7 Things Why CAVA is Your Dream Makeup School

If there’s anything I’m not good at, considering how vain I am, oh, let me rephrase that – I mean how meticulous and valuable a physical image is to me, it’s probably putting on makeup.

I mean, I know the basics, but I believe my skills need more didactics. Good thing CAVA came into my life.

CAVA or the Centre for Aesthetics and Visual Arts is a makeup school, makeup events place, a makeup junkie’s haven all rolled into one! I was fortunate to be invited in their launch and got a lot of makeup takeaways after! So scroll down my dear merfriends to know more about this gem.


  1. It’s the baby of HG Studio

HG Studio is a makeup and photography studio spearheaded by Ms. Hazel Gonzales, an International Airbrush Specialist, Professional Bridal Makeup Artist, Beauty Consultant, and Entrepreneur.


Her passion and talent allowed her to travel the globe and perfect her craft. She has represented the esteemed cosmetic brand, Estee Lauder, by being its head makeup artist, and has been trained under international makeup gurus. No wonder, she is one of the most sought-after makeup consultants in the country.

Her creative works have also graced media covers and events, from magazines, billboards, commercials, tv shows, to photo shoots and fashion shows.


I was thrilled to know that HG Studio’s main love is working their magic in debuts and weddings. Considering I’m getting married in two years, it felt like destiny meeting them.

With all the things I wrote here, it was a matter of time (and maybe because of an insistent public demand) that HG Studio shares its creative prowess to those who would like to learn the art of makeup, hence the launch of CAVA.

  1. Wonderful Vision

Ms. Hazel shared about her formative years, wherein it was a bit challenging to enroll in Makeup Studies. She related that there was only one makeup school back then, and the tuition fees are a bit pricey, so she really had to work very hard to be able to afford her dream.


She even said that they were required to wear uniforms, and these added more to the ‘list’. That is why with CAVA, she wanted to assist those like her to be able to start and achieve their dreams a lot easier. So expect reasonable terms, merfriends!

  1. Waze-able and Familiar Location


Having a background in real estate, I was trained that location is the first thing you look at in establishments. I was ecstatic to know that CAVA is very easy to find, and I can waze myself going towards it. Your UBER/GRAB ride can be as swift too!

Here are their addresses:

HG Studio – Torre Venezia Suites 170 Timog Avenue, corner Scout Santiago Street, Diliman, Quezon City, 1103 Metro Manila, Pilipinas

CAVA (Centre for Aesthetics and Visual Arts) – Unit 305 Victoria Tower Commercial, Panay Avenue Cor. Timog Avenue, Quezon City

  1. Gorgeous Interiors


I love how the upscale interiors are designed; they make me want to learn makeup professionally already. I am sure, one look at this, and CAVA’s email will be bombarded by makeup enthusiasts wanting to be enlisted in their makeup classes.

Via Galang CAVA 3Via Galang CAVA 6Via Galang CAVA 1

The interiors remind me of Moulin Rouge, where performers prepare before the show, only this looks more chic and modern.

  1. Quality Program and Services Trusted by Celebrities


Since there is only one brain mom who gave birth to HG Studio and CAVA, it’s no wonder that some of their clients attended and visited them during the launch.

Rachel Alejandro and Marco Alcaraz were there. And we had a quick sesh posting for photos.


One of the makeup artists who did a demo, Ms Eva is also a student from CAVA and she now works for MAC. She’s a testimony that CAVA can help you achieve your beauty dreams and take you places!

  1. Amazing Mentors and Staff

    IMG_20170407_105813-01Ms Hazel, together with Ms Maria and all the members of CAVA Team were all nice and accommodating. Their friendly smiles surely diminish the tension of awkward introductions, attendees’ reserved demeanor, and I bet, even the nervousness of their clients either an artist,  debutante or bride. Their warm personalities and professionalism make you want to book them for every event!IMG_20170407_110538-01IMG_20170407_110704-01

Ms Hazel also showed us how wearing a primer can drastically make colors pop more, compared to none. She also mentioned that primers cater to different types of skin, so we shouldn’t be mixing the primers meant for eyes lids, face, and lips.

