Top 10 Places You Shouldn’t Miss When Traveling to Australia (A Bucket List)

For someone who hasn’t been to Australia, Googling and reading blogs might be the best option to start jotting down that much-coveted itinerary.

However, as I started my search I can’t help but notice that Australia is pretty much like the Philippines, as far as the beaches are concerned. They have wonderful resorts and sceneries with cascading white sands and sparkling waters alongside them.

And I happen to discover how rich their nature is as well! Take cue on the following to include in your bucketlist! 😀

Read on, my merfriends!

  1. Alice Springs Desert Park


I am not really an animal person, but this place might just make me one. The Australia’s Central desert environment are effortlessly fashioned to make everyone enjoy, understand and appreciate the extraordinary ecosystem the plants, birds, animals and select people from arid regions are able to create.

They have carefully designed a program to leave every traveller a discoverer of beauty and a wonderful storyteller.

  1. Victoria’s High Country


With my travels, I often allot a certain laidback day, wherein I can explore the city just by walking, and checking out the places where my feet takes me. This place looks interesting because it has a kaleidoscope of gourmet restaurants and amazing views.

You can also rent a car to go drive down the Alpine Road and discover beautiful high country tow, and learn about its opulent history.

I believe this would be a great venue for couples to take prenuptial shoots. With its enigmatic snow gums and lovely grass beds, who wouldn’t be drawn to show looks of love while being captured on camera by your supportive photographer friends?

  1. Ayers Rock Resort


There are a lot of activities that every traveller can experience in this place, whether he or she is traveling alone, in a couple, or with some family and friends.

You can ride camels while enjoying the awesome sceneries, go Uluru sunrise viewing, participate in dot painting workshop, join ecology and museum tours, and learn about Anangu and Australian Aboriginal culture and traditions.

I am always fascinated about a place’s history. It always reminds me how people took care of a place and how it has changed and developed through time, with or with them, with or without their help.

  1. Kings Canyon


Kings Canyon is located inside Watarrka National Park in the Northern Territory. Catching the sunrise from atop is an amazing experience to share both with friends and strangers. It is always nice to talk about the long and winding trek you had to take to get there. But of course, the view is always worth it.

You can also dine under the stars after a good helicopter flight all over the area.

  1. Kangaroo Island


This place is one of the best places in the world to see and experience native wildlife up close. You can actually walk on the beach together with a colony of sea lions. Take breath-taking photos with its picturesque rock formations. It’s definitely a good place to visit with friends and family!

  1. Byron Bay

byron 2

Byron Bay has a lot to offer too, especially to adventurous travelers! It is Australia’s easternmost town, and is a home to gushing beaches, lavish rainforests, amazing international dining experiences and modern recreational activities.

You can swim and surf, vex on delectable carefully prepared dishes, climb fascinating clifftops and mountain trails.

And for the adrenaline junkie, prepare yourself and go crazy with a guided freefall from extreme altitudes of up to 4.3 km (14,000 feet)! Whoa, Skydive Byron Bay, here I come!

  1. Thredbo, New South Wales


Skiing is definitely a must-try, especially for an Asian girl like me, and what better way to enjoy this than to head on to Australasia’s longest ski run – The Thredbo Supertrail. Get ready to burn some calories and a thigh muscle endurance fest as you tread on the 5.9 km groomed snow!

Don’t worry; there is a trail perfect for all skiers!

  1. Flinders Ranges


The rugged landscapes and craggy edges of the Flinders Ranges in South Australia boast one of the most theatrical and intriguing backdrops in the country. It has an intense Aboriginal history and configures a nesting place for wildlife.

It has a famous outback pub that offers an interesting menu of delicious and exotic food you can only try in here, plus you can use luxury swag to sleep and cuddle under the stars.

Plus it’s an exciting prelude to explore the Wilpena Pound the next day!

  1. Lake Eyre

lake eyre

Officially known as Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre is an unbelievably vast, dry real estate of glimmering salt in the outback of South Australia. It’s so wide it crosses and occupies some parts of three states.

On a dry weather, the lake transforms like a land mirror, reflecting the sky, as though being there makes you the meat of a heaven sandwich. Its wondrous illusory effect has been a great tourist attraction making travelers around the world include it in their trip’s schedule.

And every eight years as it takes on a considerable amount of water, the lake becomes an oasis, serving as a stage for migratory waterbirds and a meadow for emerging wildflowers.

Truly reminds me of my dream destination, Salar de Uyuni salts in Bolivia!

  1. Buchan Caves Reserve

Buchan Caves

I have been a fan of caves, and have been visiting so many since I was a child, that was why when I went to Batu Caves in Malaysia, I was then reminded of how nature was able to form such bewildering and astonishing landscapes hidden from the sky.

That was why I find the same ardour for Buchan Caves Reserve. A guided tour can be availed to see and explore the stalactites and stalagmites that roam the Fairy Cave and the calcite-drawn edges of the Royal Caves’ little pools. And can you believe you can also see wombats and at least 60 species of birds inside? I can’t wait to go!

