Hi I’m Via – a Mermaid, a Weasley, and Ginger Spice

I have always loved “The Little Mermaid”. I remembered watching it in VHS when I was little, and I always thought her colors are so vibrant compared to the other Disney Princesses. The animators must have splurged too many colors on her than any other princess during her time.

I mean she had red hair, purple bra, and a green fishtail. The colors are popping and shouting everywhere, but she still looks exceptionally gorgeous and put-together.

I guess, I just get fascinated with unusual things and combinations, because they practically stand out above everything else,(even though she doesn’t have legs yet in the beginning). Haha! Pun intended!


So one Friday morning, the day before my first freelance speaking engagement, I tried to have my hair dyed with the hue I am so crazy about –ROSE GOLD!

I know! Haha You’ve seen my hair in the photos and in personal maybe, but it’s nothing like the original plan, is it? Well the story is pretty basic. Nothing too special.

I went to Gem’s Salon because apparently they offer the most affordable rate I’ve seen in social media, and they have great reviews as well. So I took a chance!


I was charged P3,000 for bleaching and coloring, plus keratin treatment. So it’s a good deal already! Normally, these kind of services will give you a total of P8,000 , so it’s already a steal!


My hair was bleached, and it was a bit painful, but oh well, “All for beauty!”.


Then I had my hair coloring done. I told my hair colorist Ms Alma, that I wanted a rosegold shade. I even showed her a photo, but I’m not sure what happened, but the product came out differently.

And I am shocked to say, that I am not even a tiny bit appalled on how my hair turned-out. Actually, I even thought why I never took the courage to be bold and sport tangerine/bright orange/ginger hair before! They camouflage in different colors depending on the lighting by the way, so that’s a big plus!


Or Ginger Spice! 😀 Haha

My friends loved it; my dad said I looked like my fancy Lola, whom I call Mommy 2, and my fiancé John thinks I look like an anime character (in a good way) of course.

So I guess, it’s not too bad after all. I just have some difficulty choosing clothes. I mean, it’s also a struggle because I lack light-colored tops and dresses. I’m basically relearning how to dress up with such a loud color for a hair, but oh well, I’m enjoying it.

This goes to show that there may be times when you may not achieve the plan you have set for yourself, when life happens, you just have to be able to move on, be grateful with what you have (like I still got hair hehe) and in return, maybe create more or something much better out of it.


Life is too short to just have one hair color!


What do you think merfriends? Will you ever try to dye your hair ginger? You should! Hehe 😀 Let me know your thoughts! 😀

**, Via



7 thoughts on “Hi I’m Via – a Mermaid, a Weasley, and Ginger Spice

  1. I’m planning to dye my hair platinum and I’m still in the process of doing a lot of research before I commit to it. Haha! The rose gold reference was pretty nice. I guess you’d have to bleach it more first? They say it usually takes more than just one bleaching process to achieve the base color (light yellow to almost white) para mas maganda yung turnout ng actual color. But looks like you’re rocking it either way! 💗


    • Oooh. I guess so. I have some hair strands from my nape that have been bleached before and they look more rosegold-y than the rest! 😱

      Hehe Anyhoo my hair color might fade in the coming days so I don’t know how it will turn out. So far, I’m loving the Ariel hair.

      Omg! Can’t wait to see your platinum hair soon! 😀


  2. Gotta hand it to women with guts to wear any color they prefer. Sometimes something suits us primarily due to how we embrace change in our lives. I never embraced my inner eggplant. Hence, di bumagay 😂😅😭


    • Hi! Yeah, I agree with guts and super madaming paninindigan! Hehe But I admire you for dying your hair green! It must have been a good conversation-starter. 🙂 I have guy friends now thinking of dying their hair grey naman. 🙂

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  3. I totally agree that at some point in a girl’s life, she should make a bold move with coloring her hair. The crazier the better! Colouring dark har even when bleached is always tricky since you’ll need to tone your bleached hair first so it loses it’s brassiness before coloring it with the shade you want (something I learned from multiple failed attempts). But I’m on the same boat as your fiancé, it still looks pink and compliments your skin tone well. 💃


    • Thank you Ira! I’m glad you agree on the note that girls need to color their hair in one crazy and loud color at some point in their lives. Oh. Thanks for the tip! I’ll remember that when I try to change my hair color next time. 🙂
      Thank youuuu!


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