I also learned that skin’s reaction to makeup regarding acidity is not seen days after. You can actually see it within minutes, 30 minutes at most.

How would you know if you’re acidic to a makeup brand? Apply some directly on the skin where you’re supposed to use it and then wait. If it turns darker, you’re acidic. 🙂 Such a huge takeaway! 🙂

  1. Ideal Venue for Beauty and Makeup Events

Now things start to become more and more interesting for CAVA. This isn’t just a makeup school; you can actually rent the place out for events, tutorials, makeup parties, meet-ups, talks, sponsorship affairs, etc. How fascinating is that? So if you’re a makeup artist wanting to host your first event, head on to CAVA and have this amazing place enjoyed by you and your attendees!

After the makeup sesh, JC Gellidon (Sony Ambassador) also taught us how we can maximize our camera phones to achieve good selfies and create beautiful photos with basic photography know-how.




Mireh Manna also stuffed our tummies with good food, which is why learning makeup and basic photography became more fun! And The Sexy Chef was there too! I am sure you heard that they deliver healthy food to those wanting to achieve great summer bods!

I learned so many things that day, pretty new wonderful things actually! And since you’re reading this post today, I have some good news!

Hazel Gonzales Makeup Workshop

CAVA will be hosting their second Makeup Workshop tomorrow! April 29, 2017, in their studio! Each enrollee will also be given a certificate of participation upon finishing the course as well as a gift bag filled with goodies for makeup junkies. Slots are limited so enroll now!

Please text or call (02) 6220360 / 09178830086 to know more!

You may also contact them through the following:

CAVA – Centre for Aesthetics and Visual Arts

3rd Floor Victoria Towers Commercial Bldg., Timog Ave. Quezon City,


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CAVAPhilippines/

Phone.: +632.622.0360      Mobile: +63917.8830086

Email: cava.ph@gmail.com

HG Studio

Torre Venezia Suites, Timog Ave.Quezon City, Philippines


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/HGStudio/

Twitter: @MakeupbyHG       Instagram: @hg.studio

Phone: +63 2 622 0360        Mobile: +63 917 883 0086

Email: hazelgonzales@hgstudio.asia / marketing@hgstudio.asia / photography@hgstudio.asia

Via Galang Kisty Mea

With fellow blogger, Kisty Mea! Had such a great time sharing this experience with you! 🙂

Via Galang Hazel GonzalesVia Galang CAVA

Got these freebies too! Thanks CAVA and Lui & Elle! 🙂


Excited to learn makeup? What’s your favorite makeup product? I love lipsticks! What’s yours?

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Win a FREE PASS for Social Media Marketing Workshop

Hi there my merfriends!

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That’s it! Easy peasy! I will announce the winner on April 26, 2017! Good luck!

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How I Turned from a Barangay Beauty Pageant Host to a Social Media Resource Speaker

Looking back, I have never imagined pursuing a career in public speaking. I mean I have always been drawn to the arts. I love to draw. I remember my dad bringing home a briefcase filled with scratch papers from his office just so I can have some things to doodle on. I think refurbishing the walls of our rooms with my pesky little drawings took a toll on him. Hehe 😀

But kidding aside, I think life gets to you and you somehow discover how serendipitous things can be; to bring you to some ideals you’ve never thought you’ll even like being part of.


After highschool, I dreamt of taking a course related to communications, but the tide wasn’t on my side. I went to Nursing school instead, even though it wasn’t my first choice. I was actually fine with it, because learning a new thing is still good. Plus, I met really great friends!

It was not until one summer night, and that probably lead me to where I am now, that placed an essential diversion to the career I was about to take. I hosted a beauty pageant. My mom recommended me to the officials and organizers, of course! Haha 😀 She said, “Kayang-kaya nya yan!” OMG! I have never hosted anything like that before!