Soon I will be ticking off my bucket list one by one, but probably when Calum turns a year or two. Meanwhile, get your visas at Gogozing, and they’ll help you how to get to Australia!

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Contact them at Facebook and Instagram to know more, and lets make our Australian Dreams come true!

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Top 10 Reasons Why Filipinos Are Migrating to Australia

As far as many countries are concerned, I find Australia being extremely attractive. Obviously, if you are a keen follower of this blog, you might have noticed how often I write about this country.


I have never visited Australia by the way, but I’m really hoping I get to go sooner. Well, maybe next year after the wedding, and of course after I give birth. Golly, I can actually pop in 2 weeks! 😀

Haha 😀

Anyway, I’ve done my research and these definitely made me more ecstatic on visiting the country soon, plus I realized that I also share the same sentiments with fellow Filipinos in terms of reasons of going there. No wonder, more and more are opting to migrate there!

Here are top 10 reasons why Filipinos are traveling, or even migrating to Australia:

  1. The Food



The food is something you should watch out for when you go to Australia. The result of multiple Michelin star restaurants, cafes, bistros, fast food chains are basically credited to the huge migrant population across the country. You can lavish on varied dishes and diverse cuisines, and they are all made from the freshest ingredients farmed and cultivated in Australia.

To also highlight the food enthusiasts and talents of the country, TV cooking shows such as My Kitchen Rules and Masterchef Australia are also quite popular where amateur chefs vie to win awesome prizes and much-coveted fame and titles.


  1. The Coffee Culture



Are you one of those people who always have to supply their coffee fix? I have a lot of friends who can’t even function right if they don’t get their coffee! Talk about how my merhubby is one of them! 😀

Now if you answer yes, Australia has another attraction to keep your traveling feet itchy to visit.

Australia is quite famous for their coffee culture –everyone seems to be drinking coffee here. There are so many coffee shops all over, serving hot coffee or cold variations especially in major cities. Migrants definitely have another reason to love about this country!


  1. The Climate


Coming from a tropical country with only two seasons to enjoy, the summer and the rainy, it’s also quite a huge charm to experience the other three – the spring, the autumn, and of course, the winter. More reasons to update social media with cute Instagram-worthy photos!

Australia seems to be very ideal as its temperate weather provide such a homey feel to its residents. As spring, summer, autumn, and winter are all present in the east coast, the full experience of basking under the summer skies and sunny spring, as well as the coolness and breeziness of winter and autumn are completely enjoyed.

However, due to the country’s location in the Southern hemisphere, the seasons are reversed, wherein winter happens in July to August, and summer is felt from December to January.

  1. The World’s Most Liveable Cities


While I was more familiar about Vienna, Austria and Toronto, Canada as two of the most liveable cities in the world, I also happen to find out that Melbourne, Australia is the top one in the list of the most liveable cities in the world. Not to mention that Adelaide and Perth also come in 6th and 7th place.

The recent report by The Economist Intelligence Unit, which ranked 140 cities by looking at “30 qualitative and quantitative factors across five broad categories of stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education and infrastructure,” produced this data according to EIU.

The Economist ranks each city a total score out of 100 for all these categories, and Melbourne’s overall rating was 97.5. Melbourne now occupies the top position being the winner in 2017 – it’s 7th year in a row.


  1. The Social Security


After knowing that Melbourne, Australia is in the top 1 in being the most liveable city in the world, it is no wonder that they have excellent social security.

In Australia, a master program called Centrelink by Social Security Department is readily available to provide social security benefits such as student benefits, sickness, unemployment, and many others. You can even extend these benefits to your family members, which I think is extremely helpful.

This is rewarded to migrants who have settled in Australia for a minimum of two years though.


  1. The Healthcare


Being a nurse, I have always wondered why free healthcare is not extended in most hospitals here in the Philippines. I mean, wouldn’t it be beneficial for all and at the same time more life-saving especially for our less fortunate brothers? Anyway, that’s a different topic worthy of a discussion in a different time.

Australia, on the other hand, has this wonderful benefit. If you are an Australian Permanent Resident, you and your family have a wide access to free medical treatment, procedures, facilities, and medicines. Now, who wouldn’t want that?


  1. The Education



I actually have attended a seminar here in Manila about possible educational opportunities in Australia that will yield you better credentials and give you greater potentials in getting better and high-paying jobs.

University fees vary from state to state, and the schedule can also be flexible enough for you to get part-time jobs. You can study, at the same time earn.

Should you have any financial incapacity to support your education, you can also take advantage of the Higher Education Loans Program (HELP). This program can cover tuition fees, university materials, miscellaneous fees, and many more depending on your situation and eligibility.


  1. The Indefinite Living Condition


If you are holding an Australian Permanent Resident Visa, you have the privilege to live in Australia whenever you want to. Your Visa is valid for 5 years so you can travel in and out of the country given that your visa is still valid. After 5 years, and you wish to settle down in Australia indefinitely, you can do so as well.

