Look Whooo is Almost Due Mom-to-Be Giveaway

Golly, time flies so fast and I’m turning 37 weeks on Tuesday, August 7! Which means, the merbaby can come out anytime soon!

To celebrate this huge milestone, I am conducting a “Mom-to-Be Giveaway”!

A Baby Shower honoring mom-to-be

If you are following my Encyclopevia Facebook Page, you would know that this started last week. But fret not, you still have two weeks left to join! 😀

You can win awesome prizes for yourself, or you could give the winnings as gifts too!

This giveaway is made possible by my generous sponsors. 🙂

Madison Hotel 101 + Tower

Madison 101

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Mermaid Island

Mermaid Island Logo 2

  • This is the new baby just got out. If the baby in my tummy is my biological child, Mermaid Island is my brainchild. I have conceived the idea last September 2017, and I have finally given birth to it this June 2018! Shocks, parang 9 months in the making din! 😀
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Gogozing Migration

Gogozing Logo

  • This is an independent Australian immigration agency based in Melbourne, Australia, and Seoul, South Korea. They provide top-notch immigration services to businesses, families, and individuals worldwide.

If you are planning on traveling, studying or even migrating to Australia, I highly recommend you check them out. They give the most effective yet practical strategy in achieving your tourist and/or migration goals.

Check out my interview with the CEO of Gogozing Migration!

Now that you know the sponsors, you may now check the mechanics below 😀



To honor my ‘mom-to-be-hood’, I’m celebrating it with a giveaway! 😀

You can win the following awesome prizes:

1st prize : 1K Worth of GC from Madison Hotel 101 + Tower

2nd Prize: Beauty seacrets from Mermaid Island

3rd Prize: Dining GC from Ramen Bar in Greenfield

Are you ready? 😀

So here’s the mechanics:

  1. Like Encyclopevia in Facebook and follow me on Instagram


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  1. Tag 3 friends in the comments below (3 Names = 1 entry) You can add more entries, by putting ANOTHER COMMENT with another 3 names. (So I can count easily! Hehe :p )

The more entries you send, the more chances of winning! 😀

  1. Finally, share this on your Timeline with the status

“I want to win awesome prizes from #EncyclopeviaGiveaway!”

That’s it! 😀 You have to do all of the above to make your entries valid. I will check ha? 😊😊

You may join by visiting this LINK.

I may have to say that this giveaway is open for Philippine residents only.

I will draw winners via random.org on Aug 19, at 8PM via Facebook Live on my Encyclopevia Facebook Page. 😀

Good luck merfriends! 😀

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Shoe Designing, Wedding Planning, and Speaking Engagements

We are 3,248 happy mermaids and mermen in our Encyclopevia Community! Yay! 😀

I haven’t quite posted something personal lately, so I hope this entry suffices that. Hehe 🙂

Currently, I am busy designing shoes for a client, and I am really hoping that all goes well! I can’t divulge it yet, but you’ll soon see Versaheel in your select leading malls in the metro! Yay! :’)

Crossing my fingers for that!

On a more personal note, my fiance and I set the date! We finally booked the church and the venue! And I almost cried because we got them both on our desired date! Can heaven be more loving and serendipitous?

Haha :)) Munitk ng mahalatang ang saya saya ko dito! 😀

What else?

Oh yeah, I’m having 5 speaking engagements this month, and I really hope I’ll finally meet you there!

Here is the schedule:


July 20 – SEO 101 for Marketers (This is already sold out by the way, but you can score a chance in getting in my joining my ongoing giveaway!)

July 22 – English Communication in the Contemporary World of Business

July 24 – Business and Career Growth  in the Industry of Sales and Marketing

July 25 –  JUMPSTART: The Keys to Becoming and Making It in the Start-Up Community (This is exclusive for Business Management students in a college in Manila.)


July 29 – Instagram : Take a Snap! (Admission is FREE! And it will be in Mega Trade Hall 1!