Aside from selling shoes online, which became a good source to cater my little luxuries back then, I realized this could be a good opportunity for me to save and buy a good phone. I was eyeing the Samsung Corby Pro that time.

via galang 1

I was also really worried to host, knowing that the audience may come from the masses. They might be hard to please. I can speak definitely, but I particularly lack humor, I tell you. I was the by-the-book kind of speaker.

I have to prepare, know my lines, and every little detail. I was so scared to commit a mistake, and to do adlibs even. I was hoping against hope that nothing goes wrong because I might not be able to handle it. I was sooo formal. I even watched Ms. Congeniality that morning, hoping to get some tips from the emcees.

The pageant came and it was nerve-racking. Good thing my co-host was very nice that he guided and gave me cues during the show. I learned a lot that night, and I think that the most important lesson of being a host is to incorporate good audience interaction.


You see you have to be the middle-man of the people who are on the spotlight and those who are in the bleachers. You have to engage the audience to what’s happening. You’re there too because of them anyway.

I know I struggle on that part, but the wonders of real estate training created an avenue for me to develop that.

Soon enough, I graduated and applied for jobs. Non-nursing jobs. Mind you, I had to endure and undergo 10 interviews before I landed a position. I got rejected basically because I fail to meet minimum height requirements. I was so devastated that I actually thought short girls like me can’t get jobs. 😥 Haha It was a cruel time!

via galang 3via galang 4

Anyway, I applied for a receptionist position too, because as I’ve read it says that it was a job that would be easy to learn, well at least for me. The job posts would usually include “Any 4-year course”, and I felt like they were talking to me. I believe I was particularly chatty during one interview that they recommended me a Training Assistant position.

Back then, I had no idea how that opportunity would change the course of my career. I trained real estate sales people with me having no background in sales. I pondered on the possibility that this data may pose as a waterloo on my part; so I made researches, and enrolled in a real estate learning centre. I sat in my mentors’ training sessions as often as the schedule permits, even though I’ve sat in them a hundred times.

via galang

I always believe that there is something to learn from everyone. That is why I highly value the conversations I have with my colleagues, trainees, sales managers and directors, mentors, friends, etc. Everybody has a story to tell. Learning from their experiences even if I haven’t gone through them gives me steps’ advantage just in case I may encounter them later in life, need some enlightenment over things, or might need to advise somebody.

via galang 93

Fast forward to now, I believe being “trainable” is the key skill I learned from all these years. So it was so timely that I got an opportunity to share the knowledge I’ve learned with my stint as a sales trainer and a marketing specialist. I can’t believe I will be having my very first training and workshop! My 21 year old self would’ve been proud!


Since I strongly believe that sharing is caring; as a way for me to share the knowledge and skills I have obtained from selling online since 2009, training in sales, and blogging I am so happy to announce that I was given a chance to do a talk  about this passion!

I will be speaking in Social Media Marketing: Promote Your Business Online on April 29, 2017 Saturday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM at 2019 Pelbel Bldg. I, Unit 210, Shaw Blvd., Pasig City.

I will be discussing about product branding, social media strategies, Facebook and Instagram Marketing. Flat-lay Photography, Black and White Hat Marketing, Leads Generation, Customer Service, and many more!

You can secure your tickets at Business Innovators Learning Centre Inc. to reserve your seat! We will only accommodate 20 attendees for this! So better hurry!

You can also join my on-going birthday giveaway and get a chance to win 1 FREE PASS! Please check out my Encyclopevia page for the mechanics!

Processed with VSCO with  preset

via galang 7IMG_20170317_171421

OMG! I can’t wait to meet you all! Shall I see you then?

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Make Up Workshop: Look Sexy with Must Be Lexie

Since I was talking about Personality Development in my recent post, I thought I should key in more blog posts about this topic, especially when I have an upcoming entry about makeup!

Yes makeup! OMG!

I was never a good makeup artist. I just know I have to always look presentable, especially when facing clients, and whenever I have to train a class. With the limited talent I have with brushes and blushes, I have to do everything on my own! Imagine my mini heart attacks during events!