Should you have plans of traveling outside Australia after such time, you’ll have to apply for a Resident Return Visa; and you may have to check though if you are eligible for it. Anyway, you can always follow up and work on your requirements.


  1. The Trail to Australian Citizenship



Applying for Australian Citizenship status, you have to remember that you would need to live and stay in Australia for four years prior to your application to become eligible. You also have to prove and be of good character while you are living there, the same as maintaining good English language proficiency. You would need to take and pass the citizenship test as well to demonstrate and prove adherence to the Australian community, responsibilities, and way of life.

Should you qualify to become an Australian citizen, a big advantage is waiting for you.  If you are a migrant moving to the country, you should know that Australia honors dual citizenship and that children born to permanent residents in Australia can apply for citizenship even if their parents don’t yet qualify.


  1. The Economy and its Opportunities


The Australian economy is known for its stability and solid foundation especially to all those who have experienced working in the country for many years. Consequently, this also allowed the Australian dollar to have the reputation of being one of the strongest and safest currencies in the world. For migrants coming from most South East Asian countries, such as the Philippines it is simple and affordable to send money back to their countries of origin.

In terms of minimum wage, Australia’s rates are quite high compared to other countries. While Australia offers $17.70 per hour, in United Kingdom it is just $AU14.66 per hour, in New Zealand $AU14.22 per hour, in France $AU14.98 per hour, in Germany $AU13.17 per hour, in Canada between $AU10.45 and 13.81 per hour depending on the province, and in the United States a far distant $AU10.08 per hour.

With this in mind, it doesn’t seem like a shock to anyone with a job in Australia to be able to afford rent and food regardless if they are working in a gasoline station, salon, restaurant, retail outlet, hotel, office, or if they are a professional.

With about 10% of Filipinos living and working abroad, sending money home is important and is deemed second nature in most Filipino family settings. According to the World Bank, in 2016, OFWs sent home $29.9bn, trailing only behind India and China, contributing about 10% of the country’s GDP – and according to the data of Philippines Statistics Authority, Filipinos in Australia accounted for 2.2% of all remittances in 2016.

OMG. Researching about Australia opened a lot of new facets for me, and at the same time brewed the dream of also experiencing a similar or even greater system sometime in the future for me and my family, whether it is here or somewhere in the world.

Gogozing Logo

For your Australian Migration inquiries, you can also check out Gogozing Migration and find out more details on how you can visit or migrate! Follow them on Facebook, and Instagram as well! 😀


I hope you enjoyed reading this blog, as much as I did writing it. Did this make you want to go to Australia more? Let me know in the comments! 😀


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5 Tips on Applying for Australian Visa

One of the countries I would really want to visit in the future is Australia. I have a cousin who lives there, and she has been very keen on me touching Australian floors very soon.

I was actually hoping to go with my merhubby to spend our honeymoon there, but apparently, we found out that we were already expecting a month after we got married! Haha 😀 Turns out my Australian dream vacation will have to wait.


Photo Credits:


Well, I can always visit there, especially once my little merbaby is out and about. And since we are talking about visiting this amazing country already, I would just like to share and key in the tips I have collected while I was rummaging for ideas on how we can apply for an Australian Visa.


  1. Know Your Visa

I have never gone to a country that needs visa applications, so this is relatively new to me. And I found out that there are different kinds, depending on your purpose. There is the Visitor Visa (subclass 600), Carer Visa (subclass 116) and Partner Visa (subclass 820 and 801).

  1. Prepare Your Supporting Documents

Just like any other visa application, you have to prove your identity and your capacity to sustain your stay in Australia. Some documents you may need to prepare are the following:

  • Travel documents
  • Birth Certificate
  • Personal Assets
  • Work Experience /Company ID /Certificate of Employment
  • Financial or Bank Statements
  • Travel History
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Land Titles
  • Latest Payslips
  • Most recent Income Tax Return

If you are not paying for your stay, you have to show supporting documents of your trip sponsor.

  1. Don’t Book Your Flight Just Yet

It is recommended that you apply for your visa first, before securing any airline ticket. Of course, we are hoping for positive things, and gaining the approval, however, it is better to ensure having a visa first.

But since we are in a time of promo fares and cheap airline tickets, you may take a chance on booking a flight and getting a schedule that will still allow you to have enough time to prepare and process your visa. And maybe more ample days to shop for your #ootds!


  1. Be Healthy

OMG! I was actually surprised to know this as well. Apparently, there will also be a medical exam that you should pass in order for you to travel to Australia. I believe this is necessary to ensure that you are healthy enough and fit to travel abroad, plus this can also mean that they want you clear of any unwanted diseases that could pose harm to anybody along the way.

So, ensure enough sleep and get your diet in line merfriends! 😀

  1. For Females, Be Sure to Properly Schedule Your Medical Appointment

arrival 2

If you’re a female, be sure to schedule at least a week after you finish your period. The medical exam could be quite expensive, and it would be sad if you have to repeat tests just because of the ‘red days’.