I also got my hair roots done! And the color is richer than ever! Thanks to Vivere Salon! 😀

I know, I know, I still have a lot of backlogs to do, so I hope you all bare with me! Hehe 😀

My time management needs improvement, but I do hope I get to furnish everything soon! Thank you very much for subscribing to my humble blog!

I recently created my Youtube Channel! You can check my first ever vlog in this link!

How about you? How is your week going?

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How I Got My Wedding-Singer-Kind of Engagement

While flying with clouds, low visibility, and at an altitude of 31,000 feet, some girl’s life is about to change forever.

Surreal. That’s what it is. Now, I know what it’s like to feel breathless, up in the sky, knowing your life is never going to be the same again. You don’t know if you will cling on to the idea whether this is a dream, a reality, or somewhere in between- but one thing’s for sure, this is WAAAAAAY better than all of these combined!

Via Galang 4

(Alright, brace yourself merfriends, cheeseballs coming through!)

It was 3:30 AM, and John and I are frantic to get to the airport. Our Dumaguete flight was scheduled at 5:05 AM, and we definitely cannot miss this! We’ve been planning for this trip since May 2016, and you could imagine my excitement everytime a month finishes its course in the calendar.

I was way ahead of myself, I scheduled the tours and itineraries, booked us hotels, researched every bit I could, listed down instructions on how to get to where, and where to buy what, etc. Basically, I was all travel-planny on this! (Haha I think this is me trying to console my Nov 2016-self when our Cebu trip got cancelled last year.) Until, I got to the plane.

John was extra selfie-ish when we were at the line prior to having our boarding passes printed, but I shrugged it off, maybe he was just too excited.

We got to the boarding gate, on the plane, up in the air, and because it was still dawn, I sneaked on some extra zzzzs.

Right before we land to Sibulan (Dumaguete) Airport, John woke me up. I was all sleepy, while listening to the pilot’s announcement about the landing. Then he said something really shocking that jolted out of my snoozy wits to be all alive and awake!

Pilot: One of our passengers, Mr. John Tancuan would also like to say something to the love of his life.

Whoa! Did I just hear that? I was so confused I asked John what was happening. Then, there were 2 flight attendants prodding at our rowseats’ aisle. They were both smiling at me.

Then John said, “Because I’m going to propose, that’s what’s happening.”

He then went on about me thinking and scolding him, that he wasn’t doing anything productive that week – he said, truth be told, he was just busy trying to reach some people who can help him execute his plan. Since I mentioned before that my dream proposal is suppose to take place in a high altitude (Golly, I was just thinking about a Ferris wheel, on top of a building, or maybe a hot air balloon if it’s possible!), he went extra haunt-y and tried his luck if he can get in contact with the actual crew of our flight.

And oh boy, he’s lucky!


They are just soooo sweet, and we just had to take a photo with these lovely and helpful people! It’s not everyday strangers get their heads together all for the glory of love! Turns out, all of those extra selfies were signals to the crew that we were already in the airport, and about the plan. Geez! Sneaky, and sweet. 😀


We even had the chance to take a photo in the cockpit. We were so careful not to press or hit anything!



And just like that, from light sparkles in the bar, to light sparkles around my finger. The future has never been as crystal clear as this.

More about our Dumaguete and Siquijor trip soon!

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7 Things to Know Before Watching Train to Busan

Train to Busan is just another zombie movie. Wrong! Please insert “not” before “another”. You can actually say that it’s a zombie movie, with a heart.


Last holiday, I watched Train to Busan with my family. I was not looking forward to it actually because I am not really a fan of science fiction or zombie films, more so the nerve to watch the gore. (How unusual, knowing that I am a nurse too!)

Anyway, the rave is true. If you have been hearing so many good reviews about it, maybe it is true! And I am telling you right now, that they are! Whether you are a zombie-movie fan or not, this film will definitely tug at your heartstrings! Not in a cheesy kind of way, but something that is way much deeper than the love-sappy-whirlwhind we’ve all been fed up with.