Anyway, I have also seen a video depicting the differences between Western and Korean’s style in putting makeup. And I wondered which one is more suitable to my face type.

According to that video, basically, Western Makeup Style looks mature, glamorous, glittery, edgy and often makes someone really look like a movie star.

While Korean Makeup Style appears youthful, glowy, sweet, innocent, and most of the time appears very delicate.

With today’s workshop though, I think I will do a Western look.


That is why it was so timely when I had the chance to join Ms. Lexie Panaligan’s free makeup tutorial!

I was giddy I cannot wait to go!

It was held in Komunidad Filipino Cuisine Restaurant in Antipolo City, and in there Ms. Lexie taught us the basics of doing our own makeup. Here is the guide on which cosmetic/product we should put first before the other. Arranged ordinally are the following:

  1. Eye Cream
  2. Moisturizer
  3. Primer (at the T-zone)
  4. CC Cream
  5. Concealer (Under eyes)
  6. Foundation
  7. Translucent Powder
  8. Eye Shadow
  9. Eyeliner
  10. Eye Curler / Curlash
  11. Mascara (One dip should be enough for both lashes)
  12. Bronzer and Blush
  13. Eyebrow
  14. Concelear (Under the eyes. Again.)
  15. Lipbalm
  16. Lip Color (Lipliners and glosses are optional.)

But if you have braces like me, best way to toss glosses for the meantime. Metals and extra glitters will only create a greasy look, like it’s too busy and that there are so many things going on in one little bodypart!




We used Mary Kay products, and actually it’s my first time to use them. I particularly adore the foundation, because it felt so light in the face. Their matte lipstick was so rich in color as well!

The key takeaway for me was doing the eyebrows!

I am sooo envious on how others really master the craft of creating the perfect brows, that is why when I learned that all you essentially need, the first and foremost is a good makeup brush.

So here is my finished look!


You can achieve that dark to light effect color from your brow bone towards the area where your 2 eyebrows meet, by swiftly gliding your brush from the middle towards the ‘meet-up place’. In that way you only spread lighter shades, not making them look like some stickers plastered above your eyes.

I also got to take home a Mary Kay Eye Brow Liner. Thanks so much! 🙂

Komunidad food was great as well; I didn’t know this junction offer such great meals!


So thanks to this, no more brow-horrors for me! And I think that’s so sexy!


By the way, you can find Ms. Lexie Panaligan in her page Must Be Lexie to know more about makeup tips and tutorial schedules!

Have you joined any make up workshops? What was your key takeaway? 🙂

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5 Princess-y Things I Became Because of “The Winning Image”

I grew up with a very queenly mother. She always teaches me about how to be and how not to be in terms of conducting and presenting myself, especially in social graces. I grew up with things like how I should always close my legs when sitting in public, in public transportation, at home especially when there are visitors, and even when there are none.


My mom constantly reminds me to fix my posture, to stand straight, to put my after-bath wet hair in front because putting them at the back will bring cold heaps to my lungs, to brush my hair at least 100 times before sleeping, to not include “slang words” in my vocabulary because these do not make me sound prim and proper. I know! Andami diba? (Isn’t it too many?)


Well, there are still a lot of things she taught me, that’s why when I was invited to attend The Winning Image: Personality Development Workshop, I knew my mother would really be thrilled to know about this, especially if she were here. I imagined she would be the first one to ask what will I wear, what are the topics that will be discussed, and that I immediately report back what I’ve became from the things I learned . So this is me posting my answers, hopefully heaven has a WiFi so Mama can connect and read.


  1. I became the message.


The workshop was pressing to state that all of the things we want to express can be all wrapped up in our beautiful selves. You need not bring accessories. You are your own jewelry.  Carry your message within you.

If we want to market our brand, we should be the brand. If we have an advocacy, we should be the first one to campaign and advocate. There is no greater message, than us. I believe I can use this when I market Versaheel shoes. I must always convey the versatility, comfort and fashion my brand wants to envision. It’s a pressure actually, to always look good and be deemed classy, but it is only with this kind of effort and passion that you shall reach the goals you have set.