I am happy to have learned these this early, as it can help me prepare ahead of time, and of course to have the pleasure to share these with you!

Are you visiting Australia soon? Are you planning to spend a vacation, study, work or even live there?

Gogozing Logo

You may check Gogozing for more information about Australian visa applications, and learn how they can help you fulfill your Australian dream! 😀

You can also like and follow them on Facebook and Instagram! 🙂


And don’t forget to snap photos with the koalas and kangaroos! 😀


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5 Things You Get for a P1,500 ($30) Stay at Garv’s Boutique Hotel

Whenever I visit a different country with friends, we often opt to choose hostels, because aside from the fact that they are literally just around major transportation and commercial districts, they are also less expensive.


That was why I felt the same vibe when I stayed at Garv’s Boutique Hotel. I don’t really stay much in Mandaluyong, unless I have to be somewhere in this city – which to one weekend, I have to be.

I was going to one event in Greenfield District and I wasn’t sure if I had to stay longer, so it was a great deal that this boutique hotel was nearby. It only took me around 10-15 minutes in going to my venue.

And for sure, I can’t just stop with that, I still have to share some things that I really like about this new treasure travelers will absolutely love.

  1. Superb Location



As a trainer for real estate, location is paramount to any business or establishment, to which I think Garv’s was able to nail pretty well.

Garv’s Boutique Hotel is located at 604 Boni Ave, Mandaluyong City. It is right across Mandaluyong Medical Center. You can ride a jeepney from Robinsons’ Pioneer and ask the driver to drop you off the hospital.

The place isn’t wazeable yet because it just opened this March 2018. It’s fairly new, but you can access it via Waze or Google Maps by typing in the address. In my case, I just keyed “604 Boni Ave.”

There are also a lot of restaurants and convenience stores in the vicinity, which come in handy as they don’t have a hotel café yet. I hope they open one soon!

I also think it’s a perfect location for people who are just staying in Manila for either a flight layover or for only a few days.

  1. Modern Industrial Design



What immediately caught my eye was its aesthetics. The modern industrial minimalist design was classy and pleasing to the eyes. If ever I open a café or a hotel myself, I think it will probably look this way.

It was refreshing to see a lot of greens, and fewer flowers. The raw graphite ceiling and walls were a perfect addition to achieving a very industrial feel.

It also creates an illusion of wider space, which I know is very appealing for people who have to bring a lot of luggage with them.




This place can even be a good location for a mini photoshoot!

  1. Varied Accommodations




They have deluxe and dormitory rooms that people can share. The Deluxe Room for 2 is only P1,500/night, and the dormitory rooms can be rented for P2,500/pax a month.


I stayed in the Deluxe Queen Room and I was surprised how spacious it was considering that only 2 people are expected to stay, plus the fact it is a budget hotel.


I strongly believe that you’ll get your money’s worth when you stay at Garv’s Boutique Hotel. They have clean sheets, fresh towels, even a hygiene kit in the bathroom.


  1. Roof Deck



What surprised me, even more, is they have this cute roof deck where it can be a possible venue for small events or gatherings.

Space is wide enough to probably hold around 50 people. It’s cute and intimate!

  1. Friendly Accommodating Staff


The staff was a great asset to the hotel. They were very nice and always willing to help. They always smile, and they never fail to make the guests feel welcome.

Normally I don’t expect too much when it’s a budget abode, but with all how Garv’s Boutique Hotel packages itself as a classy boutique hotel, I can pretty say they are doing very well.

I had an awesome stay, but would really appreciate if they open the restaurant soon. Preggy and hungry people like me need a lot of stuff in their stomach, and maybe softer pillows as well. 😂

They also have a spa on the ground floor, just a few steps from the reception area. 😊 Next time I visit, I’m definitely trying their massage! 😁

But overall, I highly recommend the hotel; awesome place, awesome service, and getting more than what you paid for!


You may contact them via:


Tel. # (02) 637 88 39


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11 Fascinating Things about Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Ever since I watched Miss You Like Crazy, I have always wanted to see the Petronas Towers and take a picture with it. Who would have thought that you could incorporate your romantic musings over these sky-scrapers and gush over having someone to hold you forever? Gollyyyyy..


On a side note, I was a bit sad to also recall that after my mom passed away I was overwhelmed with the idea that she cannot have her passport stamped by the immigration officers anymore (I actually seriously considered on doing a move to have hers stamped also, but that may be too far-fetched from this point).


In the meantime, as to document my wish and my desire to take my mom with me, here is our photo with the Petronas Towers! Oh diba, naitawid pa rin! 😀

Anyway, during our stay, I can’t help but notice fascinating things over this country. There were surprising things that I can’t help but take photos of, and was totally blown away. I was literally keying in my notepad just in case I forget.

See here! See here!

  1. Malaysians, especially the Indians are really friendly!

I was so surprised how smiling the people were.

IMG_20170809_094216.jpgWe stayed in Masjid Jamek, and we were surrounded mostly by Indian establishments. We actually ate our breakfast in the same restaurant every morning during our stay. They were really cordial and helpful!

