7 Korean Beauty Products You Haven’t Tried Yet But Should

2017 was such a big year for beauty experimentation, especially that I finally came to grips that I should not just know how to put on my own makeup, but also learn to use the right products.

I actually tried the best-sellers from household makeup brands, but to no avail, they seem not just to compliment my skin type.

For the record, my skin is regular to dry, with open pores and highly noticeable pimple marks. That is actually a big disadvantage for girls like me who have fair skin.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining, but this just goes to show that there is no perfect skin type. You just got to work on with what you have.

Consequently, I tried to rummage through my makeup kit to see which products I like the most, and which ones work best for my face. And the funny thing is, all of them are Korean brands!

Thus, giving me the idea to be nifty and share them all with you.

  1. The Chok Chock Green Tea Watery Mist

Brand: Tony Moly

This is my go-to moisturizer! After washing my face, I spray a generous amount before applying the primer. It contains 100% pure green tea ferment extract. Its hydrating skin care keeps my face fresh and soft. You can also use this after applying your makeup, or anytime you feel like it.

  1. Naturalth Goat Milk Pure CC Cream

Brand: Tony Moly

I generally use this when I just have to look natural, nothing too fancy; something that I will wear when I’m out with the family. It doesn’t give much coverage, although you’ll love its SPF30.


John is wearing Naturalth Goat Milk Pure CC Cream.

  1. I Love Mascara

Brand: Mumuso

This is such a steal! I was in a rush to buy a mascara because I have to use it right away. To my surprise, it actually works with my lashes really well. It doesn’t smudge easily and they really make my lashes look thicker than they actually are. I have mine for about 5 months already, and its consistency looks pretty much the same when I first bought it.

  1. BCDation Cream

Brand: Tony Moly

It’s actually a combination of BB, CC and DD Cream! Yeah! I also can’t believe myself when I knew that such a thing exists!

But I’m glad it did! I was actually using L’Oreal Infallible before.

It provided me good coverage, but there was just something about it that doesn’t sit well with my face. I guess its how it never blends well with my neck or the acidity of the product and my face are not just that compatible.


And so BCDation was my one-more-chance. Look at my face in this photo!

I love how it makes my face look so Korean, and how it doesn’t need powder to make it look unoily. Plus, the coverage is great!

I recommended it to a guy friend, and he was sold!

  1. Go Cover Concealer

Brand: Tony Moly

If you’re trying BCDation, I also highly suggest you get this concealer as well. I am feeling like they are partners. While the BCDation Cream gave me good coverage, this one sealed the deal.

The moment the lady in the store made me try this product, I was soooo kilig! They made my pimple mark so quiet, it didn’t seem like it was there at all!

I love how one tiny drop is already enough for your eyebags, and roughly about 4 more areas in your face that need concealing.

I bought one for my sister as a Christmas gift!

  1. Bubi Bubi Tint Balm

Brand: Lioele

This is the first product I tried for this Korean Brand. I got so curious because it’s one of the best sellers in Lazada. When I received the lippie, I knew why.

It’s a tinted lipbalm that really highlights and make your lips supple and kissable. I have chappy and pale looking lips, so this is perfect for me!

I can imagine it would also be wonderful for students!

Buy it here!

  1. Lip Color Stick

Brand: Lioele

You will be surprised how pigmented this lip crayon is! You don’t even need to swipe twice just to put some tint on your lips. It glides smoothly and leaves your lips ready for some styling.



My sister and I wearing the Rebecca- Cherry Red shade in different amounts of swipe! 🙂

I personally love gradient lips because it looks youthful and very innocent.

You can just put on the inner parts of your lips, and guide them away to the outer corners using your finger pad.

Plus, it’s also a 4-in-1 lippie! It’s pigmented as a lipstick, shines like a gloss, moisturizes like a lip balm, and lasts as a tint!

Buy it here! You can also check Lioele at their shop in Lazada!

This feels like a sequel from my recent Korean prenup-shoot post! Haha 🙂

So if you’re eyeing for some Korean products to try this new year, I highly recommend this list! And once you try them, can you please comment back or let me know?

I’m ecstatic to know how you’ll feel about them!

Enjoy, and always be beautiful merfriend! 😊


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How to Achieve Your Korean Drama-Inspired Prenup Photoshoot

One of the best things about pulling off a Kdrama-inspired photoshoot is that it is sooo affordable!

If you’re a budgetarian bride like me, you would agree that shooting indoors saves you much more money than its other contemporaries.