  1. I became someone worthy to invite wealthy situations towards herself.


This is tricky, if just taken literally. This not just embodies the physical being, but you have to be someone likeable, someone people would love to interact with, not just stare at. You won’t make meaningful connections by just looking pretty.

You have to use whatever beauty you have to invite good things to happen to you. So I went, and made new friends!

The Winning Image 3

  1. I became an influence.

This is a shocker. Ms. Leizel Obuga, our lovely Resource Speaker said that:

55% of our influence is based on appearance, body language and the way we take up space

38% goes to how we deliver our message: tone, volume, pitch, and pace of our voices

7% is based on spoken word.


We actually tried this one-by-one, as each of the participants went in front to tell something about herself/himself. I was kind of worried if 30 seconds was enough. I was very conscious with the time I consume, because if you’ve ever attended my training, I can be extra chatty. I think that is one I need to improve on. To be concise but still insightful.

With the kind of percentage presented, I was stunned. I speak a lot but only 7% of that is retained. I guess we really have to try and look our best. It’s the shell, and nobody would want to listen to somebody who gives off an impression like he/she has nothing worthwhile to say.

  1. I became my own wardrobe police.


“I have a lot of clothes” is an understatement. Well, my mom loves clothes, and she likes keeping and collecting dresses just in case there may be an occasion that would need them. Our closets are usually the go-get-to of my relatives, because they know that Mama always has a piece for every event. In the workshop, I was hit by this statement:

“You will only know that you are truly well-dressed when you have something hanging in your closet for every event you will be attending in the next 6 months.”


I wonder. After this workshop, I started rummaging in my closet just to check if I still have something missing. I later on discovered that there were pieces I no longer wear, and they take so much space. I thought I have everything I need, but then again I realized they weren’t wearable anymore.

Now, I am either thinking of donating them or be creative by recycling them. Well, having a DIY revamp session would be nice. So maybe the lesson is, even if you know you have a lot of clothes, you still need to check them from time to time, just to know if you still need or would you still be wearing them.

I now know I have to get a new white blazer. Some leathery fabric in the neckline is already chipping. L

  1. I became a winner.

  2. IMG_20170311_131254IMG_20170311_131259

Honestly, I really did. There is nothing more indispensable than learning, and knowing how to present and conduct yourself, because you do this everyday. Getting more knowledge from the expert made me realize that we should invest more in ourselves, because we are the tools that can change the world. And, to make our princess dreams come true! I’m not talking about marrying the most charming prince (Haha although it would be a bonus! Wink!) , but by pursuing what we really want.


And this training and workshop held by Go Up Events helped me improve my image and personal branding to attract favourable situations to come my way. The Winning Image: Personality Development Workshop definitely made me a step closer to my princess dreams!

And oh. that is me receiving my Chocolate Flavoured Room Spray from Zen Zest. I got my award for being one of the first 3 bloggers to get the word out for this event. 🙂 Haha I was really excited!

The Winning Image


I do hope they organize another session, because a lot of women, and men will highly benefit from this!


Thank you Ms. Leizel Obuga for sharing your exceptional knowledge and skills on Personality Development! I felt like a princess learning her lessons in your workshop!

Go Up Events Management is a registered business dedicated to building confidence among young professionals through organizing and marketing events about life skills, excellence at work, fun, and play.   Visit their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Goupeventsmgmt/ or email them at goupeventsmanila@gmail.com.

What do you think of this post? Have you attended any Personality Development Workshop? How was your experience? I’d like to know what you think.

Photo Credits to Go Up Events and Erica Poyauan.

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What’s your Ikigai?

It’s always a wonder to me how millenials, especially working women find the time to blog. I mean, I, for one, has been really stressed out finding the zeal to even attempt and write something worthile.

But then again, we can always find inspiration in the littlest of things.