There was even one crew who lead us where the toilets were, even if it was meters away! Considering he had to leave his post while assisting us. 🙂

  1. Cars stop when you cross the street.


Speaking of friendly, they are very nice people too! There was even one cab driver who stopped to let us cross the street, because he thought we were going to.

I mean, if it was anywhere that’s not as friendly, you’ll probably be playing “patintero” with them just to cross.

  1. Traditional toilets are present in malls.

I remember using one in school back in the province. But I didn’t know it can be present even in modern societies. Hehe Shookt lang talaga ako. :p

  1. No guards in mall entrances.

I repeat, no guards in mall entrances!

Haha I was weirded out at first, because I was preparing to open my bag for the usual and standard inspection. But when I looked up, the door was just empty.

Not that I’m complaining, but it feels a little weird. The convenience of just going inside without any suspicion that you’re carrying something undesirable seem unnatural, but I like it.

Malaysians make me feel that they have more human-trust than any other race in the world. 😀


  1. Always ask for the non-spicy variant in food options. If applicable. 😉


This is what I failed to do in one of our breakfast mornings. I just ordered one rice meal, without asking if it was spicy. If you’re like me who’s not into the hot stuff, you could always ask the waiter to skip on the chilies.

Turns out they have the non-spicy version of your desired order. Huhu 😉 I forgot, I was in Malaysia.

Spice is a default. :p


  1. Some Malaysian words really do sound very Filipino! 😀

Malaysian Filipino English Words

These words surely made navigating Kuala Lumpur a lot easier!


  1. They have great selection of printed fashion!


If you like prints, this place is a must-visit! I didn’t know that our neighboring area, has a printed fashion lair!

I even bought Lelongs for 10RM (Malaysian Ringgit) , which is roughly 120PhP. 😀

They are sizes bigger than me, but I thought of having them tailored-fit when I get back to Manila.

  1. Fabrics are also literally everywhere!


It’s every fashion designer’s heaven! My eyes were so full just by gazing at the gorgeous fabrics! I was thinking of so many designs for shoes already!


  1. WiFi Connection is mostly for social media only.

So my advice is to buy your data sim to access other apps such as Uber. We only discovered this on our 2nd to the last day. Huhu 😥 Too bad.

But if your host, or hotel provides you a pocket wifi, then that’s a better option.

We actually just bought one data sim, and use Hot-Spot for the others’ connection. 😀


  1. Ride the Bus in KL Sentral to Airport. It’s a lot cheaper!


We were actually working on our budget, and we were thinking on how to go back to the airport. We can either use Uber and split the fare, or we can use the train, but that will cost around RM50.

Good thing we found one Filipino who advised that we can ride the bus instead. And it’s just RM12!

So of course, you know what happened next! 😀


  1. The Airport is like a mini city!

Be sure to be extra early than the prescribed time. It took us about an hour and a half from the main entrance up to the final waiting area of our gate. Or probably more than that.

It’s not because of the long lines, the Kuala Lumpur International Airport is just so massive, the walking really took most of our time! And it’s a good exercise I think! 😀

Plus, they really have good Internet speed! I was able to blog prior to boarding! 😀


Of course, there are more fascinating things that we can add here, but so far here is my initial list from my 4day stay in KL, Malaysia.

Will definitely be back, and experience those theme parks! 😀

Among these, what is your favorite? Or you could also add your own personal favorite! Leave them in the comments!

I will be happy to read! 😀

**, Via

11 Things to Know Before You Go to Siem Reap, Cambodia

This year, my friends and I just deliberately booked one-way tickets to Siem Reap, Cambodia. My friend was so inspired to see a wonder of the world, and since Angkor Wat is the nearest to the Philippines amongst the others, we opted to go and check it out for ourselves.


I got so fascinated with the country, that is why I have compiled some things that may come in handy to guide you as you embark on your much-anticipated Cambodian adventure!

  1. Cambodians accept US Dollars.

I had my Philippine peso money changed in NAIA, and was so surprised I need not exchange them for Cambodian real!


It’s a bit difficult to convert reals to dollars as it will take thousands of reals for only one dollar. So better stash those 1 and 5 dollars with you!


  1. WiFi is not present in most places.

I actually do not have some trouble with this. I like being immersed with the experience first, and maximize what these new places have to offer. You can always upload photos when you are back in your hotel anyway.


  1. Tuktuk is the main mode of transportation.

Unlike ours, they don’t have trains, cabs and jeepneys in Siem Reap. All of these public vehicles are all equated to “tuktuk”. It’s more of like a tricycle. You can find them anywhere, and they are sturdy enough as you explore this side of Cambodia.

We found our Tuktuk driver, Toma, through our booked hotel.

  1. Most hotels have swimming pools.

I was so surprised to know that our hotel is only about P700 a night, but I didn’t expect that surprises were supposed to stop there! Turns out, we have a swimming pool!

So if you are planning to go to Siem Reap, please make sure you pack a bikini too! Or a monokini, perhaps! They are a little conservative.