With only 28 days for my civil wedding preparation, I knew I had to cut costs, let go the unnecessaries and focus more on the essentials.

While a prenup photoshoot may be unnecessary, I still tried and convinced my then-fiance into having one. I just think it would be a good keepsake for us as we embark on this new chapter of our lives.


He just said I have to source suppliers that are within our budget. So, being the matyaga and kuripot that I am, I was in no way letting my talent go to waste in finding the perfect wedding suppliers.


It was also a good bait to tell John that I was planning to have a K-drama-inspired prenup! He is such a HUGE fan! Oh my, huge may even be an understatement! But nevertheless, this seemingly-too-much-information can be the main reason why my prenup dreams are finally coming true!


So here are my tips and tricks on how you can achieve yours too!

  1. Indoor Venue

The good thing about this K-drama concept is that you don’t need an extravagant place to shoot! All you need is good lighting and soft color tones as your background.

You can even just rent an Airbnb! 🙂


Ours was Maison Soleil in One Castilla Place. Peso Power:  P3,769.34

We were eyeing some good places as well, but our deciding factors were the price and the number of hours. As we would like to shoot more and be carefree with our poses, we didn’t want to be pained and rushed to the shoot with the limited time.


Plus, the condo unit was such a convenience, because we had an instant dressing room already! 🙂

  1. Natural Korean Makeup

Since I was on a budget, I didn’t hire a professional makeup artist anymore. I found a nearby salon who was willing to do my hair makeup for only P1,000 .

I wasn’t expecting much since I do not need a super bonggang ayos. I instructed them to just make me look more like that of a Korean.


I believe this is very crucial, especially if your Photo and Video team will also shoot for a Save-the-date video. I have seen Korean-inspired shoots that failed a notch lower because their makeup looked very Western.


So just keep it clean, vibrant and youthful! Your beau may just even need a CC cream! 😊

  1. Matching Clothes

Pinterest is my bestfriend ever since I have been introduced to wedding planning. It’s so addicting, nakakapuyat! I have seen that Korean couples love matchy-matchy outfits, and sooooo… 😝


We bought our grey sweaters from Uniqlo, and the colorful unicorn ones from H&M.

Since a pair of white rubber shoes is such a staple, and I happen to not own one  – I was just lucky enough to score a pair in Surplus Shop in SM North EDSA.



Peso Power:  P499 (I know, such a steal!)

  1. Spontaneous and Quirky Poses

I believe the key to happy and vibrant photos are the good subject themselves. The photographers can only do so much, but it is the couple’s duty to look and appear enticing in the first place.


Aside from well-researched couple poses, I believe these will come out naturally given that each person loves the other so much, and nobody would be feeling awkward towards the other anytime in the shoot unless they had a fight prior.. which I hope would never happen.



You can usually just do your actual lambingan, tickling, smelling each other in weird places like the armpits or something. You can be crazy and fun! The rule here is to not be boring, and just be all pa-cute!


Haha It really helps if you practice. Play some Korean or happy music to get you in the mood! 😀


  1. A Good and Reliable Photo and Video Team

I was nearly hopeless about pushing an engagement shoot because I do not really know anyone who can pull off what I want with the budget I have.

But my prayers were answered, and I found Grid Studio! Contact No: 0906 617 2099

Peso Power: P12,500 (Originally P16,000)

Inclusions: Prenup Shoot, Save-the-Date video, Photo Coverage and Wedding Highlights


I was sooooo shocked when they gave me their rates, and I had an additional 30% discount because my civil wedding will fall on a weekday!

They didn’t even charge me an out-of-town-fee, considering our shoot and wedding venue is in Quezon City, considering they are from Laguna. 🙂



Talk about destiny and stars aligning to make my prenup dreams come true!


I was just thinking of having decent photos in our wedding, nothing too stellar, because I know the price I’m paying for. But I was totally stunned with how good their editing was, and how they were able to capture the candid and lively tomfoolery John and I were doing during the shoot.

I also specifically instructed to use a dreamy and whimsical filter to suit the mood. 😉 And oh boy, how they did not disappoint!


I can say we got more than what we paid for.

The team just got this talent and pure eye for detail. And I’m so grateful I stumbled upon Grid Studio’s page.


So here are my five tips and tricks into achieving that Korean Drama- Inspired Photoshoot! I hope you learned a thing or two to get ready and say Saranghae to your Oppa in your photos!