I wonder. What will you answer when someone asks you, “What inspires you? What makes your heart beat beyond normal?”

For me, I believe, one has to know what is his or her passion. In that way, he/she won’t even have the need to question why the heck is he/she doing whatever he/she does.

Now this reminds me of the beautiful word “Ikigai”.


Ikigai is a Japanese concept, meaning “a reason for being”. Everyone, according to the Japanese, has an ikigai. Finding it requires a deep and often lengthy search of self. Such a search is regarded as being very important, since it is believed that discovery of one’s ikigai brings satisfaction and meaning to life. – Source

Ikigai-EN-optimized-PNG (1)

“Ikigai: the process of allowing the self’s possibilities to blossom”  (Ikigai — jibun no kanosei, kaikasaseru katei ), an article that said that people can feel real ikigai when their senses, value of life and all poles of human nature are conceived to give birth to self-actualization.

Well, I like training, shoes, and and the silence.


Training because I am given a noble and an amazing opportunity to shape and hone minds, to teach things that will help my trainees to prepare for what’s to come. I never thought that this will be such a rewarding career, and Empire East just keeps on surprsing me.


Shoes because they bring you to good places. They make you look nice, and they influence how you assert yourself with impact.


And silence. Well, I think better when it’s quiet. And it makes me remember more.

How about you, what is your Ikigai? Are your pursuing it?

What makes you wake up in the morning? Let me know in the comments below!


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(Part 1/3) Public Speaking as a Career


Pursuing a career in public speaking is a big decision and a challenging pursuit if I may add, well, especially for those who are not very friendly. Yes, that sounded unrelated right? But that is one of the core things I learned in my almost five-year experience as a Training Officer.

You see, I never even thought of “public speaking” or “training” as career options, since I was under the impression that I will be working in a hospital. I finished BS Nursing by the way. Nevertheless, I’m quite blessed because I never thought that landing in the public speaking could be a fun and rewarding job, with so many perks along the side.

Now if you are someone who is graduating from high school, trying to decide on what to take in the university, from college taking up Communications or Public Administration, Education, Tourism or any course that might involve a lot of talking, or a person who is in this kind of industry already or would like to join one, this post may come in handy. I would like to show you the roadmap or rather a detour in this three-part series about the career opportunity that is “Public Speaking”.


1. Confidence is key. 
Fake it ’til you make it. This is probably the line that saved me from my first few attempts at talking in a large audience. I am particularly confident about talking in front, but would go flying into the woods if I ever dare to talk to my audience. It’s just that I have this fear – that if I ask them a question, no one would respond. I basically fear rejection, but we have to know that nothing is certain, either way it may still happen no matter how hard you prevent it. So you might as well enjoy all the attention while it lasts.

The thing here is, nobody in the crowd knows what the exact words you’re going to say. They are there to listen about your experience and learn from your perspectives. They would need not know that your knees are wobbly and your heart is going to plummet out of your chest any minute, so you just have to face them with a big smile and try your best to be the rock star speaker that you are!


2. Good impact makes audience more attentive.
I remember a quote from Ms.Congeniality 2, wherein Sandra Bullock was advised by a stylist that, “People care about people who care about themselves.”.

In a fast paced multi-media world now, looking like your just-woke-up-like-this self won’t even merit you a line spot outside the office building you’re trying to get into. Let alone the receptionist allowing you to go and sign the guest log sheet. I mean it really all starts with a good impression.

Generally people like good and beautiful things, and that premise such as looking at their speaker is no exception. There is no excuse that you don’t have a good fashion sense; the important thing here is you have to make them believe that you are a person worth talking and listening to. Your professional image starts with your attitude on how you present yourself. You don’t need expensive clothes to achieve that; you just need to look the part that you’re playing. After all, the world is like a big show, and the actor who looks and acts the nicest attracts more attention than the rest.

study your topic

3. Know your purpose. Research and study your topic.
Whether it’s about sharing your experience, marketing a product, invitation to an event, training a skill, encouraging to try a new career, influencing to join an advocacy, etc. you have to be sure because you don’t want to be caught sending the wrong message. Sometimes, when you want to sell an idea, it turns out you training the person on how to sell the idea as well – giving you zero effectiveness in reaching your goal.


