and we should too!

Via Galang shoes

  1. Have a concept in mind.

What are you trying to highlight? Is it your hair, your makeup, your outfit, your shoes? Know the goal of this shoot so you could also prepare!

Most high-end shoots will probably take care of everything – the clothes, shoes, jewelry and other accessories. But while you have a say on how you will look, it’s better to be vigilant on the things you bring on the set.

Versaheel in Marikina

For example, I am promoting my shoes, so I have to downplay my dress, by sticking to plains and basic colors, and let my shoes shine! You don’t want to distract your audience by looking at the other things in the photo you are not even meant to advertise!

  1. Be nice to everybody.

I think this is such an obvious thing, but we’d like to keep a happy and nice environment, no matter how pressured you are. I mean if you need help with getting some BTS photos or some extra hand to zip your dress, and the people around are not compelled to even do these for you; you’ll get extra mileage and points by being nice and hopefully (and naturally) these people can extend a hand to do your little requests.

Via Galang 4

  1. Close your eyes. Open them. Smile/Radiate the aura.

There are times when you are so tired already, your smile turns into a fake smile, worst a frown. The easy refresh button technique that I learned is to relax your mouth, close your eyes, and then pop! You will look natural again!

Via Galang

As what Tyra Banks also said, “SMIZE!” Smile with your eyes!

And it also helps to uplift your spirits, even if it has to be on your own! I mean you’re the model, you should do your job! 😀

Via Galang h

  1. Have fun.

And the best advice is to have fun, and just enjoy it!

It’s not everyday you don’t have to ask someone to take a photo of you and hopefully, they get the right frame and angle. I mean you’re dealing with professional photographers here, and it’s such a wonder to not instruct them on how you’d like the photo to turn out.

Plus, your next Instagram photo will not be a selfie! Yay!

Versaheel in Marikina

Via Galang 4

I hope you learned a thing or two on this! I did too! And I am extremely grateful for all the people who have helped me make this photoshoot into a reality! These photos were released in an article about my story on how I started as a shoe designer. You can read that in The Story of a Dreamer : Via Galang.

As for this photoshoot, big applauses to these awesome people!

Hair and Make Up: Alvicel Cee of Alluring Vison by Cel

Studio: MeMo Photography Studio

Studio Photography: Evan Mogol Photography

Versaheel Photo shoot 1Versaheel Photo shoot

Outdoor Photography: Elvie Manlulu of Rugged Pixie

Outdoor Photography: Tobi Cabrera of Funkadelic


Publicist: Blog Talk with MJ Racadio

Published Article Writer: Viva Alvaro-Galvez

And of course, my darling fiancé for being my driver that day, forever BTS photographer, sometimes my critic, and always my number one fan!

If you were to have your first photoshoot, what will it be about? Let me know! 😀

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My Sinister and Wicked Tendencies On Shoes

Roll call. How many of you are self-confessed shoe-o-holics?


Of course my hand is already up in the air mid-question!

How many shoes do you have? Can you even count them? If your answer is “No”, congratulations! You truly are a shoe-o-holic!

To keep the momentum extra high, I’m following up my first shoe story, or should I say SHOErt story with a second one. 😀


I wasn’t planning to buy anything that day. I just wandered into H&M aimlessly. You know how it lures us with those big red posters of theirs, with letters S-A-L-E plastered on them. They have magnetizing powers, so it seems!

Of course, the shoe section greeted me happily and invited me over! Who am I to resist. They are all so beautiful and welcoming! And then, some-shoe said “hi!”


This beautiful pair was perked quietly on the lower shelves. Since it’s in plum color. I repeat, PLUM! I thought, what better way to unveil my inner wicked and sinister tendencies, (apart from plum lipshades) than through shoes! They are the periods in every fashion statement anyway!

The big and final decision to buy came, when it was the last size 7 in stock. I mean, it happens all the time! Why do I always get the last pair! But, seriously no complaints here!


Brand: H & M

Where I Got It : H&M Robinson’s Magnolia

Original Price : P1,999.00

My Steal: P999

Shoe type: PeepToe D’Orsays

Material : Suede

Heel height: 3 inches

Design: 8/10

It looks simple, and very 1950’s, very vintage. But the color added a modern take to it.