Kamsahamnida! 🙂


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My Korean Facial Therapy Experience at O2 Laser Skin Center


I have always admired Koreans’ skin. They are poreless, youthful, and undoubtedly flawless! 🙂

It is no wonder that most of the skincare products I use are made from their country. And Korean skin clinics and salons have already established themselves as a credible skincare and beauty provider.

That is why I was soooo stoked when I was invited to try O2 Korean Facial Therapy! 😀


Their signature facial is a therapeutic treatment formulated to deeply cleanse, rejuvenate and hydrate leaving you a more radiant and revitalized skin.

This 90 minutes facial therapy comes with a relaxing and firming face and shoulder massage which reinvigorates the skin and relieves stress.

Perfect for people who want to be refreshed and relaxed at the same time, just like me!


This should be exciting because the last facial treatment I had was almost 7 years ago! Haha 😛 I was just so scared that these treatments will cause more damage than good! But my braveheart and beauty instinct told me that this is something I shouldn’t miss!

So here are the things you should expect when you have your O2 Korean Facial Therapy:

1st Step: Cleanse.

Cleansing the face with their Cleansing Milk and Cleansing Gel. This step will involve removal of makeup (if patient has any on) and dirt from the environment.


2nd Step: Scrubber.

Using a machine, they will scrub off deep seated dirt for a more thorough cleansing.


3rd Step: Ultrasonic.

Using a special gel, a flat device emitting heat is made to go around the whole face. This helps open and soften the pores to prepare it for extraction.

I was so used with overhead steam in opening pores to allow impurities’ extraction. so this was new to me. Or am I too outdated already after my 7-year hiatus from facial treatments?

Nevertheless, I was advised that the ultrasonic machine is more upscale and healthier for the skin!


4th Step: Extraction/Pricking of Whiteheads, Blackheads, Pimples.

Now, this is the one I was dreading! As I made my way to the clinic, I was so oblivious that this is part of what’s going to happen to me that day!

I mean, I had facials before but I was only thinking that today’s treatment was more of like a cream-spreading activity only, and no pricking!

I was a bit anxious because a friend actually had a bad experience with one skin salon, and I don’t want my skin to have accidental dents like she had!




Surprisingly, they weren’t that painful! And I didn’t shed a tear! My facial therapist was really good, and she’s very careful and strategizes effectively to ease the pain whenever she attempts to stick the needle!


5th Step: Destressing.

This is done through a relaxing face, shoulder and back massage using their special Korean massage oil for 10-15 minutes.

I know, this is a skin care salon, but you have to give them additional brownie points for giving a rejuvenating massage! As in, super narelax talaga ako!

I know I was drifting to sleep already!


6th Step: Antioxidant Infusion.

Using another machine, they infused a high-end Vitamin C from Korea which helps lighten the skin as well as slow down the aging process. In this treatment, you will feel a mild stinging sensation, especially in the bony areas. This is the machine infusing the Vitamin C inside your skin.


I felt the tinge and electrifying sensation, but nothing to worry! It was too mild, you’ll only feel a tickle!

7th Step: Calming and Anti aging.

Cold Collagen mask is applied and left on the face for 10-15 minutes. This is another anti-aging procedure and the cool sensation of the mask will help reduce the redness from the extraction done prior.


I know, I look like a mummy! Haha 😀 But as claustrophobic it may seem, it is my favorite part! I can really feel the rich mask seeping down my skin to make it look healthier and more radiant!

8th Step: Removal of mask and application of Moisturizer and Sun protection Korean creams.

This procedure settled everything, and I was happy they already put sunblock, because I will be going to another event after.


A nice selfie with Dr. Cherry Ann Co, the Resident Dermatologist sealed this great deal! I even had the most opportune moment to consult her about my skin dilemmas! Thank you so much for being gracious and patient with my questions! 😀


I’ve been trying their Cleansing Milk, Moisturizing Toner and Sunblock for almost a month now! 🙂 And my skin feels more youthful everyday! 😀

This beautiful change is a kickstart into my journey of achieving a smoother, healthier and more radiant skin!

I will definitely come back for my next session! 🙂 Can you believe that this amazing treatment only costs P1,200? It’s super sulit, and totally worth it! No need for you to fly to Korea just to experience Korean skin care! 🙂

You may visit them at Ground Unit A, Waypoint Building, 4 Bayani Road, AFPOVAI
Taguig 1634.

Contact details:
0920-836-1132 / 0928-874-0580 / (02) 512-8315


I highly recommend their services! So go and book an appointment today!

