Glupa Women’s Club On Expanding Each Other’s Queendom


I have always been a great supporter of women empowerment, and character development. I strongly believe that being a woman is strength in itself.

We have grown so much from the primitive beliefs that women are just born to take care of their children, and stay at home to manage a household. Over the years, we have already been recognized as a strong and essential contributor to the society’s integrity and continuous progress. That is why whenever I hear new stories about women taking over the world, I feel overjoyed and enriched with pride.


Flannery O’Connor, an esteemed American writer, and essayist once wrote a short story entitled

“Everything that Rises Must Converge.” It is a story reflective of the current issues during that time. It was written when innovation was a new concept, not every American was willing to accept. The story is about transcending the societal norms, veering away from traditions, expectations, pretensions, prejudices and the realization of what change can bring.

The title of the story was actually taken from a quote by French Philosopher and Jesuit priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. He wrote, “Remain true to yourself, but move ever upward toward greater consciousness and greater love!

At the summit, you will find yourselves united with all those who, from every direction, have made the same ascent. For everything that rises must converge.”

That is why it is so timely and unshocking to realize that a successful and inspiring woman is rising above the challenge and spearheading a breakthrough once again.

Age Defying Solutions founder and CEO Aiza Diuco strongly adhere to the belief that women should help each other rise by a cumulative effort of sharing their knowledge, perspective and skills to uplift better chances for every woman’s brighter future.


She recently founded The Glupa Women’s Club, a club by women for women.

The young CEO will commence the club’s vision and purpose by holding a series of activities, including talks and workshops aiming to empower women and hone their skills as a vital member of the society.

She sees that this club can pave the way into returning her gratitude to the community that has helped her achieve her success.

Ms. Diuco also had her share of failures and hardships. She was not perfect. She remembers how much struggle she had to endure when she started in the beauty industry. She had to give up the comfortable lifestyle she grew up with, and fix the shattered pieces of her life as she went on to pursue her dreams.


Ms. Diuco is grateful for her education, and experiences. She used these couple with her love for research in starting her own business.

There were some critics along the way that she had to deal with since they were extra haughty to discern that she only owes her achievements from her rich family. While she is grateful to her family, she has never forgotten the value of labor and not giving up.

Nevertheless, despite the criticism and bumps along the way, Ms. Duico can still stand up tall, with her head held high, knowing that Age Defying Solutions company is the product of all her hard work and the things she did to make her company grow.

Her business started from the backyard which has grown enormously over the years. She will always be grateful to good leadership and the best people she has worked with.

I truly admire people like her. While her story may not be rare, she is another living example that success is possible, that dreams do come true – if you strongly put your heart into it, and it knows no gender either!



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Joining Whisper Curvalicious Movement with Nadine Lustre

Fierce, fearless and positively bold – three adjectives that perfectly define the multi-talented star Nadine Lustre as she lead the Whisper Curvalicious Coming Out Party!

Nadine Lustre for Whisper

Photo: Whisper Philippines

True to its brand promise, Whisper celebrates women empowerment and living life to the fullest with its newest #ChooseCurvalicious movement.


On March 20, at Valkyrie Night Club, BGC, Nadine was electrifying as ever, as she sang and sashayed the new Whisper anthem entitled Curvalicious. I am not really a fan of her songs, but this one was so positive and groovy, it’s difficult not to like. Not to mention to absentmindedly play it over and over in your head.

Together with my gorgeous blogger friends, we gave in and furrowed with the upbeat music and energy!


“I have always been about being myself and doing what I feel is right and close to my heart, ” says the singer-actress. She went about how a Whisper Curvalicious woman should not be afraid to be who she wants to be and be confident in her own skin, any day and every day.


I quite agree, because, in a world where you can actually be easily persuaded and convinced that you may not be good enough, self-love is something that shouldn’t lose its fire. We are all unique, and cultivating our inner strengths makes us more beautiful, and totally real.

I appreciate how smart and steadfast Nadine is despite her critics and naysayers. She is positively bold, no doubt about, that but I guess being a modern woman entails you to know yourself, your abilities, and how you can use these to benefit and inspire others.

Nadine Lustre 1

Photo: Whisper Philippines

Being the face of Curvalicious Movement is such an honor for Nadine, she is happy that she can share the mindset of empowering women, and rising above all challenges no matter how treacherous they may be. She is confident that women will be more thriving, and ecstatic in sharing the ideals of a modern millennial woman in being a blessing to those around her.


The new Whisper still features its cottony soft cover and dermacare lotion, 12-hour leakage protection and anti-leak barriers for a completely worry-free period. Now, made better!

It ensures a more snug fit with its own curvalicious feature too! The amazing feminine pad upgrade is absolutely perfect for modern women like you, me, and Nadine, who need to stay confident, cool and yes – #Curvalicious!


My period may be gone for some months now and is not trying to return anytime soon, I am still grateful to be part of this movement and share these with you my dear merfriends! (Can you check my baby bump already?) 😀



Together with Whisper, women can join and be a part of the Curvalicious Movement:

A celebration of the modern woman who is brave, daring, and ever inspiring! A woman that strives for power and greatness to let her fellow women achieve the same!


Be inspired, and keep inspiring! 🙂

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