5 Things You Get for a P1,500 ($30) Stay at Garv’s Boutique Hotel

Whenever I visit a different country with friends, we often opt to choose hostels, because aside from the fact that they are literally just around major transportation and commercial districts, they are also less expensive.


That was why I felt the same vibe when I stayed at Garv’s Boutique Hotel. I don’t really stay much in Mandaluyong, unless I have to be somewhere in this city – which to one weekend, I have to be.

I was going to one event in Greenfield District and I wasn’t sure if I had to stay longer, so it was a great deal that this boutique hotel was nearby. It only took me around 10-15 minutes in going to my venue.

And for sure, I can’t just stop with that, I still have to share some things that I really like about this new treasure travelers will absolutely love.

  1. Superb Location



As a trainer for real estate, location is paramount to any business or establishment, to which I think Garv’s was able to nail pretty well.

Garv’s Boutique Hotel is located at 604 Boni Ave, Mandaluyong City. It is right across Mandaluyong Medical Center. You can ride a jeepney from Robinsons’ Pioneer and ask the driver to drop you off the hospital.

The place isn’t wazeable yet because it just opened this March 2018. It’s fairly new, but you can access it via Waze or Google Maps by typing in the address. In my case, I just keyed “604 Boni Ave.”

There are also a lot of restaurants and convenience stores in the vicinity, which come in handy as they don’t have a hotel café yet. I hope they open one soon!

I also think it’s a perfect location for people who are just staying in Manila for either a flight layover or for only a few days.

  1. Modern Industrial Design



What immediately caught my eye was its aesthetics. The modern industrial minimalist design was classy and pleasing to the eyes. If ever I open a café or a hotel myself, I think it will probably look this way.

It was refreshing to see a lot of greens, and fewer flowers. The raw graphite ceiling and walls were a perfect addition to achieving a very industrial feel.

It also creates an illusion of wider space, which I know is very appealing for people who have to bring a lot of luggage with them.




This place can even be a good location for a mini photoshoot!

  1. Varied Accommodations




They have deluxe and dormitory rooms that people can share. The Deluxe Room for 2 is only P1,500/night, and the dormitory rooms can be rented for P2,500/pax a month.


I stayed in the Deluxe Queen Room and I was surprised how spacious it was considering that only 2 people are expected to stay, plus the fact it is a budget hotel.


I strongly believe that you’ll get your money’s worth when you stay at Garv’s Boutique Hotel. They have clean sheets, fresh towels, even a hygiene kit in the bathroom.


  1. Roof Deck



What surprised me, even more, is they have this cute roof deck where it can be a possible venue for small events or gatherings.

Space is wide enough to probably hold around 50 people. It’s cute and intimate!

  1. Friendly Accommodating Staff


The staff was a great asset to the hotel. They were very nice and always willing to help. They always smile, and they never fail to make the guests feel welcome.

Normally I don’t expect too much when it’s a budget abode, but with all how Garv’s Boutique Hotel packages itself as a classy boutique hotel, I can pretty say they are doing very well.

I had an awesome stay, but would really appreciate if they open the restaurant soon. Preggy and hungry people like me need a lot of stuff in their stomach, and maybe softer pillows as well. 😂

They also have a spa on the ground floor, just a few steps from the reception area. 😊 Next time I visit, I’m definitely trying their massage! 😁

But overall, I highly recommend the hotel; awesome place, awesome service, and getting more than what you paid for!


You may contact them via:

Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/Garvs-Boutique-Hotel-1243400679094055/

Tel. # (02) 637 88 39

Email: garvsboutiquehotel@gmail.com

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