As the Philippine election day fast approaches, we can’t help but be drawn to the latest presidential, vice-presidential, senatorial, etc. debates, news, updates, even satires that are circumventing our social circles, both online and offline. It makes us wonder about how will the future leaders transform the Philippine government and lives of the Filipinos in the next 6 years.

In line with this, we at Empire East, thought about the basic unit of society – families.  And each household of course deserves to enjoy a good quality of life, which is thereby commenced by living in a happy home.


So we decided to VOTE. Because ultimately, we all want the good life.


What truly matters is that whoever wins,   that person should all lead us to a good life.


It would be a total delight to see happy faces everywhere, don’t you think?


What more if you see even the most beautiful people choosing to live and vote for the good life?

So my dear friends, I campaign you all to VOTE wisely.


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