I don’t want to spoil you, especially if you’re planning to watch it after reading this. But to make your movie watching truly nerve-wracking and satisfying, here are some reminders to make the most out of this intense zombiexperience:


  1. Watch it in the cinema. Please.

I highly recommend you watching this in the cinema. Keeping yourself surrounded with fellow thrill-chasers will double the heart-stopping experience and will make you feel as though you are in a zombie roller-coaster ride. No towering and fearful heights, or up and down slopes, just pure visual entertainment that will send your heart out of your heavy breathing chest. Screaming in chorus is just too priceless not to be subjected to. OMG. Why do I feel I suddenly sounded like a masochist? ;P


2.Do not watch it alone.

I mean, it’s still better to share a movie with another living person, apart from yourself. The jeering sound of zombie attacks, the millisecond save before that infectious bite, the looks of love between husband and wife, and the unwavering desire to keep your child safe – are just some of the highlights on why this is not your typical zombie movie. Discussing this with a known reciprocity will make you appreciate it more. It’s a lot less lonely than processing it on your own. (Sorry, this is too subjective. Haha I like discussing movies after watching. I even remember lines if they are too beautiful to forget.)


3. Do check your blood pressure.

Are you even fit to watch this? Well, not to be all health-preachy or anything, but I experienced considerable instances of tachycardia (increased heart rate). I mean in the most literal sense. Seriously, check yours. Because I am not joking when I say you have to be careful, because it will really send your heart out of that chest. Just remind yourself, it is just a movie. It is JUST a movie. And you’re not in Korea. Haha 😀 Hope that helps! Or maybe not? The movie’s palpable intensity is so devouring. I actually won’t be surprised if it becomes a game anytime soon!


4. Bring a handkerchief or tissue.

For those who are easily touched by moving lines, wonderful cinematography, and loud silence, be prepared. I actually thought there will be no crying scenes that day, because for Pete’s sake (whoever Pete is), it IS a zombie movie! Who cries in zombie movies? Haha 😀 Well, I can honestly say, it’s not me, it’s it. And yes, finding this out adds another reason on why you have to leave now and go to the nearest movie house, and buy that ticket!


5. Do not go to the washroom while the movie is on-going. Do not even blink.

Train to Busan is just too epic of a movie for you not to watch the whole 1:57:++ hours of it. The characters are all speaking in Korean, so gluing your eyes to the screen is a must for you to read the subtitles and understand. Not to mention that you might miss how the husband looked at his wife, and bid his last goodbye and still smiled, seconds away from his death. Or that sisterly and loving look towards one who was just as happy to finally realize that they are both still alive, only to be bitten moments after. I mean, there are scenes that are too distinct. Too raw. Too human. Oh my, did I just spoil? :O


  1. Give this movie a chance.

The movie may start like everything is under control, and the feel of the setting may appear too good and placid to be invaded by infected humans, but believe me, things will start to get more interesting once it hits its first ten minutes. Take note, first TEN minutes.


  1. Realize that you’re human and it’s still a fiction. For now.

Actually, I am not opting to sound like a movie critic, but if I can sum it up, with all the zombie-themed movies I have watched, this is perhaps the most realistic and the most compelling film ever. It was made beautifully, and focused not on the gore or horrendous parts, but rather on our humanistic nature. I mean, what are you going to do when a zombie apocalypse happens? I mean, that “For now.” attribute in my #7 title is just to add a little bit of a drama. But hey, the way the film Train to Busan was created felt like it is not close to impossible. There were no magical potions concocted, but just some toxic waste that apparently turns infected hosts to monsters. Oh well, I might be getting too overwhelmed, but one thing’s for sure. You cannot, in any way possible, miss this movie.

It’s bound to rivet your mystical and objective thoughts and make you question – “how can you protect yourself, from yourself.”

Train to Busan is still showing! See schedule in ClickTheCity !

Have you watched it? Or are you planning to? Lets chat about it in the comments! 😀


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