  1. Bring more conservative clothes.

Speaking of “conservative”, I was so worried, that all I packed were just either pants or long skirts, which led me a little while in packing, because I had to borrow my sister’s skirts. I didn’t bring any shorts.

But you can actually wear skimpy outfit during the tour, knowing that it is too hot in Cambodia around August.


But switch them with your long flowy pants and peasant skirts once you go to Angkor Wat. People will advise you to wear longer / below-the-knee bottoms because you are visiting sacred temples.

Some tourists were wrapping their scarves around their waists as a make-shift to cover their legs. Opt to wear sleeved tops too!


It’s really hot so, tiis-ganda na lang! We have to respect their culture, merfriends! 😉

I suggest you wear colorful clothes, to provide contrast for your photos! Your backgrounds will be detailed but their colors will only be brown and grey. So be sure to not wear these colors on your Angkor Wat visit!



  1. Bring water all the time. It’s terribly hot! And oh, a hat too!

Since umbrellas are prohibited in your hand-carry, make sure you have one in your luggage, if you ever have to check in one. But a hat will also help you bear (not beat, it’s unbeatable!) the heat!

Water is expensive inside Angkor Wat, and you have to literally do the “temple run” if you want to visit as many temples as you want! You can even purchase a 7-day Angkor Wat tour tickets if you want to visit ALL the temples! 😀

Bring a lot of endurance as well! 😀


  1. Vendors can be a little persistent.

We went to Siem Reap Old Market to buy some clothes and trinkets. What I noticed is that they can be a little persistent, but I have to commend that most of them have good salestalk skills.

You can haggle of course, but if they allow the price that you want, it would seem that you have to buy the product. It would be, as I take it, rude, if you proposed a price lesser than their market value, to which they agreed, and decided not to push through with the purchase.

So if you don’t have plans on buying a certain product, try not to ask and have them get it for you, especially if the product needs some extra effort to retrieve (like if they are hung on the walls or located somewhere else).

If you have to decline, just be firm and polite, and smile! 😀


Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia

  1. The Killing Field will crush your heart.

Toma, our Cambodian Tuktuk driver took us to a place called the “Killing Field”.  In this place you are to be enlightened about the history of the country, and how it rose from the ashes during their past government.

I felt a sudden shudder of compassion and sorrow just by thinking how many people had to die, even though it wasn’t their time yet. I guess apart from every person’s battle, there are also life situations in different places around the world that predispose you to a battle you never thought you had to endure and survive. Let alone, you had to prepare for.

In respect for this, I reserved the chance not to take photos.


  1. There are less Filipino travellers.

I was a bit homesick when I was there. I didn’t hear any Tagalog-speaking tourists as much as I did when I was in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia.

I think I only heard 3 Pinoys in the entire trip in Cambodia.


  1. Cambodians recognize easily if you are a Filipino.

We Pinoys actually look like either Cambodian, Vietnamese or Thai. But the locals tend to recognize us here through our accents, and our happy and smiling vibe.

I asked them how did they know we were Filipinos, and these were their feedback. I was very flattered! Hehe 😀

Manny Pacquiao sure is popular, but Vice Ganda is also a  favourite!

When they knew that I was a Filipina, I was often asked if I know Manny Pacquaio. But what was funny is that the questions were followed if I know Vice Ganda! They were chanting Pak Ganern as well! 😀


  1. Kid vendors in Angkor Wat accept Philippine Peso!

Dibaaaa? Why? But I’m not complaining! Hehe 😀

It is a good option especially if you ran out of US dollars. The kids were very persistent too! They were willing to give more discounts, but I’m not sure if this is only selective for Pinoys.

There are so many things to experience in Siem Reap, you just have to stretch an open heart to accept their culture, and be relative in understanding what this country went through, and what they have to do to bring peace and achieve progress.



If you are going through something, it would be nice to go here and find your inner peace. Promise, they are the calmest people I’ve ever met!

I hope you like this post! Share your thoughts in the comments! 😀


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Nailaholics Clears Floo Network to Transport You to London

“Wingardium Leviosa!” “Expelliarmus!” “Ridikkulus!”

These are just some of the spells I grew up with while being engrossed in the wizarding world of Harry Potter. I usually read the books, with a made-up wand at hand, while chanting the spells cast by the characters in the series.

I have never been more animated by a book.

I’ve read all the books, and watched the movies. Saying that I am a fan is an understatement. Muggle-born or a Squib might be the better term.

Golly. I hate being a Muggle! That is why, it has always been my dream to visit London, and experience the magic in the world of wizards and witches!

Harry Potter

I am pretty sure, that you’d want to visit London too! Either you’re a fellow Potterhead, a traveler, or someone who’d like to visit some friends or family there, this may come a bit of a shock <insert Prof. McGonagall’s tone in Chamber of Secrets>

Haha “Don’t worry, you don’t need a Mandrake root to heal! 😀


Growing up in the Pacific gives one an unrelenting desire to visit the Western World. Everyone dreams of exploring a European city even just for once in their lives and this yearning is something that does not go away even when they grow older. With Europe’s most beautiful cities waiting to be visited, a top European destination seems to make it on everyone’s travel bucket list – and that is no other than the beautiful city of London.