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How Eastwood’s Soban K-Town Grill Turned Me into a Korean Food Fan

I hate spicy food. Or spicy food hates me. Either way, we don’t click together. Little did I know that Soban K-Town Grill will change all of that.


When I learned that Team Aldous is about to dine in a Korean restaurant, I was a little nonchalant for I know this may not be for me – if only I knew how wrong I was. 😀

I was actually surprised that the restaurant was so full that Thursday night. There were people outside, waiting in queue for table availability, and I was lucky to be in a group that’s already there. Our tables were full by the time I arrived.  And was too excited, at the same time guarded, on which one to try first.


The restaurant has a modern industrial feel to its design. The mismatched chairs sure were a delight as they connote youthfulness, adventure and excitement. There were also pans on select tables wherein you can fry and cook your own dishes. There were also exhaust shafts prodded at the ceiling to help maintain the entire room’s freshness and cool temperature.


I must say their staff are well-trained and very accommodating. They assisted me to my table and asked me about the drinks I wanted to try, and even recommended what they think would be complementing on the menu we’ll be served that night. I am actually in awe on how much knowledge they have on the dishes. Everything seemed so foreign.


Japchae – Stir-fried Korean Vermicelli noodles with assorted fresh vegetables


Korean Tacos or K-Tacos – Soft tacos made with fresh lettuce, kimchi, sour cream, cheese, and your choice of K-BBQ meat (beef, pork, chicken)



Kimchi Rice – For not fans of spicy food, you may need an extra glass of cold water for this. Or make that a pitcher! Am I just to overreacting? Well, this was extra overwhelming for me, but despite the discomfort, I still managed to finish my bowl. Haha 🙂 It was all worth it for the spice.


Kimchi Fries – French fries smothered with cheese, roasted pork bits and kimchi

I was shocked how I was able to tolerate the spicy taste, because they are actually good! I bet, you wouldn’t enjoy this without that extra hotness. The combination of the flavors were perfect in every way!




Radish cake


I actually had fun cooking on our table. Considering that I am not a kitchen person, this totally allowed me to appreciate food preparation, plus that extra bonding I shared with the other bloggers as we laid our beef slices on the pan. They were extra tasty by the way, no wonder they go really well with the rice.




Soban K-Town Grill offer flavorful and succulent servings of pork (samgyupsal) and chicken (dak galbi), all for you to to cook and devour!


Together with Mr. Sung Rah, Sariwon Korean Barbecue’s award-winning restaurateur from Seoul and the Happyfoods Group behind Sariwon Philippines, the first Soban K-Town Grill branch was finally brought to the Philippine shores. The owners-slash-sisters of the restaurant were present and were sweet enough for a little chitchat. It turns out that this is their third food joint in Manila, following their successful fleet on Sariwon Korean Barbecue. I really admire women entrepreneours. Everything about them just speaks about jeering strategy, independence, empowerment and innovation.


(From L to R: Dorothy Tan-Dee, Donna Tan-Ng, Me!, Diana Tan-David)

Travelling in Seoul, South Korea and their love for Korean food inspired them to open this wonderful food joint, hoping to share these delectable and gastronomic food fare with the rest who share the same sentiment, and hopefully encounter converts along the way. I must say that I am one of those who were along the way.



Feeling so cool with my Team Aldous hoodie, from Team Aldous merch! You can actually order your own, and all proceeds will go to charity! Just send us a message at Team Aldous!


It was such a great experience because I got to see Lou again! We met in one event, and have been friends ever since ! Always a pleasure to hang and chitchat with this lovely lady!




Mine says, THE VOLATILE VIXEN. How sexy can you get? Haha 😀


I must say that I am a Korean food fan now! Korean food really tastes delicious, especially when you share it with family, friends and/or lovedones. Soban’s modern take on food preparation coupled with innovating simple dishes into amazing palate-ticklers are sure proof to keep clients coming back for more.

Sleek place, great food (not to mention affordable) await you all! Truly, they will take any foodie’s Korean dining hopes up a notch. and Soban K-town Grill is always ready to deliver and not disappoint.

Visit them at Soban K-Town Grill, 2/F Eastwood Mall, Eastwood, Quezon City, Metro Manila,

02 441 8460, 0995 135 8453 , www.facebook.com/Soban.KTown


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7 Things to Know Before Watching Train to Busan

Train to Busan is just another zombie movie. Wrong! Please insert “not” before “another”. You can actually say that it’s a zombie movie, with a heart.