4. Be credible.
I think this is a major struggle when you are in a career where you have to play a role, such as mine (Trainer), to an audience who may probably know what you’re going to talk about. I have a lot of cases wherein I was in the middle of a real estate sales training, and I have a student who is older than me in terms of age, and has more experience in the industry counted in years have me asked a question. It’s a difficult situation to be into, which is why you must do your homework. If you don’t have the experience, research! Either in books or interviews, you have to supplement yourself with knowledge!

You are playing the role of the person who knows better, (maybe you do know, or maybe not) so you have to keep that façade in certain terms. Do not apologize for anything that might make them think you’re not credible. Do not show your true colors by being stubborn or convenient to answer, “That is not our topic for today.”, or “I do not know.”, rather be kind by replying “I think that information is not yet updated, let me get back to you on that.”.

Remember, whether you are a teacher or a speaker, the audience will always think that you are an expert, and you know what you’re talking about. Precisely, because you’re in the stage and they are in the bleachers. The respect is already classified; now make them want to appreciate you and the talk more.


5. Make your presentation interesting and engaging.
I am always in a battle of whether I should use a graphic material or not, but later on resolves in creating one because they are highly beneficial in points I’d like to present.

Whenever I present something so complicated for the audience, I try to use analogies and I keep my presentation simple. I am actually in love with cartoony visuals, because they remind me of childhood, a time where things are a lot easier. So below is a sample of my SOAR Training title page (SOAR – Sell Online. Achieve Results).


I think it adds to the feeling that the module is easy to comprehend. Given that the content is quite complicated already, why do the visuals have to be?

It is also better to put more pictures instead of cascading text-heavy slides. You as the speaker should provide words of explanation naturally, and not stare at the screen reading them. It would be tedious enough to read everything, so you may want to keep things easily understandable. Post an image and caption, and then you explain. You don’t want to be overshadowed either by the material. Because if all the information is there, you could have given your attendees handouts instead, why the need to even attend your session anyway?

Captions should be short as well. Make things lighter for the audience. Now to keep things more engaging, you can also start a fun game. But make sure you relate it to the lesson or the topic at hand, so it would be beneficial in constructing the synthesis on why your class has to do it.

Please do use the whiteboard and the marker when you want to drive a point that is not presented in your slides. But if these are not available, I always try to make use of Paint in my Microsoft-run laptop. Good thing my device has a touch screen feature so it is easier for me. But if you have a Mac, you may use the Note program as well.


6. Use fillers to articulate.

Another thing that I notice in most speakers is that they always have this safety word. This is the word that they always use as fillers when they are talking. Instead of saying “uhmmm”, they replace this with “okay” “basically” “actually” “so” “I mean” “well” “what else”, etc. This is helpful especially when you are trying to do away with usual “uhmmm” and when you need an ample amount of time to gather your thoughts before you utter another word.

However, uhmmms give an impression that you are running out of ideas, where in fact the goal is to be an idea-machine! Awareness and extreme consciousness should be raised so that you can avoid saying this. I am quite happy to say that I am becoming more conscious training after training, and my uhmmms have decreased. But along with this good news, I tend to notice speakers having a safety word, which they repeat most of the time. It’s okay to have a safety word, as long as it is not abused. I am not being melodramatic, but I think one has to be aware on the safety word’s continuous repetition as well. As it doesn’t sit nicely when you are the one sitting in that chair having to listen to your teacher/mentor repeat the same word over and over again. Yes it’s quite annoying, and it makes you want to jot how many times he or she actually said it. So, try to minimize it and choose other words instead.:)


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I hope you learned a thing or two in reading this, because public speaking is also an art that needs to be learned and understood on why and how it is the way it is. After all. it’s like watching a good show, make sure attending your presentation is worth their while.

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