Being Europe’s third biggest city, London is home to some of the world’s best attractions and activities. Wandering through one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, one cannot help but gush in awe and admiration with what this city presents.

Experience a place that is sprawling with enriching galleries and museums which everyone can visit for free. Hop on London’s famous double-decker bus for an effortless sight-seeing tour and for a more thrilling way to view this splendid city, hover above while in the London Eye.


With all that there is to see in this majestic city, one cannot miss out the striking Big Ben and Nelson’s Column – landmarks that almost complete a London trip but there is still so much more to discover. These and more are in store for the loyal customers of the country’s number one nail salon and pampering destination.


Nailaholics Nail Salon and Spa pinned London as the perfect destination for relaxation and pampering with their “Escape to London” promo. “It is our top priority to provide the best and real pampering experience to our customers. We want to show how we value them and in an effort to show our appreciation and gratitude for their support and loyalty.”

Nailaholics 3

Last year they gave out a Maldives getaway and this year, they are going further and treat them with a chance to win a free trip to the enchanting city of London” said Lorraine Baterina, Brand Manager of Nailaholics.

“By simply availing any of Nailaholics’ pampering packages starting from June 1 to September 30, 2017, a customer is entitled to a raffle entry for a chance to win a getaway vacation of 5 days and 4 nights to London for two” added Baterina.

It’s time to grab the chance to walk the streets of London with your mate in exchange of a genuine pampering experience.

Watch out for more exciting and rewarding promotions from Nailaholics by visiting its website at and Facebook Page

Yay! Now, who needs a broomstick or a Floo Powder? 😀

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The 5 People You Meet in Madison 101 Hotel + Tower

the five people you meet in heaven
Have you read the book “The Five People You Meet in Heaven” by Mitch Albom? It’s quite a good read, that is why I can’t help but associate the title to my recent stay at a hotel in New Manila, Quezon City. I may not have been in heaven (not in a rush too, by the way), but Madison 101 Hotel + Tower surely made me feel how it may be like.

I got invited to see and experience the benefits and tranquillity brought about by staying in this hotel, which I will be sharing in a different post too. But for now, let me introduce to you how this establishment can cater you to your needs, whatever, whenever.

Madison 101 Hotel + Tower is located at 1 Madison St. corner Aurora Blvd., New Manila Quezon City. I have studied and worked in the very same area, but I never really got the chance to check them out. Last month, I was fortunate enough to visit them, and gaze upon the fact that this is no ordinary hotel. I mean seriously, how can one building have all these people inside them!

So read on, you might actually find the same people such as yourself!

  1. Travelers

I realized that not all hotels are created equal; this one definitely is something you can call small but terrible.


Madison 101 Hotel + Tower is ideal for travelers and staycationeers. It’s easy to locate, as it is nestled on the highway, and is surrounded by convenience stores, banks (just in case you need extra cash), and eat-out places. This hotel is also very accessible, plus you have a lot of transportation options! You can ride an Uber, Grab, Cab, jeepney, and even the train.

Their hotel rooms are also beaming with luxury and comfort. I just love the scents of freshly washed linens and flowers; they make the ambiance more relaxing.


The toilets are complete with all the necessary beauty tools and liquids too, so you literally just bring yourself and some clothes and you’re all set!

They also have literally a lot of plug outlets, so you’ll never be bummed by forgetting of bringing extension cords. You’re all going to be gadget and battery-happy.

  1. Big Events People (Weddings,, Debuts, Dedications, Christenings, etc.)


Photo Credit : Madison 101 Hotel + Tower ‘s Website

Being newly engaged, I was extremely delighted to know about this. My friends are also tying the knot soon, so I really recommend having Madison as either their wedding prep place, or reception, or maybe both!


Just look at this Premiere Suite that took my breath away! This dramatic window just says it all! Not to mention, Little Baguio Terraces can be seen in the background! There are just too many stories to tell if this becomes my prep place!


You see, I used to conduct product training and site-orientations in this condominium! 🙂


And look, there’s Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish Church! You can get married in just about 5 minute-walk away from Madison!

This hotel can also be a prep place + event venue for a debutante! In a girl’s life, I believe this is one of the most endearing events we always look forward too.


Photo Credit : Madison 101 Hotel + Tower ‘s Website

At 15, we can’t wait for the three more years we have yet to experience and endure until the day we can be called  ‘legal’. But we plan it anyway. The colors, the theme, the 18 roses, the 18th rose, and everything. I am just so pleased to know that this hotel offers packages for this momentous event. Like ”Yes, I’m going to be a lady now, and it’s happening at Madison!” How swanky can you get?


Also, they have their in-house caterer, and that’s a big plus! Should you have your own choice of caterer, you can always talk to the management about this arrangement.