Comfort Ratio: 9/10

Surprisingly, they are as comfy as flats! I mean I used this pair one time to an event in Makati, and I came from San Juan, mind you, and I never felt the nerve to switch into flats. I could have sworn not to bring that extra bag. After all, I survived by just donning these!

Versatility Ratio: 8/10

Since plum is so dark as the soul of the black color, it can literally be worn mostly with anything!

Best worn with:

Vintage dresses, with skirts ending above the knee. This design comes with ankle loops, thereby cutting your legs, in extension your height. You will look short when you pair shoes with ankle loops with midi or below-the-knee skirts.

Value for Money: 8/10

With its comfortable insoles and feel, this pair gets a high 8. Although, I could wish I got it for a lower price too. Frugal me!


I am excited to exchange SHOErt Stories with you my dear merfriends! What’s your latest buy? Tag me in IG @encyclopevia and let me see!


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New Shoes Heal Broken Hearts


New shoes heal broken hearts.

We often hear the quote “Good shoes take you to good places.” But I’d also like to say that “New shoes heal broken hearts.”; like a new found love.

There was actually a time when new pairs made me feel better after a broken heart. I mean it sounds way too materialistic but fellow shoe-o-holics understand…right? Laying your eyes for the first time on a pair of shoes you never thought you’ll find is literally love at first sight. You don’t know yet how it will make you feel once you wear it, comfortable or not, but who cares, you have just seen the most beautiful man-made creation ever. And nothing matters.


But of course, you got attracted to it first, but once your feet touch the sole, and for one fleeting moment you know it’s just meant to be! You were bound to be astray in this store, and it will make you feel lost, and found at the same time! Your heart can’t just stop beating, and you know deep down, you deserve these. You even have an outfit in mind! 😀

So, my fellow merfriends, I would like to share a special spot in my blog about the lovely shoes that I wear to work, to parties, to speaking engagements, to events, and to my literally aimless wandering in the beautiful places of the world.

And for my first shoe post, please applaud my sturdy splatter shoes from Janylin.

I actually first saw this shoe design last June 2012, but was a bit hesitant to buy it, since it was a bit too much for my paycheck at that time. Months after, I saw them again on sale! Size 6 was on display, and I had a hunch that it may be the last one because of its astonishing price of 299! To my good fortune, the saleslady said both colors were available for my size, which is 7! Without further ado, I asked her to get them for me for there was no way these shoes will not carry my feet. I was jumping with joy!

Good gracious, to think that I was in the store because we were supposed to buy new school shoes for my sister! Haha My family was actually in shock when I came up to them with 2 bags, to think that my dad only gave me 500 to get myself something. Nauna pa raw ako makahanap!

Oh well, when it comes to shoes, you have to be aggressive! And if the shoe fits, buy it in every color! It was a bit sad that the other variant wasn’t available anymore. There was actually a rainbow splatter variant.

Brand: Janylin Shoes

Where I Got Them: Sta. Lucia Department Store

Original Price : P1,799.00 (a pair)

My Steal: P299.. each

Shoe type: Platform Pumps

Material: Faux Leather

Heel height: 4.5 inches

Design: 10/10

It’s perfect for my life! I can always repeat and mismatch plain clothes; give them extra oomph by just wearing these statement heels, and voila, my #ootd is saved! Thanks to my Janylin splatter heels!

Comfort Ratio: 7/10

They feel nice on the feet. The sturdy heels (not to mention the design) are good enough to carry your weight, although when they were new I still have to put some shoe gels to protect the skin over my calcaneal tendon, to prevent it from developing blisters.

Comfort Duration: I use this for training and I can withstand wearing it for 3 hours straight; then I switch back to flats for 1.5 hours, then wear them again for another 3 hours.

Versatility Ratio: 6/10

The shoes are a show-stopper in itself, so I try to wear them with less loud clothes such as plains and monochromatic pieces. But apart from that, I can wear them with anything as long as its Black/White and Blue/Green/White!

Best worn with: Black and Whites, Blue and Greens, Jeans, and Dresses

Value for Money: 10/10 !

I got them on sale, and at 83% off to boot! And with THIS design, what more can I ask for? Thank you shoe goddess!



Perhaps this is my most successful bargain for platform heels yet! What do you think? Do you also have the same shoe story? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

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