Last holiday, I watched Train to Busan with my family. I was not looking forward to it actually because I am not really a fan of science fiction or zombie films, more so the nerve to watch the gore. (How unusual, knowing that I am a nurse too!)

Anyway, the rave is true. If you have been hearing so many good reviews about it, maybe it is true! And I am telling you right now, that they are! Whether you are a zombie-movie fan or not, this film will definitely tug at your heartstrings! Not in a cheesy kind of way, but something that is way much deeper than the love-sappy-whirlwhind we’ve all been fed up with.

I don’t want to spoil you, especially if you’re planning to watch it after reading this. But to make your movie watching truly nerve-wracking and satisfying, here are some reminders to make the most out of this intense zombiexperience:


  1. Watch it in the cinema. Please.

I highly recommend you watching this in the cinema. Keeping yourself surrounded with fellow thrill-chasers will double the heart-stopping experience and will make you feel as though you are in a zombie roller-coaster ride. No towering and fearful heights, or up and down slopes, just pure visual entertainment that will send your heart out of your heavy breathing chest. Screaming in chorus is just too priceless not to be subjected to. OMG. Why do I feel I suddenly sounded like a masochist? ;P


2.Do not watch it alone.

I mean, it’s still better to share a movie with another living person, apart from yourself. The jeering sound of zombie attacks, the millisecond save before that infectious bite, the looks of love between husband and wife, and the unwavering desire to keep your child safe – are just some of the highlights on why this is not your typical zombie movie. Discussing this with a known reciprocity will make you appreciate it more. It’s a lot less lonely than processing it on your own. (Sorry, this is too subjective. Haha I like discussing movies after watching. I even remember lines if they are too beautiful to forget.)


3. Do check your blood pressure.

Are you even fit to watch this? Well, not to be all health-preachy or anything, but I experienced considerable instances of tachycardia (increased heart rate). I mean in the most literal sense. Seriously, check yours. Because I am not joking when I say you have to be careful, because it will really send your heart out of that chest. Just remind yourself, it is just a movie. It is JUST a movie. And you’re not in Korea. Haha 😀 Hope that helps! Or maybe not? The movie’s palpable intensity is so devouring. I actually won’t be surprised if it becomes a game anytime soon!


4. Bring a handkerchief or tissue.

For those who are easily touched by moving lines, wonderful cinematography, and loud silence, be prepared. I actually thought there will be no crying scenes that day, because for Pete’s sake (whoever Pete is), it IS a zombie movie! Who cries in zombie movies? Haha 😀 Well, I can honestly say, it’s not me, it’s it. And yes, finding this out adds another reason on why you have to leave now and go to the nearest movie house, and buy that ticket!


5. Do not go to the washroom while the movie is on-going. Do not even blink.

Train to Busan is just too epic of a movie for you not to watch the whole 1:57:++ hours of it. The characters are all speaking in Korean, so gluing your eyes to the screen is a must for you to read the subtitles and understand. Not to mention that you might miss how the husband looked at his wife, and bid his last goodbye and still smiled, seconds away from his death. Or that sisterly and loving look towards one who was just as happy to finally realize that they are both still alive, only to be bitten moments after. I mean, there are scenes that are too distinct. Too raw. Too human. Oh my, did I just spoil? :O


  1. Give this movie a chance.

The movie may start like everything is under control, and the feel of the setting may appear too good and placid to be invaded by infected humans, but believe me, things will start to get more interesting once it hits its first ten minutes. Take note, first TEN minutes.


  1. Realize that you’re human and it’s still a fiction. For now.

Actually, I am not opting to sound like a movie critic, but if I can sum it up, with all the zombie-themed movies I have watched, this is perhaps the most realistic and the most compelling film ever. It was made beautifully, and focused not on the gore or horrendous parts, but rather on our humanistic nature. I mean, what are you going to do when a zombie apocalypse happens? I mean, that “For now.” attribute in my #7 title is just to add a little bit of a drama. But hey, the way the film Train to Busan was created felt like it is not close to impossible. There were no magical potions concocted, but just some toxic waste that apparently turns infected hosts to monsters. Oh well, I might be getting too overwhelmed, but one thing’s for sure. You cannot, in any way possible, miss this movie.

It’s bound to rivet your mystical and objective thoughts and make you question – “how can you protect yourself, from yourself.”

Train to Busan is still showing! See schedule in ClickTheCity !

Have you watched it? Or are you planning to? Lets chat about it in the comments! 😀


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