The Skydeck boosts about a spacious 150 sqm venue enough to cater up to 180 people! You’ll never worry about fitting all your family and friends for your big event!

  1. Intimate Gatherings People (Private Celebrations, Intimate Weddings, Bachelor Parties, Mini Reunions,etc.)

The Presidential Suite is the perfect venue for intimate gatherings. Located at the top floor, this intimate room has a luxe kitchen, bedroom, mini bar, Jacuzzi, sprawling living area where you can conduct videoke and games and whatnot!


This basically spells Blaire Waldorf penthouse meets How I Met Your Mother pub! It’s definitely one happy place! And it’s gonna be, LEEEE-, wait for it, GENDARYYYYYYY!

  1. Students

    Can you believe that they also have training, meeting, and seminar rooms, all for you to decide and request on how will the tables be arranged.meetingseminar

Photo Credit : Madison 101 Hotel + Tower ‘s Website

During my checkout, I also saw some students, still in their uniforms ready to attend their review for an upcoming exam. I think this is highly convenient for them, because Madison 101 Hotel + Tower is so easy to navigate, and is commuter-friendly!

This also gave me an idea on where to conduct my next seminar! This is just so cool! It’s literally in the heart of Metro Manila, and my attendees need not fret for travel time and availability of transportation choices! Brilliant, isn’t it?

  1. Lodgers

This amazing hotel also offers transient rooms, meaning dormitory-types! You could have your own room, twin-sharing, and one that is even good for up to 8 people! Inclusive of utilities! You can also get them at weekly and monthly rates if daily rates are not applicable based on how long you plan to stay.





This is a great deal for travelers spending more than a week in Metro Manila; you could just split the affordable rate amongst yourselves! Now, how about that!

Madison 101 Hotel + Tower is offering hostel-like rates, but with better and more luxurious accommodations!  This is something I’m completely thankful for learning of!


Honestly, I could list about ten more people, but it wouldn’t be as thematic as I thought it would be with the Mitch Albom book. But one thing is for sure, you’ll all meet these people in our own version of heaven – Madison 101 Hotel + Tower!

For inquiries, bookings, and reservations, you may contact them at 723-1111 and/or 0936.911.90.39 or email them at

You may visit their website at and LIKE them on Facebook at

Put a good word that you read about them from here, would you please? And I would love to know if you’re planning to book your next staycation or event here soon! You’re going to love it!

Thanks, merfriend! 🙂


**, Via celebrates their fourth year anniversary!

Oh, to travel and to explore a new city – this is probably one of the best feelings anyone will experience. That is why with the hopes of ticking off every place there is in our bucket lists, I am happy to share that booking accommodations now come in more affordable and exciting deals!

This becomes a gratifying solution on our wanderlust woes. And a culmination to how much we have been missing from not embarking into our traveling shoes and getting to places we’ve never been.

Look how now is the most opportune time to schedule your next big adventure!

unnamed, the leading local hotel booking website in the Philippines, is turning four!

And in celebration of four exciting years in the business, encourages you to explore and see the beauty of the Philippines in the coming months with ongoing exciting promos: Win a free trip to Japan for two in the Konnichi-wow: Free Trip to Japan and avail of highly affordable deals on hotels and resorts with Super Summer Sale.

unnamed (1)

In addition to the anniversary, is also celebrating a lot of huge milestones. In just four years, grew exponentially in the e-commerce industry. Its number of bookings increased up to 200% ever since they started offering affordable hotel reservations in March 2013. Today, over 3,200 local hotels and resorts are listed on their website, providing more opportunities for Filipino wanderers to travel around the country and support local tourism.

unnamed (1) dares to brave that extra mile and achieve even more by further establishing their brand as the only online travel agency (OTA) that promotes local tourism and highlighting the unique perks and services they offer to Filipino travelers, including attractive discounts, convenient payment options, exclusive reward points, and the mobile application. will also be releasing TravelBook magazine, the company’s official free publication that aims to inspire Filipinos to visit local destinations, meet new people, and immerse themselves in the country’s rich culture.

All these and more were officially announced to the media on’s upcoming Summer Anniversary Blowout press launch last Wednesday, March 22, 2017 at Marco Polo Hotel in Ortigas.

The Philippines is undeniably full of wonders that are meant to be appreciated as well as explored. As they celebrate their fourth anniversary, encourages you to go out there and explore the amazing places in the Philippines and gain memorable travel experiences like no other.

For more details, please contact:

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About is one of biggest online travel e-commerce company (online travel agent or OTA) in the Philippines dedicated to offering great value hotel bookings and with a varied selection of Philippine hotels and resorts in Baguio, Batangas, Bohol, Boracay, Cebu, Davao, Laguna, Metro Manila, Palawan, Pampanga, Tagaytay, Zambales, and more. A total of 3,000 of affordable hotels are currently listed in offers the best price guarantee with attractive discounts for hotels and resorts, and various types of payment options without a credit card:

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Now who wouldn’t want to go and travel like a pro! I suggest you pack your bags now and get ready to be WANDERFULLY LOST! 🙂

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